Saturday, March 3, 2012

"Hidden In Plain Site and Sustainability"

Hidden in Plain Site and Sustainability are today's topics. The topic of Sustainability and Hidden in Plain Site are directly tied together. They both have to do with the common man’s demise. Sustainability is a hot world today, you here from America’s Kenyon president, you hear it from the controlled media. What Sustainability and Hidden In Plain Site means, is you DEAD, or at least most of the human population around the World. They ‘powers’ will kill you off, to sustain the Worlds population at around 500 million, that’s controlled Sustainability. They will kill the population off with methods they put before your very eyes, that’s Hidden In Plain Site. You see the ‘powers’ think they have a some sort of Moral Code to live up too. That means by telling the World’s population what they are going to do too them, then doing it. And that is where Hidden In Plain Site comes from. I guess this frees the ‘powers’ of some sort of bad karma. Not sure how that works, but they have been apparently doing it for thousands of years. And they believe it works, maybe you life isn’t really worth much in the Big Picture of Reality. Maybe they have contact with a much Higher Power. Don’t want to put my opinion here, because that’s just what it would be, an opinion. I have no facts and neither do most of the population on this subject. I doubt that most of the ‘powers’ minions, have a clue to what it may be. They only know they get to live above the other common folks, for enforcing the ‘powers’ orders.

The London Subway Bombings are a perfect example of, ‘Hidden In Plain Site’. First of all the ‘powers’ love there math combinations like 911. 911 is the number in America you call when your in trouble. And I just recently found out that the 911 system by law, does not have to respond to you 911 call for help. Back too the London Subway Bombings, the date was 7 July 2005. And what does that add up too, 7+7 (July) 2005 = 7. So you now have the magic number of 21. (What number do you need to reach in Blackjack 21. That’s right out of Black magic.) So 3X7=21, 21 divided by 3 = 7. So that was the date picked by the ‘powers’ for the London Subway Bombings. To take this a step further, one must be reminded that the ‘powers’ have no country, they are Globalist (i.e. they control the Globe). In the scene where you see the London double decker bus blown apart. There sits a white van in front of the blown apart bus. The name of the company on the side of the van was, Kingstar Demolition. They are a company that will do controlled demolition of a building in England. Do you think this was a coincidence? Not going to happen, England’s media is even more controlled (if that can be possible) than in America. Oddly enough that same day, the London Civil Defense. Was doing an exercise, to prepare for a terrorist attack on London’s subway system. You had a similar situation on the day of 911 in New York City, by the U.S. Military. By the ‘powers’ putting that white van with the name Kingstar Demolitions, parked in front of the demolished bus. Then with there controlled media, showing it too the World. This was a way of telling the World, ‘we just pulled this off, right in front of your eyes’. Not only that, ‘the ‘powers’ will convince the masses, the damn old Muslim terrorist did it’.

Today the ‘powers’ that control America have other Hidden In Plain Site agenda going on. First one is the soon to be attack on Iran. The rhetoric you hear about Iran today, is the same rhetoric Americas heard before the attacks on both Afghanistan and Iraq. Telling the American population that Iran will soon have a nuclear weapon and no city in America will be safe. If you did just a little research you would find out. Iran hasn’t attacked another country in over three hundred years. You can even go to the ‘powers’ controlled library and look this up. You can also find out Iran has basically no Navy or Air Force. They have no missile system to even deliver a nuclear weapon out side there own boarders.

You hear on the news that gas prices will soon go up too $5.00 a gallon. The so called experts are preparing the populace for higher energy prices. The so called experts are whores who work for the ‘powers’. They tell the unsuspecting public, possibility of war with Iran is causing this. Hidden In Plain Site, is the fact that America is the World’s largest producer of oil, look it up. Most of the World’s oil refineries are in America, look it up, it’s Hidden In Plain Site.

Sustainability of the ‘powers’ power, is taking from the general public. Sustainability of the quality of air and water, will require your death. Sustainability requires there be no Middle Class. Sustainability requires GMO foods with Monsanto in charge of the Worlds seeds and fertilizer. Sustainability requires a World controlled by one central power NWO. Sustainability requires that there’s one central power, who decides how long you live and who gets too breed (have children). Sustainability requires that the masses live in controlled concrete cities, and are not allowed to venture into the forest, deserts or any of nature. Sustainability requires you worship the ‘powers’ and the “God” they select for you , if not them. Sustainability requires you being a good slave who works hard and asks for little in return. So the next “Time “ you hear about Sustainability, think about me. Your Sustainability depends on you and no one else.

The Mormon Church never seems to stop being one funny cult. I grew up with Mormon here in central Arizona. And the oddest looking people in the community were always the Mormons. The Mormon church only attract those who are in need and generally the lesser educated. I guess you could say that for most religions and cults. These people who join these type organizations, need the support of a group to survive. You see that a lot with the Jewish religion also. So now I’ll link the two together Mormons and Jews with this article I found in the paper. By the way, Jews don’t want to be called Jews any more. Heard a guy on a talk show who was Jewish say, that the term Jew was derogatory. Hummmm wonder how that happened? LOL Any way the Mormons are known for getting Baptized for the dead. Seems the Mormons baptized two Holocaust survivor. Here is the funniest part of this ordeal, the Mormons stuck a deal with the Jews. That the Mormons could not do ceremonial baptisms for the Jewish Holocaust survivors. Both groups are just basically cults that pretend to be religions. So what is the harm in the Mormons doing just another dumb ass thing. You would think the Jews wouldn’t even recognize the Mormons as a religion. After all the Jews claim they are “God’s” Chosen People, oh I forgot, Mormons believe the same thing. LOL

One sad note to report from my home town Scottsdale Arizona. The same Scottsdale police officer has killed his fifth civilian in the line of duty. A man who was in quarrel with neighbors, and kicked over a trash barrel. The neighbors called the police. Unfortunately for suspect John Loxas, one of the cops was James Peters. While Mr. John Loxas was holding his grandson in his arms. When officer James Peters decided blow his head off with an Sniper Rifle. Now Scottsdale is peaceful city with a very low crime rate and that’s one of the reasons I live here. How the police department and city officials can let someone like officer James Peters keep killing civilians, I have no clue. Why is it no other office has as much as two killing, warranted or not. Yet James Peters as chosen himself to be judge and jury on who lives or dies, when he is called to a situation. Officer James Peters has taken Police Brutality too a whole new level.

Heading over too the Heard Museum for there 54th annual Indian Market and Fair. Some of my Native American friends will be there showing there art work. I hope to get some good interviews with other Native American artist, plus my two Hopi buds.

"God" bless


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