Sunday, February 5, 2012

"News From Arizona and Stuff"

Kind of funny I guess, because I wrote about ‘Mind Control’ yesterday. When today is probably the largest ‘Mind Control’ weapons known to the Worlds ‘powers’. It’s called ‘Super Bowl Sunday’. And this goes all the way back too the Gladiators and Roman “Times”. (You still have the same basic families in charge today.) The ‘powers’ know the masses have and animal instinct in them that must be feed, to keep them under control. And sports are used to feed that basic of basic instincts. Other wise the masses may take that hidden anger, and use it against them. The ‘powers’ also use wars pitting the masses against one another. To direct this pent-up anger on each other. So while Americans and many other citizens of the World sit around there TVs. The masses Masters sit and laugh, because they own the sporting teams. They plan the out-come, take in billions of dollars from the masses from ‘Mind Control’ commercials. The ‘powers’ make the masses feel inept, if they don’t have the latest Big Screen TV. To watch there Mind Control project, ‘Super Bowl Sunday’. Then ‘Mind Control’ the masses into buying there favorite teams shirts and paraphernalia. All the while sitting back (‘powers’) and raking in the profits from sports and there biggest one day money maker, ‘Super Bowl Sunday’!!! Here in a few years back, Arizona hosted the ‘Super Bowl’. There was all this talk about if they would leave the roof open on ‘Super Bowl Sunday’, and of course I wrote about the thoughts going on behind to scene . Open the roof or not open the roof, was all over the sports page. I was betting the roof would be closed, because just like today. The skies were filled with Chem-trails. My thinking was that if they took camera shots of the sky over the Phoenix Stadium (where the Super Bowl was being played.). The skies would be lined with white Chem-trails. Good thing I couldn't bet on that, because they did leave the roof open. Why would they do that? Because the ‘powers’ knew the masses, especially the football masses. Would be either to drunk or stoned to notice, plus the TV cameras never went out side or panned through the roof, at the skies above. You see the ‘powers’ control every single angle of what goes on in America and most of the rest of the World.

Here in Arizona there is all this talk in the news paper about the quality of the Air Arizona’s breath. And one of of the major causes of bad air is, according to the news paper (propaganda sheet). Is the dust from construction and unpaved alley ways. On our job sites now, dust control is a major factor. If your caught causing to much dust, you can be fined heavily. There is even Dust Control Department, who monitor the job sites. Now when our electricians even dig a small trench by hand. Water must be used to control the dust from the shovels, how stupid is that. They could give a shit about the dust. After all there is farming all around the city, and dust flies everywhere off the tractors as they till the soil. It’s all about Mind Control of every thing you do, and a source of tax revenue. Not to mention while the system here locally puts controls on the amount of dust that can be raised. That supposedly pollutes the air, Chem-trail aircraft are flying back and forth over head.

While on the topic of Mind Control, how about Global Warming. Which was brought too the World by someone the Americans love, ‘Al Gore’. LOL While it has been a rather mild winter in most of the United States (except Colorado, Washington state and a few others.). And there still snow skiing in northern Arizona. Europe and Russia are experiencing record cold weather and snow fall. It’s all relative I believe, warm some years, cold others. In case you did not know, Global Warming BS is all about money too the ‘powers’. It’s call Carbon Tax, or what I call ‘money for nothing’. I believe it has already been enacted in a few countries already, including Australia. Of course the Aussie are an easy target, they have already gave there guns up. Here is a video explaining Carbon Tax. Much better than me trying to explain it.

Just think if law makers here in Arizona have there way. Students at colleges and universities can Open Carry too class. What is Open Carry, a gun strapped too your waist. A good friend of mine teaches Computer Science at Arizona State University, Tempe main campus. He’s tells me that he’s afraid of his students who are military vets back from Afghanistan and Iraq. What the Hell is going to do if students come too class with a 9 MM Clock on there side, funny. Are you sure you want to fail me teacher? LOL Bet a lot of folks in the school (university) in Virgina wish the kids were armed. Got to love Arizona though, guys were in the crowd when Obummer talked here a while back, with M-16s. And the Secrete Service or Phoenix police couldn't’ do anything about it, except keep a close eye on them.

Talk to my Hopi buddy Ahkima Honyumptewa who lives in Bacavi on the Hopi reservation this week. He wants me to do some more recording of him telling Hopi ancient tales. His knowledge of his ancestors comes from the elder Hopi men who live in Hotevilla on the Third Mesa. The elders their are still living the traditional ways, no running water, electricity or phones. We decided the only way to do the recordings properly. Was for me to go up too the Hopi reservation and find a good location to record the Hopi ancient stories. Maybe a good location would be amongst the Hopi petroglyphs , or the village of Hotevilla. I feel honored that all my years of knowing the Hopi peoples. I will have more opportunities to record there ancient tales. I have to say for sure, as I walk among the Hopi on there reservation. I never feel any animosity towards me. And they all seem to want to talk to me. Not quite sure why that is, maybe my blond long hair, or a look in my eyes, or my age 64. One thing for sure, I feel right at home went ever I’m on the Hopi Homeland. For the Hopi were never marched around like most other Native American tribes of America. They are where they have been for most there history of being Hopi.

Next weekend I’ll be heading down to Tucson, for there annual gem show. This “Time” though my recordings will be of a much better quality. My Canon HF S20 Camcorder does great quality videos. And yesterday I bought a Canon Rebel EOS T2i camera. As summer approaches and my travels take me around the southwest of America. I want the best in videos and pictures for folks who watch my works. I think I’ll start a video and picture blog only, this summer. I feel the need to get my pictures out to the general public. As the “Gods” have gave me both money and “Time” to do my travels. And I am a firm believer in that fact. As I tell folks, ‘somebody wants me here recording this’!!! I’ll get a little break from my writing and hopefully some great videos and pictures from the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show.

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon. May you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


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