Sunday, March 18, 2012

"What A Mess, America Today"

It has always amazes me what mankind will do too mankind. Here are some photos from the American Civil War or War Between the States. This was over 150 years ago, has anything really change today? In the Civil War you had American against Americas, brother fighting brother. Who were all simply pawns of there so called leaders like Abraham Lincoln. With the recent killing of 16 civilian Afghanistan's by Army Staff Sgt. Robert Bales. Who was a Army Sniper Rifleman, who has spent over 1,150 days in combat. Has Americas service men and women been pushed to the brink of humanity. With all the video games American kids grow up with. That are beyond violent behavior and reach into sadistic portrayals of death and destruction. What else could one expect? Even in my generation, we had WWII toy rifles put into our hands by our unsuspecting parents (and the girls pretended too be military nurses.). Who thought is was all just fun and games. Not knowing it was all part of some larger more sadistic mind control. And that the idea that American kids were only to grow up and be sent off too some foreign country, to kill someone they had no reason to. And in my generation that country would later be the people of Vietnam, both military and civilian.

Today Americans get to live a higher standard of living than the rest of the World. The reason is, that the ‘powers’ need the youth of America to do there killing for them. And they need there adults to be the hands that manufacture the weapons. That there youth will use to kill those who do not tow the line the ‘powers’ want them to. Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and probably Iran next. Have or will all fall too the hands of the ‘powers’. This is the way you bring the World under one local power structure. You kill off those that will not follow. And the ‘powers’ have at there disposal, the youth of America to accomplish this with. Not only do they have Americas youth to do the fighting. The have the adults taxed too death to finance there aggressions. So just how is this accomplished by just a handful of the riches and most sadistic people on the Planet?

So the ‘powers’ need too take there control to a higher level of control. First destroy Americas economy along with massive amounts of Mind Control. That is easily done when you pull the purse strings of the World’s economy. Next you control all the media and that has been accomplished. You introduce the children to violet videos games, where killing another individual is just the push of a button. You change the music the youth listen too. You have your Black Mind Controlled music artist. Make the songs full of hatred for the youth parents. You can see how easy this was done. Take some Black music artist, put a hooded pull over on him. Then watch as all the youth start wearing what they call ‘Hoodies’. This is just a test to see how powerful your brain washing has been (example).

Next the 'powers' start broadcasting on all the airwaves, because they own them all. Just how bad so and so leader is. They tell the uneducated American public, this bad leader has enslave his people. And that the citizens of so and so country, want America to bring Democracy too them. By the way, Democracy only means, ‘Mob Rule’. You have the controlled news programs such as CNN, FOX, ABC, CBS, etc. start pounding the general public with Bull Shit propaganda. Shows like Oprah Winfrey and The View carry on the BS, until the American public believes what they are being told. That is until now surprisingly.

I believe the tide has changed, as more and more people I talk to today. Seem to know what is being done too them. That’s why you see a accelerated push too invade Iran and even into Africa now. I rarely talk too anyone who has been fooled any more. Most folks are very out spoken about what America has become. And all of Americas leaders are hated. But the controlled media want you to think other wise. Problem is, the ‘powers’ could care less, your there slave in there minds. You are cattle or chattel to them, pure and simple. They know the majority of Americans are against all the American youth being used as thugs. To carry out the policies of a very few elite. The protest against the wars are never reported now. All the kids parents who have lost children in either Iraq or Afghanistan are ignored. The Cross Road in America has to be near. When the youth quit enlisting in the military because the parent demand this. No one wants to see there child die on some foreign soil. For some cause that only enriches a handful of soulless men who aren’t even Americans. If this does not happen, then the Worlds population face a very bleak future.

Recently wrote about how a high Alkaline diet is good for you, verses a high Acid diet. (bad for you) Harvard School of Public Health, released a study that shows. A diet with the eating of unprocessed red meats such as, hamburger, pork, roast beef, and lamb. And the eating of processed meats such as bacon, hot dogs, bologna and sausage. Increase the risk of Type 2 Diabetes, Heart Disease, some types of cancers and particularly colorectal cancer (colon cancer). If a high amount of red meat is bad for your health. Then wouldn’t you think that any amount of meat is bad for you? It’s like recently in the news the government came out and said that eating unhealthy foods occasional is good for you (lie). In a test of 100,000 men and women, who consumed processed and unprocessed meats. Within two decades 24,000 of them died, including 5,910 of heart disease and 9,464 of cancer. In a day and age of, ‘it’s not if your going to get cancer, it’s more like when’. You would think folks would realize they are being poisoned by the foods they eat. Animals are loaded with chemicals to make them grow faster and the consumer in turns eats these chemically laden animals. We all die some day, the idea is to die gracefully from old age. Not to die at a young age riddled with cancer. We are all ‘what we eat’ simply put.

From the department of 'Brain Washing' come this news. NASA (Never A Straight Answer) and JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory). Recently fire David Coppedge a 'team leader' on the Cassini Mission too Saturn to study it and it's Moons. For his ideas on 'Intelligent Design' or mankind was created by a higher source or "God". He was let go after 15 years of service, because he talked to other co-workers about 'Intelligent Design'. NASA believes that anyone who talks against Darwinism is an outsider. In case you forgot, Darwinism is the idea mankind came from a two cell amoeba, then crawled out of the ocean and became what you are today. And that mankind only job is to consume and eventually die for ever. David Coppedge is suing NASA-JPL, good luck with that one.

New Video taken at the Heard Museum Indian Fair and Market

"God" bless on this rainy Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.

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