Saturday, February 11, 2012

"They Pretend to Pay Us and We Pretend to Work"

‘They pretend to pays us, we pretend to work’, Communism in a nut shell. Heard this line from a lady who recently came too America from an old Soviet block country. America’s president Obummer says he wants the wealth of America distributed evenly amongst all Americans. Well that’s been done in Russia and several other Communism countries. And history has proved it does not work. The BS about all humans were created equal is in fact BS. Some work much harder than others, some are smarter than others. If that wasn’t true, the World will still be in the Stone Ages, and would have never progressed. How many of thousands of years did mankind drink water from his palm? Then when mankind started using a primitive form of cup made from wood, sea shells or other materials. How long did it take to put a handle on the cup for drinking? Look up the story of, ‘One Hundred Monkeys’, you’ll get the idea of what I’m talking about.

In the Communist or Socialist System, which is were America and the World is heading, all are equal. So the incentive for one individual to work harder or be more creative, does not exist. For years I couldn’t figure how the illegals on job sites worked so many hours. Taking that shovel, shovelful after shovelful, hour after hour. Then it dawned on me, they are taking small shovelfuls of dirt. White boys want to see how much dirt they can get in each shovel full. When you are working long hours for dirt wages. You soon learn to take small shovelfuls of dirt, and you’ll last longer. So in a sense the illegals are like the workers in the Communism system. They are pretending to work, and there bosses are pretending to pay there dirt wages. For you see, the illegals are in a Communist system of slavery. Buck the system and your bossed will call Immigration on you, and have them send you back to your country of origin, sans your paycheck. Don’t carry your load, no mater how small under Communism. Your cast off out of society like animals do to each other, to fend for yourself. No medical, food, check, nothing and soon your mind shuts down and you die. This is why the ‘powers’ of the World are pushing for a One World Government. Do exactly like your told, get your ration of the things you need for survival. And survival is about all you’ll be doing under a socialist/communism system.

Along the same line of total control over the masses of America. That goes along from warning from those not living in America, ‘Get Out While You Can’. A bill on congress too deploy hundreds of Drone Aircraft over American skies, is in the works now. The creators of the bill say, ‘it will be for traffic control, looking for terrorist and weather warning’, but that’s just another lie. Think about all the innocent civilians in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq have been killed by predator drones recently. Been trying to stay away from writing about what is happening to America and the World. But it seems the attack on individuality has suddenly spiked. Almost weekly now, new bills are being introduced by the Zionist or what ever controls the the congress of America, to put more and more controls on the masses. Mean while I set at my computer chasing the pigeons away from the food I put out for the smalls birds. In much the same manner I try and find out whats being done to humanity constantly, to warn them. Fine line between the sparrows and humanity as both are under attack (Chem-trails) from the skies. Here is a video of what is called a ‘Humming Bird Drone’.

If you think America went too the Moon in the sixties. This video just might change your mind. I’m a firm believer the whole thing was a giant hoax on the American public and the World. Stanley Kubrick created the whole landing scenes in England. And for his efforts, they? had too kill him, for he knew to much. Think about his movie ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’. Watch it and you’ll realize how easily he could have created the Lunar Landings, on a stage. Some of other Kubrick movies, to show his brilliance. Dr. Strangelove, A Clockwork Orange, The Shinning, Eyes Wide Shut

Today is the 100 year anniversary of statehood for Arizona. Arizona was given statehood in 1912, on Valentines Day. This was made possible by the damming up of the Salt River, that runs through the middle of metro Phoenix. The name of the dam was Theodore Roosevelt Dam, located north west of Globe Arizona. This gave the ‘Valley of the Sun’ a stable water source and the rest is history. Farming, Cotton, Cattle, Copper and Cilmate were the buzz words of the state. Then in the fifties Motorola located plants here from the Illinois area, because of the dry weather and mainly lack of Unions. That changed every thing for the state. Suddenly it became a electronic heaven, as other electronic companies soon followed Motorola’s led. And with them came there sundry business such as suppliers and raw material handlers. With a locale supply of cheap labor and copper for Motorola’s electronics. Motorola put plants all over the metro Phoenix area. Arizona also had perfect flying weather and as WWII air warfare increased. Military airfields were quickly built around the state.Such as Luke and Williams Air Force bases in the metro Phoenix area. Barry Goldwater Gunnery Range is still the mainstay for military pilots from around the World to practice there bombing and machine gun skills. Tucson still as Davis-Monthan Air Force base, were A-10 Warthogs are stationed. And speaking of Tucson, tomorrow I’ll be heading down their to record the ‘Tucson Gem and Mineral Show’, the largest of it’s kind in the World. This years videos show be 10 “Times” the quality from last years videos. As I’ve up-graded my recording equipment 10 fold. I hope to get an interview with a certain female cop from Tucson. Who has been working the show for the last few years I’ve been down to record. I want to get her take on the recent shooting of Rep. Gabriella Giffords and others in Tucson last year (2011). Happy Birthday Arizona

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