Saturday, March 10, 2012

"Your Not A Processed Grain Eater"

For thousands of years mankind roamed the surface of the Earth in search of food. And the creators or “Gods” (your preference), did a great job of making sure you were provided for. After all, they placed you here with a strand of DNA (Hopi Spider Women). Think about it this way, if you were a Local “God’ and this was your creation. Wouldn’t you want your creation to have the best chance of survival? When you plant your flowers, your vegetable in your garden. Don’t you make sure the plants and vegetable have the best nutrients you can get. You nurture them, you make sure they have enough water. You protect them from the heat and cold or high winds. Well your creator has done the same for you. “God” or “Gods” gave all the fruits, nuts, greens, vegetables, fresh water you could ever need for survival. For thousands of years mankind roamed around gathering from the Mother Earth what they needed for sustenance's. Even the Christian Bible in Genesis 1:29 says, Then “God” said, ‘I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the Earth and every tree that has fruit with seeds in it. They will be yours for food’.Never a word that the animals were for your consumption. Never a word that you would cook and process the grains of Mother Earth. No you were to collect the seeds and eat them as they are. Corn, wheat, or seeds of any kind were never meant to be turned into a flour type mixture then cooked. Because this would turn the natural nutrients into a sugar.

I for one have been a grain eater. I was always taught that whole wheat breads, brown rice, any grain was supposed to get processed. I was taught that rice and beans were a perfect protein combined. Turns out me and millions of other have been lied to for the past several hundred years. I noticed as I do less and less physical work and more and more paper work (Electrical Estimator). My waist has been growing buy leaps and bounds. I keep modifying my diet with more and more fruit and vegetables. Reduced the amount of sugar intake from juices such as apple juice and orange juice. Replaced them by mixing grapefruit juice and pure water Started eating far less cheeses such and Brie and others. Got myself a bicycle, started riding from 6 too 10 miles a day depending on the season. And yet my waist line kept growing. As you would say the ‘shit hit the fan’ when a friend I hadn’t seen for a while said too me. ‘Damn RD your getting fat’. I had notice that my pant size had increased, thinking this is part of aging. Now my Wranglers are rubbing my stomach, it was uncomfortable to sit at my desk and knock out my bids. Went to buy one size larger Wranglers to solve this problem. Got a pair of 35 waist to try on, damn needed a larger size.

That’s when I realized that a guest on Jeff Rense’s show who was talking about how bad processed grains are for you. And that was happening to me. Because the processed gains were turning into a sugars or carbohydrates when I ate them. Thus causing no mater what I did, my weight gained. He even said most folks ‘Arthritis’ could be cure by stopping an intake of processed grains such as breads, pasta, cooked rice and most of all meats. Grains and meats are acid forming when they are metabolized meaning digested. Your body needs a high level of Alkaline to survive, not acids. What the acids from processed grains and meats do. They take away the Calcium and Magnesium from your bone, which causing stiffening of the joints. Here is another misconception the system wants you to think. That meat products are essential for your survival. When in fact they shorten one’s life. The bottom line is, Alkaline are good for you and acids are bad for you. Also the Alkaline help keep the cancer cells in your body under control. Apple Cider Vinegar is a good source for Alkaline.

The American diet is one of the reason American suffer from so much cancer deaths. With a diet high in meat, processed grains and potatoes in the American citizenry. There is like a 1 in 3 chance of you developing some sort of cancer. Prostrate cancer in Americans rank the highest in the World. This is due to all the meat in Americans diet. As this acid loaded, chemically enhanced flesh take 12 days to pass through your body. To where a diet of fresh vegetables fruits and nuts take only a short “Time”. As your intestines are designed to digest vegetable proteins and not animal flesh or processed grains.

My bud Dave Stewart who owns Nutrition Works here in Scottsdale. Has changed my morning breakfast from eggs and toast too. A Protein Shake of, Whey Protein, Flax Seed, Cored Apple, Almond Milk, Frozen Berries, Banana and Apple Juice as a sweetener. And I now only eat fresh veggies, bean sprouts, avocado, raw nuts. And on the weekends, oatmeal with plenty of fresh berries and raw desert flower honey as a sweetener. Got myself two 5 pound hand barbells to help burn of calories. Dave said that oatmeal is OK as a breakfast because it has a different type of protein that’s not effected by heat and of course, it’s not processed. Dave is a vegetarian like myself and is living proof he knows about proper nutrition. Dave is a Vietnam Marine Recon veteran who has been sprayed with Agent Orange. He has to go down to the VA hospital and get regular transfusions of blood. The Agent Orange poisoning has made Dave’s body unable to make his own blood. But with Dave’s knowledge of proper nutrition. He make the folks at the Va look like dumb asses. He knows they don’t have a clue and that proper nutrition is the only cure for most if not all illnesses. So too keep yourself away from the quacks who call themselves medical doctors. Take meats, processed sugar, grains, dairy products (or use as at minimum) soda and any artificial sweetener out of your diet.

Something I learned while preparing this today. Prisoners are given a high carbohydrate diet for supper. This slows the inmates body down as it slows the body down while it’s trying to recover from the poisons of processed grains and sugars. And you are in fact also a prisoner of your own country. Just like the inmates in a prison, you to must be keep under control with a bad diet. Thus making you less willing to rise up against the injustice that is currently being done to the citizens of the World by Americans military. The New American Diet of fast foods loaded with carbohydrates and sugars, has brought the American citizen to there collective knees. And with a future of uncertainty because of a poor diet. Your likely hood of reaching your retirement age grows slimmer and slimmer each day. You see your American diet is really no different than the mind control from the controlled media. They go hand in hand with keeping you weak and uneducated. Try taking a break from all breads, chips, processed sugars, meats, potatoes, rices and processed grains of any kind. And after one week I would be willing to bet, you will notice how much better your feel. And will be amazed at the energy level you have. Because the Miracle that your body is. Can only fight off these bad eating habits for so long. Food should be energy and not, ‘I think I better lay down after a meal’.

"God" bless


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