Sunday, February 26, 2012

"So You Think the Music is Free"

If you think what your are hearing on your favorite radio station is free, think again. One way the advertisers on the radio programs get there money back from advertisements, is you. Through higher prices for there product. Just how much does it cost to make a can of Pepsi, Coke, your favorite beer? I bet it’s pennies on the dollar. I’ve even read some where that a sort of Illuminati tax is placed on every beverage sold in the World. Think about $.25 for every canned beverage as a added value tax, I guess you could call it. That would sure help pay for those Chem-trail planes and there chemicals. That is another story some day. Today I want to talk about the lyrics in the music for lets say the last 60 years or so.

I still use this line I learned from one of my lawyers (thieves) long ago. ‘There Are No Free Lunches’ And for the last 60 or so years that couldn’t be more true. In the fifties the songs were simple, they talked of love, heart ache, money and the simple part of life. For then there was no ‘Agenda’. Sort of, because there were plenty of song written promoting both WWI and WWII in earlier years. But that all changed in the sixties, song attacked the family unit. All of a sudden guys like Bob Dylan songs had messages in them. And as Bob Dylan said on ‘60 Minutes’ once. ‘I struck a deal with the Devil, and now I’m trying to hold up my end of the bargain’. Just who was that Devil Bob struck a deal with? Could it have been the Jews that many believe control the music industry and all of Hollywood movie making. Could it actually been a deal with the Devil himself, or maybe one of the Devils soldiers even? That the World may never know, one thing for sure. Without help from the Devil or who ever it was. The World would not have even know who in the Hell, Bob Dylan is. There are thousand of Bob Dylan’s walking around in the sixties. The ‘powers’ wanted you to know one in particular and that was Bob Dylan. You see he was under there complete control. Most of the groups who became popular in the sixties were just like good old Bob. Garage bands playing in sweaty smoke filled bars and night clubs in America and England. How did the Beatles's songs go from, ‘I love you yea, yea yea’, too a song like ‘Eleanor Rigby’? Just how could that be? I’ll tell you how, someone else was writing the lyrics to there songs. And that someone was under control by others, who had a much greater ‘Agenda’ then just making money off a bunch of kids from England. In fact money made from the music industry isn’t even important. The most important thing is the message being delivered. After all when your in charge and you just print money and then charge interest on the printing the phony money. Making a few dollars is just not that important. Controlling the masses is the ‘Big Picture’.

So after you line up your mind controlled musical groups. Just how do you get the American and World public to buy there crap? In the sixties and fifties it was Payola. Record companies would pay radio stations and disc-jockeys to play there songs over and over. Thus driving the music industry with this little dirty trick. Now days with deregulation, only a few companies own most of the airwaves. Just as you have only four or five giant corporations controlling all the TV and movies. You now have the same thing with the radio stations. In America only three companies own most of the radio stations, they are EMMIS, Radio One and Clear Channel. Recently Clear Channel has spent over 30 billion, yes billion, buying radio stations, concert venues and advertising companies. Clear Channel is on it’s way to becoming a total monopoly of the radio, concerts and Billboard industry. Soon they will control how much every concert you attend, ticket price. As David Rockefeller said, ‘no competition is the best competition’’(or close). Before the Telecommunication Act of 1996 (Fascism at it’s best), a radio company could only own 40 stations nationwide and in only four markets.Today Clear Channel owns 1,170 radio stations across America. And are in 47 of 50 major markets.110 million folks listen too Clear Channel every week. Now folks that’s a way to get your propaganda message out!!!

Now you would think that the Christian music business, would be free from all this, think again. Secular companies such as Peacock own most of the smaller Christian music companies. You want to know what Secular means, I had to look it up.

sec - u - lar
(1) of or pertaining to worldly things or to things that are not regarded as religious, spiritual, or scared
(2) not pertaining to or connected with religion: secular music
(3) concerned with nonreligious subjects
(4) not belonging to a religious order, not bound by monastic vows

This is hard to believe, but not really if you understand how religion in America works now and maybe always. The dollar is the bottom line. And non Christian companies are better at handling the money or they just bought them out. Not really caring if a dime is made on the music. As long as they can control the contents. I think this maybe more the truth.

To my generation the Baby Boomers, you could see how the music went from simple rock and roll songs. To songs with hidden and blat-ten messages that were clearly meant to break up the family unit. Free love, drop out, drugs, sex, protest, lesbians, Black Power, etc.. Was that all just a coincidence, I think not and now know not. Not far behind was the music of my children’s generation. Singers like Joan Jett, telling the kids it’s all the parent fault for there problems. With lines like, ‘Hell is for Children’. Thing have gotten progressive worst, each generation. Where as today you have RAP and Be-Bop. Now your mother is a Hoe (whore) and you have no respect for your father or mother. Because the music industry has broken down the family unit. Over half of the kids today are raised by there mothers. With the father not part of the family unit. This used to be a Black problem, now it reaches all segments of society. Women have been brainwashed by the music and media. Today women think nothing of throwing there children’s childhood lives away. They have been brainwashed to believe they deserve more. And are willing to chase the father out of the marriage, looking for mister GoodBar. All the “Time” knowing the court system will insure them child support, food stamps and welfare to go along with it. In the past the divorce rate was much lower. There was no child support check, no food stamps, no welfare check. Your mate was your partner for life, good or bad. Now the system has put in place. A system that makes getting a divorce and surviving a lot easier. Do you think the ‘powers’ were looking out for the parents especially the mother of the children? Not one minute, they need the family unit broken down. So that the masses can be more easily controlled. And this has all been done through mainly the music.

The bottom line, life in America has degraded substantial. And the backbone of this was the music. It was free and was being blasted into every ones waiting ear. Starting in the fifties with cheap transistor radios. The greatest mass produced propaganda machine ever invented, the Radio. Next all the ‘powers’ needed was to control the lyrics, and BOOM!!! So as you listen too your favorite song on the radio. Just remember that ever word has be well thought out. Not for it’s musical values, not at all. It’s all just part of Mind Control via the music. After all you wouldn’t be listening to the artist who made onto some one's radio play list. With out first the artist selling there soul, for a few pieces of gold. Today nothing is free and nothing is being played for your pleasure. So tap your foot too the beat and think about the words, there not free. Your not in Kansas anymore Dorothy and Toto, your in someone else’s reality.

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


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