Sunday, February 19, 2012

"Travistock Behavioral Research Institute?"

If you wanted to control the Worlds masses just how could you do it? Be tough to imprison all of them or even put a gun to there collective heads. Then just how would you go about it? Let the masses think they are free from controls. Then create a group to figure how how to control the masses minds. And that is exactly what ‘Travistock Behavioral Research Institutes’ is all about. It was created in 1947 (That magic number again 47 and 1947 adds up too 21.) the ‘Travistock Institute’. It was created to study health, welfare and education. It would help in institution building, and organizational design, governments, industry and commerce. Being completely self financed with no subsidies from any government. It’s range of studies include, anthropology, economics, organizational behavior, political science, psychoanalysis, psychology and sociology. I’ve read that the Travistock institution was financed by the Rockefeller and placed in London were the Rothschild's control the research and findings. I have no proof of this, but who would have the most to gain by this partnership of the Rockefeller’s and Rothschild's dynasty?

Here is an interesting fact I found while researching this subject. One thing I’ve discovered since starting my writings. You always find interesting facts along the way. And this may be one of the biggest ones I’ve stumbled across. I heard or read somewhere that part of the taxes on my home for state taxes, goes too the Royal Crown of England. It had something to do with the war of 1812, but not for sure if that was the war. In 1938 President Roosevelt executed a secret agreement with Churchill which in effect ceded the United States sovereignty to England. Because it agreed to let Special Operation Executive control United States policies. To implement (carry out) this agreement Roosevelt sent General Donovan too London for indoctrination before setting up OSS which is now the CIA. The OSS then and now the CIA, has worked on guidelines implemented by the Travistock Institute.

Here is one of the stunning facts about the World and how individuals minds are keep under tight control. Travistock Institute came up with the idea to have both Roosevelt and Churchill do mass bombing raids on Germany as a clinical experiment in mass terror. (Never could figure out while the English and Americans during WWII, bombed innocent civilians. In cities around Germany that had no military function.) The Guinea Pigs were the civilian citizens of Germany. In what could be called a ‘Controlled laboratory Conditions’. Records were keep of the civilian population mental condition for further use. All the goals of the Travistock and Americans partners, have only one mission, ‘Breaking Down of the Basic Family Unit’. And I've been writing about this from the beginning, just didn’t know who was behind it, other then what I call the ‘powers’. The main aim of theses terrible people is control with One World Order. And these experiments on the mass public, is to learn how to break down psychological strengths. And to render the public helpless to stop the dictators of the World. And just as what was done to the Native Americans years ago. Is now being done to the general public World Wide. Here again what I’ve saying sense the beginning of these writings.

One of the other ways Travistock control’s the masses is through sex. By using the media as a forum, to get it’s message out. The masses now believe that sex outside of marriage is not a bad thing. What this does is break down the family unit also. When you have sex outside of marriage, you leave a piece of your soul with that individual. To where soon you become soulless and loyal to no one. Your children just become a by-product of sex and have no real meaning to the individual. You could see how this was first implemented in the Sixties. When all you heard about was Free Love and open marriages. The kids thought they were being progressive and cool in the Sixties. Little did they know they were just part of a larger experiment. And all part of a much larger plan. That has help get the World where it is today. In one mass mental break down, where mind controlled drugs are issued like candy from doctors today. Look at all the adds for medicines that help your mental condition. This is because the World has lost the ability to think as a family unit. I personally did not fall into this trap for my morals have always been strong. The reason that the morals of both men and women have been lost. Is the reason I had two failed marriages. Is because I aways believed in the strength of a family unit. To where as my partners were swept up into the un-moralist human valves via the media propaganda.

President Jimmy Carter was a graduate of the Naval Academy at Annapolis. Where he was brainwashed by Admiral Hyman Rickover. That is why he was chosen to become president. You don’t really thing that presidents are elected do you? Elections were created to give the American public the idea they are free to choose there elected officials. When in fact that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Carter was the one to introduce the idea of mixing the races. This was also done to help break down the family with inter-racial marriages of today. And in fact about 8% of marriages today are inter-racial. You can’t mix Oil and Water. The inter-racial marriage was also used to break down the individuals identity of where they came from, there racial heritage. Henry Kissinger who was a German refugee, is a by product of the Travistock Institute. And you can see over the years how much influence he has had over American politics, dating back to the Vietnam war under Tricky Dick Nixon.

Travistock controls National Education Association via Stanford Research Institute.(Tells the school which books they will teach from.) And this goes all the way back to fact that, ‘who ever has the biggest army, controls history’. That’s why when the Catholic Church invaded a country over all the centuries. The first thing they did was to destroy the defeated country’s history, look no further the the Mayan Civilization. Who really knows for sure how the Mayan cultured acted and if in deed they even practise Human Sacrifice. I think the Catholic Church started that because they themselves practise Human Scarifies. There again a type of public mind control, pointing the fingers at others, so you won’t notice the Churches sins against humanity. Travistock controls ‘Institute of Social Research at the National Training Lab, which brainwashes the leading executives of business and government.

Do a little research on MK Ultra an organization connected to the CIA. You will soon find out has I have, this Rabbit Hole is very deep. Today ‘Travistock Institute’ has a 6 billion dollar networks of foundations. And all the money is funded through American tax payers. There are 10 major institutions under it’s direct control with another 400 subsidiaries and 3000 other study groups such as Think Tanks. ALEX I’m sure is one of those groups under the wing of Travistock. (1 of my videos) All these programs have been created to bring in the New World Order. The Stanford Research Institute with the Hoover Institute has a $150 million dollar budget with 3,300 employees. Which carry on surveillance for Bechtel (Dick Cheney) and Kaiser and 400 other companies. And extensive intelligence operations for the CIA. Now you get the idea behind the All Seeing Eye on the American one dollar bill.

Well there you have it, sort of, the rest is up to you. If you feel someone is watching your every move in America, they are. I personally had no idea how in-dept this whole thing (Spying on the public and Mind Control.) was. This research has surely opened my eyes and I hope yours. Next week I’ll see just how far I can reach down the Rabbit Hole of knowledge on this subject. I’m sure the bottom is out of my reach. And what I find is only the beginning of what is not really known. Is there an “Alien” connection at the bottom of the hole?

“God” bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


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