Sunday, March 11, 2012

"Barrack Hussein Muhammad Obama II aka Berry Soetoro"

The America's presidents name has a nice flow to it, if you live in a Muslim country. And a kick in the face if your, ‘Joe Six Pack American’. Problem is, this is the American president. Just how did a person who’s real name is Barry Soetoro or maybe even Barrack Hussein Muhammad Obama II become America’s current president. Or should I say dictator, by the way the American landscape has changed sense his arrival on the scene. Not that the president of America has been more than a Puppet, who’s decision are made for them anyway. But by not being born and raised in America. To put out the words and congressional bills that are destroying America, it must be easier. After all if you grew up in a foreign country, you probably started hating Americans from a young age. And speaking of a young age, where are Obummer’s childhood photos? Here is some I found. Here are some more, but mixed with other photos so you’ll lose track of the fact, these photos are not very convincing.

Many people have said the Obummer was put into place to bring America to it’s knees. Not that he’s truly behind it, because Obummer has no real power. The fact that his face will always be the one people think of in the future, that destroyed America. When you see by my own research, how little control the American public has over who is elected. It’s easy to see how someone such as Obummer came from out of now where and became America’s 44th president. He’s been groomed for many years as you can tell. His speech is rhythmic and a sort of a cadence to it. He has become great at reading a Teleprompter, while looking as though the words are his own. This is all no coincidence, this has been planned out for years. America may never know who is truly behind all of this. They will only show hatred for Obummer and curse those who voted for him. But that about all that will ever be done. For America has become under control of who ever is behind the ‘Curtain of Deceit’.

Since becoming the president of America, ‘land of the free, home of the brave’. Here is a bills signed into law law by Barry or Barrack or what ever his name is. That changed Americans freedoms forever, it’s called, ‘National Defence Authorization Act’. What this does is allow the U.S. government to arrest anyone they like, put them in a FEMA type prison and never charge them or notify relatives. Another bill aimed at Americans for population control. Forces employers to provide Birth Control Drugs. Basically Abortion type of drugs that kill a women fetus. Eugenics anyone? Soon Drone Spy Aircraft will be flying over Americans heads. And the government has come out and said they can kill any American they choose. And if this was not enough, all type of protest against the American government are now not allowed. I could go on for hours talking about all the bad things that has happened too America, in the past three years. But most already know via there pocket books and stolen freedoms. I just wanted to show folks, some of the pictures I’d found from Obummers childhood and teen years. What is done is done, and that Oil Tanker getting ready to hit the dock, cannot be stopped.

Arizona’s well known Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Swat Team is back in the local news. Joe is always being chased around by the federal government goons. Because of his tough stance on Immigration Laws not being enforced here in Arizona and nationally. But how in the Hell do you not profile the Mexican Nationals, when they are for the most part in Arizona illegally. Sheriff Joe has always been known for his Grand Standing Tactics. Maybe it’s got something to do with his childhood, or his short stature who knows for sure. He took his flair for getting noticed (pink underwear, tent city) too a greater height on the morning of 10 March 2011. Joe’s Swat team was pick by Steven Segal’s ‘Lawman’ show for an episode. And Joe’s boys were not going to disappoint them. Having deputized Steven Segal, they planned a an early morning raid. Not on some big time drug dealer or Mexican National human smuggler. No, no, they pick a harmless Mexican named Jesus Llovera who got caught being at a Cock Fights. Mr. Llovera had pleaded guilty too a misdemeanor of, get this, ‘being present at a Cockfight’. Before the raid on Mr. Llovera at his home, Arpaio’s office notified local news media of the pending early morning raid on Mr. Jesus (fitting name huh?) Llovera’s home. Not only did the program ‘Lawman’ have 4 film crews to video the raid. The streets were lined with local media vehicles. The Sheriff’s office insists that the use of tank, bomb robot and 40 deputies was part of it’s normal duties during an home raid LOL. They also stated that the raid was even going to be done, without the show ‘Lawman’ being their.

When the Sheriff’s tank knocked down his block wall with a loud boom. Mr. Llovera awoke from a sleep, scramble too the phone to call 911 for help. Jesus only made it too the hallway when his bedroom window was shattered. At the door was the Sheriff’s Riot Swat Team to greet him in full Riot Gear. They yelled at him to get on the floor. He was handcuffed and taken outside, were Deputized actor Steven Segal waited clad in camouflage, rifle in hand. Mr. describes the scene as, ‘very strange’, seeing the actor Steven Segal dressed the way he was. There are always two sides to the story and the Maricopa County Deputies did find 100 Fighting Cocks in Mr. Llovera’s back yard. Also with a small amount of drugs in his home. Llovera is a native of Cuba where Cockfighting is legal. Steven Segal walked Mr. Llovera to an awaiting van off his property. They folks (Lawman) recording the raid wanted Jesus to release the film footage, so they could show it on air. The deputies took Jesus handcuffs off twice so he could sign the release. Jesus refused to sign the release. And this episode was never show and the show ‘Lawman’ was canceled anyway. Today Mr. Jesus Llovera is suing the Maricopa Board of Supervisors for actions taken by Sheriff Arpaio Swat Team. Saying there actions were being used for, achieving personnel and political gain through publicity. Llovera believes he was a pawn, because the Joe Arpaio wanted a show and that’s what he got. And I agree with Mr. Llovera, Joe loves the spotlight. And is never going to miss a chance to be ‘in the bright lights’.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio launched his own investigation into the Birth certificate of America’s current president Barry Sortoro. Joe claims the Birth Certificate is a forgery and fraud. I’ll be sure to follow up on this as it progresses to ’No Where”.

In a follow up to a piece I wrote about Mormons being Baptized for the Holocaust victims. The Mormon Cult has made a new policy about the names of the hundreds of thousands (not million, important note) of Holocaust victim names, they have in there genealogy data base. They have put up a firewall so the names in there data base cannot be used by other church members for the practice of Ritual Baptisms for the Jewish dead. The Jews claim this is just a way of hiding information about Ritual Baptisms from them. This fight has been going on for years now. And maybe when Israel and the Jews tire of killing innocent women and children in the Gaza Strip. They will attack Salt Lake City and Utah.

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


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