Saturday, February 25, 2012

"Operation Paper Clip, MK Ultra"

MK Ultra was created after WWII and was part of ‘Operation Paper Clip’. ‘Operation Paper Clip’ was created after Germany surrendered too the Allies. It should be noted that the Nazis did not surrender, only the German people. Germany’s greatest rocket and military minds were brought into United States, under this program first. Next group brought into America was the German Propaganda leaders. The whole idea behind this was, If America didn’t bring in the best German minds, then someone else would, mainly the Russians. Hitler believed that after a country was conquered, the citizens must be brought under control by Mind Control. Mere guns and prisons were not the answer too crowd control. And now with Germany’s best mind in the hands of the American Military Industrial Complex. The Military Industrial Complex turned Germany’s propaganda against you guessed it, the citizens of America. You see the Nazis never last WWII, the German people did. Is all the Nazis did was relocate into America, and resume what they were doing during WWII under Hitler. If you do just a little research into the subject of who controls the World’s population. You will soon learn that those same ‘powers’ were behind and financing both side during WWII.

For the most part Germany was only a test bed for what was to come later (too the World). The poor German people who were loyal too there leaders, were only guinea pigs to the ‘powers’. And they were taken their by the ‘powers’ destroying the German economy. Once that was done and the country’s woes were blamed on the Jews. It was easy for someone such as Hitler to be brought in. With his promises of a better future and the Mind Control Machine or Propaganda Machine that was behind Hitler. Is all Hitler’s Masters had to do was improve the economy and say, ‘look what a great job Hitler has done’. Then the masses would rally around Hitler, and do pretty much what ever he asked of them. When folks are starving and someone offers them food and shelter, well look no further than Germany before and during WWII. And this is how we get too MK Ultra.

MK Ultra was created or started on April of 1953, on orders from CIA director Allen Welsh Dulles. The claim was that the Russians, Chines and North Koreans were using Mind Control techniques on American prisoners of war. The CIA wanted to use tactic similar to there so called enemies, on there own captive. The CIA used researched methods such as influencing and controlling the mind, to extract information from individuals.

One of the ideas was to control a persons mind. So they can be sort of a robot of there controllers. This is where the term ‘Manchurian Candidate’ came from. Take an individual and take control of there mind. Then put the individual in a setting, that when a Key Word was said to the individual. They would react in a prescribed manner. Sirhan Sirhan who was supposedly was the killer of Robert Kennedy. Claims he was under mind control from the CIA. And in fact he was a ‘Manchurian Candidate’. I believe he was placed on the location of the shooting of Robert Kennedy, via mind control. And indeed had a gun in his possession. And may have even fired the weapon at Robert Kennedy. But many believe that Robert Kennedy was taken out by his own guards. Such as what have happened to his brother in Dallas.

Other methods of Mind Control experimented with were drugs such as LSD. If you have ever taken LSD you could see how someones mind could be controlled. I did back in the days of Timothy Leary, and know how powerful LSD was back then. And have had taken it with individuals who were not prepared for the LSD trip. And the only way to keep them from doing harm too themselves or others. You needed to talk them through the experience. The CIA administered LSD too CIA employees, military personnel, doctors, prostitutes, mentally ill patients and members of the general public. Often these were issued unknown to the individual. Some individuals were used for extreme test of LSD and given the drug over several weeks. Just to see if there mind had been totally over come from the LSD. Personally I had friends who never recovered from the LSD trips. And became sort of a walking zombie, living in there own World. Never to be a functioning human again. So you see how the CIA could care less what happened to the individual after long usage of LSD. One of the CIA experiments with LSD, was called ‘Operation Midnight Climax’ set up in a Brothel in San Francisco. Using prostitutes Johns as guinea pigs. Other drugs were amphetamine (speed, which was common on construction jobs sites in the 70s, White Crosses.) heroin, morphine, mescaline (one of my favorites), psilocybin (mushrooms), pot, sodium pentothal, alcohol etc..

There are stories the U.S. Navy was also part of Mk Ultra experiments such as Telepathy. Where the Navy wanted to know if a person in a Submarine. Could communicate mentally and find enemy submarines. Today this would be called Mental Telepathy or ESP. Other reason for these type of experiment was so that CIA agents could be programed. That is they were caught with highly classified information in there heads. That that information could not be tortured out of them. Other MK Ultra techniques that were used as follows. Electro shock, Radiation, Paramilitary tactics, Physiological/sociological/anthropological, anything that might work, legal or not.

To give you some idea how large of an operation MK Ultra was. There were 149 sub-projects in 80 American and Canadian universities, medical centers, prisons, using 180 plus researcher groups. 15 different foundations and drug companies. Everything was so Top Secret that most files had to be destroyed. Later on there would be several Law Suites brought against the CIA for the horrendous experiment perpetrated on unsuspecting individuals. And that human being were no more than Lab Rats too the CIA, under MK Ultra. And if you think anything has really change since the days of MK Ultra, think again. Today citizens from around the World are waking up to the fact they are being sprayed from the skies on a daily bases. Chem-trails are one of the most guarded secret of today. There purpose and who is doing it, is only known to a select few. As a friend and I were one day watching the trails being laid out from his back yard in Phoenix. He asked me, ‘what are they doing too us?’ I replied, I’m not sure, but one thing I know for sure. It’s a type of Mind Control, because you can’t do anything about it’. Here is a good link so you can do your own research on the subject MK Ultra. By the way the MK comes from the German Mind Control experts under Adolf Hitler during WWII.

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