Saturday, January 28, 2012

"Bisbee Arizona"

Bisbee Arizona located some two and hours south the metro Phoenix area. Is a hidden gem of a town. Often compared to Jerome Arizona, as a revitalized mining town. That the Hippies of the sixties brought back to life. Had one person who lived in Bisbee, tell me the Hippies revived the town after everyone left when the Copper Queen Mine shut down. Just like Jerome, Bisbee was a copper mining town. That in it’s hay day, Bisbee had everything any modern town back east would of had. Great school system, culture, churches and yes even the Freemasons had a lodge in the community.

Bisbee in located on state route 80, 51 miles south of Benson (I-10). And 23 mile from Douglas Arizona, which is on the Mexico boarder. On the way too Bisbee from the Benson, you’ll pass through Tombstone Arizona, ‘the town to tough to die’. Here is one of the videos I made last summer, on my journey down south. (Tombstone) If you plan on visiting Bisbee be sure and make sure you have a place to stay. There is plenty to see and do while your down in the area. I stayed in Benson because the limited hotel rooms in Bisbee. Plus it’s a hell of a lot cheaper to stay in Benson than Bisbee. And you can stop in Tombstone on the way down to Bisbee.

One of the first thing you realize about Bisbee, you just might want to live their. You have this small town surrounded by mountains called the Mule Mountains. The streets are clean, the folks are friendly, the air is breathable and down town is a hoot. If you love Jerome or old mining towns revitalized in Colorado, Bisbee is your kind of town. The shops are crisp, loaded with art works from locals and around the World. Here is a video of an artist I talked to, who’s shop is located in an old one car garage on the main drag down town. His name was Art and he didn’t want to be in the video. But Art’s art sure wanted to be in the video. I heard them say that too me as I walked away from his shop. So I went back and made the video while Art was working on his art in the back. When I completed the video, I went into the back of the shop and told Art. That his art told me it wanted to be videoed, he laughed and said ‘cool’.

With a elevation of about 5,000 feet, summer is the perfect “Time’ to visit Bisbee. Be sure and walk the back streets, to get a feel of the town. One thing for sure, Bisbee is an artist town. Seems everyone in town either sings, plays an instrument or make some kind of art. The citizens are well educated and many professional retire in the town or area. Near by is Fort Huachuca, a Top Secrete Army base. You are surrounded by several National Forests such as Coronado and the Chiricahua Mountains where Cochise was buried. I myself plan on making another trip to the community this summer. And maybe even look at some local home to maybe retire to. For I also do wax carvings, I turn into silver and gold jewelry. The art is called ‘Lost Wax Casting’ and is becoming an lost art in this day and age of ‘I want my things instantly’. Here is a video I made of driving into the community of Bisbee. ENJOY

The reason I wrote about Bisbee this morning was an article in the Arizona Republic today about honey from Africanized Bees. Seem since I traveled down to Bisbee last summer, the news paper has been giving the community plenty of press. Now sure why that is, but that's a fact or I would have visited the community long ago. I've been so busy doing electrical bids, there has been no "Time" to think about what I'd like to write about. As I do my bids and me meeting with General Contractors, and Electrical Engineers one thing they all have in common, no common sense. The blue prints the firms put out today are a joke. You must spend hours trying to figure out what the engineers and architechs are trying to tell you on paper. And there is where you learn that dumbing down of America is in full swing. Most of the engineers don't want to talk to you on the phone. They want you to go through the architechs, so they can cover there asses. And for the most part most everything I bid is government work. Because there is no private money now for projects and everything is so over built now. I've even read that one of the new industries booming now is demolition contractors. With all the strip malls setting empty now. It's cheaper for the owners of the property to tear down the buildings, because of the taxes on the buildings. Empty lots taxes, are far less that a lot with a building on it.

I'm currently doing bids on three new schools. These are not public schools but private schools. As folks are taking there kids out of public indoctrination schools and putting them in private schools, were the kids actually learn something. The best way for the 'powers' to control the population is by dumbing them down. And that is exactly what has been done. The good new is that parents are waking up to this fact, or I wouldn't be bidding private schools today. Also I've notice that a lot of churches are opening up there own schools. As to the church members have noticed there children have been brainwashed against the parent. Just a few years ago here in Arizona. There was only about 700 private schools, now there is over 7,000 private schools. And "God" only knows how many kids are being home schooled. This is great news for us that are getting older and wonder what kind of future is in store for our off-spring. And education of the youth is the only weapon, America has to fight with now. "God" bless those that are awaking to what is being done too there family unit. Well for now having anything to write about today, I got some of my thoughts out. I want to thank the guy from Unknown Radio on Blog Talk Radio for the kind words of encouragement. It's so hard to get these blogs out, when doing something I've been doing for decades (electrical estimating). Now has to take so much energy because of the Dumbing Down of Americas Youth.

"God" bless


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