Saturday, February 18, 2012

"If It Just All Fell Apart To Morrow?"

If your World and security blanket fell apart, are you prepared.? This is not intended to be a scare tactic, just a little common sense. Today the TV, movies, music and even alternate news such as Alex Jones. Have only one purpose in mind, mind control with fear. It’s called, ‘Trauma Based Mind Control’. And even Christian preachers use this on there parishioners, ‘do what I say or “God” will punish you forever’. Not sure but maybe the Catholic church was the first to introduce this type of mind control. The problem now is that the ‘powers’ have pushed this too a new level with control of all media. Today the American public is being prepared with a war with Iran. Constantly bombarding the listeners with how evil Iran is and how badly they treat there citizenry. Yet while in America, you can’t do anything with out first getting permission, then a permit to do what ever you want to do. Which is just another form of TAX. So while the ‘powers; point there fingers at the rest of the World. They are doing the exact same thing too the American public.

This is where ‘are you prepared’ comes in. Now that you need all that much, because if things really fell apart. Those with the biggest gun, would simply take from the weaker more prepared ones. The government, I take that back, for there is no government now. The ‘powers’ have passed laws that say if you have a back-up of food, water, medical and various other items to support your life. You are now considered to be a ‘Domestic Terrorist’. You must be because you are classified as a hoarder. The ‘powers’ do not want you prepared if basic items such as food and water can not be attained. That is so they can keep complete control over the masses. And the masses need to turn to the ‘powers’ for there every need.

Lets say that you wake up in the middle of the night and your cold. You get up to see why the heat isn’t working. You reach for the light switch and boom, no lights. You go too your circuit breaker box to see if a circuit breaker or fuse has blow. You check and everything is fine. Next you look out your window to see if lights are on in your surrounding area. You soon discover your not the only one with out power. So you pick up the phone to call a neighbors to see if they have power. One problem here, your phone land line needs electricity to work. So you go too your cell phone, damn it’s not working either. For the Cell Tower needs electricity to operate also. Your first thought is, ‘just a power outage’ and everything will be OK soon. I’ll just go back to bed and put on more blankets. You get up and dawn and realize, damn ‘I can’t can’t make coffee or tea, let alone breakfast’. Now just a little panic sets in, because usually the powers in back on with in a hour or so. Next thing you do, is wander over too your neighbor's house to see if they are OK and have something to at least heat water with. And then you find out there just as unprepared as you are, you think ‘this ain’t good’. And if you have kids this is really bad. Because your children count on you for all there basic needs, and you have failed.

With no way to communicate with even folks a few blocks away, your panic level steps up to a higher level. You get in you car, too see who else in your community is without basic running water and electricity or even natural gas for heating and cooking. Always remember your water source needs electricity for the pumps to deliver water too your home. Now you see the whole community is in the same fix your in. You see that the power line and other services are intact. Your panic level now turns into anxiety. As those around you look scared, because they have always relied on the system to provide basics such as water and electricity for them. The day goes by with no news from the outside World. Rumors start to spread furiously through the community. Who and what has done this to turn your World up-side down so quickly. Is the country under attack from China, Russia or some other foreign power? Has your own government turned against you, you wonder.

Next thing you know the community at once goes into a panic mode. The grocery stores and convenience markets are soon ransacked for everything on there selves. You can’t ever get gas for your car, because the pumps need electricity. Knowing you need water for you family, you search for a source. One problem with this idea, you need gas for your vehicle.

A couple of days goes by now, the situation grows much worse. There are groups starting to form, there armed to the hilt, because that is part of being American. Next thing before you know, it’s the strong taking from the weak. Being a good citizen now means nothing, it’s now survival mode for everyone. You were unprepared and now you can’t even head for the hills with your family for survival. To start to restore some sort of order to the situation, troops are patrolling your streets. Are they their to protect you and your family, or take from you is the big question? Are they even American troops? Has some greater plan been put into place, by the ‘powers’?

Sound far fetched to you, it’s not. Because everyone for the most part in the last few years, have been put to sleep by the ‘powers’. The TV and media has mesmerized everyone into a comfort zone of sports, foreign wars and Hollywood. Folks have gotten fat from fast foods and preserved foods loaded with chemicals. Folks are no longer able to think much past the moment. The schools and video games have ensured this. ‘Go fast don’t think about to morrow for your government takes care of your every need now’, mentality prevails through out America now. The individual has been killed off, look at all the people with tattoos now, that’s proof right there. Do you think for a moment this is all coincidence, think about that.

America’s citizenry are being prepared for what the ‘powers’ feel is inevitable, you become there total SLAVE. Reduced to a manageable level and totally controllable. I hope in the greatest way I’m wrong, but with age comes knowledge, or you die young. As we say in the electricians World, ‘ there are bold electricians and there are old electricians, but there are no Old Bold Electricians’.

Now I have no real proof of what I think, for sure. And if things did fall totally apart, you probably couldn’t prepare enough, but for the short team, be prepared. If there was sudden change in the climate or even a pole shift. A Solar Flare that knocked down the electrical power grid could happen. And any sort of short term disruption in your day to day life, need not be Panic “Time”. Each “Time” you go to your grocery store, get some dried grains. They will store or up too 12 years with no preparation other than a seal proof container, like old coffee containers. Always buy organic juices that come in glass containers, 1 gallon preferably. Then rinse them out good, let them dry in sunlight. Then fill with water and again put out into the sunlight to purify the water inside. Before you know it, you’ll have a few weeks of food and water just in case for emergencies. Maybe even have a couple of gas cans filled with gas would be a good idea. Get your self a Coleman camping stove, and a few can of gas for it. Create a first aid kit from things you think you might need in the short term. No need to go out and buy some expensive First Aid Kit. With things in it you’ll never use. Some candles would also be a good idea to have around. Just when you prepare think, ‘what are me and my family might need to be OK with out any services for a few days’. It doesn’’t require much thinking to realize, ‘thing aren’t just right now’. In any case, ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’.

Went too Tucson for the annual Tucson Gem and Mineral Show at the Tucson Convention Center. Here are a couple of videos I made while down in the Old Pueblo. Another reason I wanted to visit the gem show was to talk to a female Tucson police officer. She has been at the show the last few years and I have put her in one of my videos. She is also the same person who turned me on to the idea that things at the Pinal Airpark are not what they seem. And this years I wanted to talk to her about the Gabriellia Gifford (Arizona State Representative) shooting last year. I walked by her, then kind of walked around the area she was supposedly helping to police. I did this so I wouldn’t be obvious. Like running up to her with video camera running. I exchange a few words with her and thanked her for the information about the activities at Pinal Airpark. This all took about 30 too 45 seconds. As soon as I was going to ask her about the shootings and video her response. Another police officer came up to her and said something too her and whisked her off. It was like others knew what I was about to do and stopped the whole thing from happening. I had told others of my plans to record her reactions to my questions. Conspiracy or Fact? The idea how she was removed so quickly from my presences, and what I was about to do. To morrow I’ll write about ‘Travistock Behavioral Research Institute’ and who was behind it’s creation.

"God" bless


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