Sunday, January 29, 2012

"Chem-Trails and Police State"

Getting really tired of the constant Chem-trail spraying this winter. As I sit here typing this, out side in the sky. Aircraft are going back and forth, north south, east and west, day after day. Just what are they trying to accomplish, just who is behind the spraying? Anyone who says that this is normal con-trails, is either totally ignorant, brain dead or some bodies whore. As my neighbor and I watched the spraying yesterday evening, we talked of all the folks dying with cancer. Him and his wife are now, going through her father dying of cancer. You know we all die, but dying from cancer, is not how I want to die. A good friend of mine just went through his father dying from cancer. Not to mention my daughter’s husband just died from cancer. My friend said it was so painful on the family. That if he was diagnosed with cancer, he would go kill himself. Because his dad did not die with dignity, but a long drawn out process.

We can’t do anything about the airborne assault, but you can help yourself. And diet is the best place to start. There are many plants that help remove toxins from your body. You need only to go type in ‘detox of metals’, and I’m sure your find plenty of “God’s” plants that will help you. Mushrooms are a good detox methods. Cilantro, Garlic, Psyllium (seed of Flea-wort plant), Aloe Vera juice, Fennel seed, exercise (I ride my mountain bike every day). Are just of the few detox herbs. Be sure and eat less and less meats. As the toxins collect in the body of the animal, then you ingest it into your body. As it takes about 12 days for animal meats to pass through your intestines. As the toxins from the animal are absorbed into your intestines. And always remember what Tesla said, ‘eating animals is barbaric’. Yes you are surely getting airborne particles of Barium and Aluminum on the plants you eat. But at least you can wash them off.

While I’ve been doing some research on detox methods and writing this entry. The aircraft have now turned the entire sky into a milky white look. A lady who lives in Tucson, I meet responding to one of my You Tube videos. Called today to talk, while I’ve been writing. She said that they are not getting sprayed in Tucson today. She said the last “Time” there was heavy Chem-trail spraying in Tucson. Here and her children got sick. I just stepped outside to see if the spraying was still going on, it was and the air has a chemical smell to it. When I ride my bike in the afternoons or evening, on Chem-trail spraying days. I where a bandanna over my mouth. Not sure how much this helps, because of the small particles of barium and aluminum.

The same lady I mentioned earlier, told me a story of how the pediatrician see was seeing (Tucson). Told her that if she didn’t make her kids drink milk. That he would turn her into CPS. She told me she refused to give her children milk, because of the Growth Hormones and chemicals in the store milk. We both agreed that the key word in medical practice, was ‘practice’. Because doctors for the most part, have no clue. And are only doing what they were taught in medical school. What this shows is how much of a ‘Police State’ America is now. How can a doctor force you to feed your children what they say? By threatening you with CPS coming too your door?

And the same ‘Police State’ is over my head right now, putting chemicals in the air I breath. The same ‘Police State’ is about to attack another one of Israel’s enemies Iran. And if America youth stop volunteering for the military. The same ‘Police State’ will bring back the Draft. And force the youth of America to keep the ‘Military Industrial Complex’ going. By invading any country who is not on the Federal Reserve System. There where only four counties not on the Federal Reserve System, Libya, Iran, North Korea and Iraq. Now there are only two. And Iran is now being surrounded by U.S. Navy vessels. And this is all just a ‘Dog and Pony’ show. To keep the masses divided and under control.

Well this is my Sunday afternoon rant on the state of today's affairs. And hopefully I'll get my bids out of the way. And will be able to do some more research on some new subjects. But with as fast as things in the World are happening currently. I'll just report on the events of the previous week. Who knows by this "Time" next week, America will have invaded Iran. Gas will be over $5.00 a gallon, and store shelves will be empty. One thing everyone should be doing in these saddening "Times". Store food, water and what other every day to day needs you think you might need. The 'powers' want a war and a war they will get. And you and me they could care less about. So take care of yourself and loves one. For the 'powers' only see you as pawns in there lives.

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon. May you have sweet dreams with soft landings, take care of yourselves.


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