Saturday, February 4, 2012

"Concume, Consume, Consume, Obey, Obey, Obey"

Why is it most Americans and other first World countries citizens, consume so much? Your great grand parents would die if they only knew how wasteful you are. For they would only buy what they needed. They were a frugal peoples who believed in self reliance. And you could only have self reliance, if you conserved. Like a Squirrel putting away nuts for winter. Your grand parents would have saved there extra money for a rainy day. Not so any more, today you have a throw away society. Got an extra dollar in your pocket, better head down to the General Dollar Store. You better spend that sucker, because it’s burning a hole in your pocket. Now just how did the societies of today’s modern World, get too where there at? Bet you didn’t know, a nephew of Sigma Freud got you there.

His name was Edwards Bernays, the inventor of ‘Public Relations’. Who first took the Italian singer Enrico Caruso, too World fame. Edward Bernays was so skillful at what he did, he turned women into smokers in the Thirties. Before that it was un-heard of for women to light up a cigarette. But by letting women believe they had gain freedom and Independence from men. By the simple gesture of lighting up a cigarette in public, they were now equal with men. Before you knew it, Bernays had changed the way Madison Avenue did things. He taught the marketing folks how to get into your mind. Because he knew the human state was weak and could be easily influenced. After all during WW I, young Americans marched off to war in Europe, for no apparent reason. Other than the propaganda of the media.

Back when Edward Bernays started his powers of consumption, of the masses. He had only the Black and White movies and the news paper. And you can see how much he changed the World’s thinking. Today you have all sorts of ways to manipulate the masses. No mater what song you hear on the radio, there is a hidden message. No mater what movie you watch, there are hidden commercials in them. Edward Bernays started this trick in the thirties, with cigarettes in actors hand, men and women alike. Your Gangster’s get away car was not something the movie producers went down and bought off a car lot. They went too the manufactures of the automobile and basically bribed them. ‘Want your product in a major movie mister’, sort of thing. Soon before you knew it, all movies out of Hollywood, were no more that feature length advertisements. Poor guy in the movie, couldn’t hardly wait to get out of a movie. So he could go buy what he saw in the movie. He didn’t know he’d paid good money to be brainwashed. And this was all going on in the thirties.

Now today you have much more powerful weapons to use on the citizens of the World. It can get inside folks head with subliminal massaging. You can use near naked women to entice the consumer to your product. Something you couldn't have done in the thirties. Make the consumer feel they are not complete without the manufactures product. Look how in just a short few years. Everyone now has a damn tattoo on there body. Ten years ago, the only people with tattoos were sailor and convicts. Now if you don’t have one, your an outsider in society. Today you see the kids walking around with numbers on there cloths. This is being done to get the youth used to being only a number. Go into a Sporting Goods store, every thing has only one color black. Where as only a few years ago, sporting attire was colorful.

This is all just part of a greater plan that started in the thirties with Edward Bernays. Total mind control, or I should say mind manipulation. You are no more than a useless consumer, who is to be marched around and told what to do. When you go on construction jobs sites today. Everyone is wearing a hard hat, and some sort of bright colored shirt or vest. Only a few years before, you walked onto a job site. You saw rugged individuals who all had there own look of individuality. Now you only have a bunch of clones. And for the most part, they weak from the processed food the system has told them they must eat, to be hip. And when the kids get there paychecks on Fridays. They rush right out and throw there money away on crap they don’t need. Never ever thing of a rainy day. This because that is how there minds have been manipulated to think. Sad to say most those kids on the job site will never reach my age. For there bodies are filled with chemicals, not only from there diet, but from the air above. As every day I go out to visit and down-load my mind into there’s. The skies are full of Chem-trail lines in the sky.

Consume, consume, consume, obey, obey, obey, throw away, throw away, throw away, day in, day out. For the TV has control of your mind. Here is a short video that says it all. I’d like to add a few word from someone I spoke of in last weeks writings. These are her words and not mine, but very well articulated indeed. (I do not know her name.)

Oh yes, the pediatrician. Well, she did threaten to 'report' me if I didn't give my children milk. I figured that since they were weaned, they didn't need it. And that's what I told her. She was concerned that my kids weren't getting enough calcium, and I told her that dark greens like spinach had more calcium than milk. She never threatened me again. I can't say, however, that I was ever comfortable with her again.

Back when my daughters were babies, the parents in one California school district sued the district because they held a rather graphic sex-ed class without parental knowledge. The California Supreme Court ruled that the government was not required to provide an education, that their goal was to create compliant citizens. The only problem with that sort of vision is that it is short-sighted. Without choices, people lose their spirit and the government has to become ever more repressive to keep their authority until they cannot maintain it anymore. Rome did fall and so did the Nazis. They also ruled that once the student entered the school, the parent had no right to parent, that the child was under state supervision. That really scared me. I joined HSLDA.

If you're interested in learning about public schooling, John Taylor Gatto is the best source I can think of on the net. His book, The Underground History of Education, is the best and will give you a really good idea of how the state of education for our people has degenerated over the past 100 years. Where we once were a country with the highest literacy rate of all the countries in the world, now we're lucky to have our student graduate with a 5th grade reading level. It's probably worse now. You can read Gatto's book online at You'll find the link on the left hand side.

I have mixed feelings about private education. Filling a need is good, but doing it so as to procure government funds (charter schools) bothers me. It's like the government hiring private security firms and using taxpayers money to pay them and yet they have no mandate to protect the people or to serve them. They serve the government. I used to be for privatization, but no longer. Corporations have no obligation to the society in which they profit. Their only goal is to make a profit and with that in mind, the end justifies the means. Look at Monsanto, Evergreen, Blackwater, BP. . . I could go on. And on. And on. lol.

In the end, though, I still have hope for our future. It's taken me a while to get here. With all the confusion and upheaval, I thought we'd have no chance to come out of this whole without having to survive an Armageddon. But I'm finally coming to a place (probably where you've been for a while) where I see light - a purity of spirit that refuses to be squelched. Terrance McKenna had a theory about what was happening in this world about timelines within timelines and that the timeline we're living in mirrors eras in the past that are being replayed. YouTube link is needed here because I know I cannot make as good sense as Terrance talking about his own ideas: (part 1 of three) I think you'll really get it in part 2.BTW, I love the courage you display about the topics you write about in your blog. And you make them so clear without introducing anger or indulgence. I like how you are sharing when you write. It compels me to read on.These are her words, for now she be the unknown contributor.

If anyone else would like to use my blog to get there information out. Feel free to contact me via the comments. I will contact you and discuss your topic of preference.

One final word on this subject. Just after the self attacks of 911. George Bush came on TV and told the stunned American public, ‘go shopping’.

"God" bless


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