Saturday, March 24, 2012

"Denver International Airport?"

A friend from Tucson named Lori sent me some information concerning the Denver International Airport. (I’ll post at the bottom of this entry.) I’ve been following stories about the New Denver Airport for years it seems now. Some say it goes several stories underground. Some believe that’s where the elite and there families will go when the Earth is hit by a giant CME (Coronal Mass Ejection, from the Sun). That will end this life cycle here on Mother Earth. Kind of like the Hopi story about the Good People taken underground when “God” destroys the surface of the Earth. Only in this case it will be the Ruling Elite, there families and those who will be needed to reconstruct thing on the surface of the Earth after the destruction. Like a lot of movies you’ve been seeing for years coming out of Hollywood. Here are some photos taken from the Denver International Airport. will give you some idea why there have been so many conspiracies stories about the airport. And as most know about the ‘powers’, they always tell you there plans in advance. And the murals at the airport do depict a harsh ending to the way of life as mankind knows it.Here is a video I made from the Heard Museum here in Phoenix Arizona that are eerily in the same mode. Note they are from two different artist. The Denver Airport artist name is Leo Tanguma. While the murals at the Heard Museum are by a Navajo/Laguna Pueblo artist named Steve Yazzie. Here is more information about the artist of the murals at the Heard Museum Steven Yazzie.

Denver Airport is the largest International airport in America and third largest in the World. It’s land mass is 53 square miles. It’s the 10th busiest airport in the world. The amount of dirt moved around too build the airport was ⅓ that was moved to make the Panama canal.It has 5,300 miles of Fiber Optics cable and 11,400 miles of copper communication cabling. It’s jet fueling system can move 1,000 gallons of jet fuel a minute through a 28 mile network of pipes. The granite used in construction came from Asia, Africa, Europe, North and South America. That give you a subliminal messages to move along. There are 19 miles of conveyor belt to move luggage along. The roof is 15 square miles of Teflon Coated Woven Fiberglass. That reflects 90% of sunlight, but doesn’t conduct heat.

There are those that believe the new capital of America will be located in the Denver area. With the country being broken up into 10 Super States or Districts. That was the reason for the massive work being done too the Denver Airport. With it’s runways longer than any in the World, to support Russian type transport planes that need the extra long runways for landing. Another tie into this idea is that when a giant CME hits the Earth. The coastline of the World will be flooded. Thus flooding out the capital of America located in the District of Columbia. And Denver being a mile high would survive this catastrophe.

With the many levels of underground structures or DUMB (Deep Underground Military Base), located under the Denver Airport. The elite could simply resurface and resume command of America and what is left of the World. I’m not too sure if this is the reasoning behind many of the theories I’ve suggested, and that I’ve read about. But it makes you wonder how far from the truth this all could be. Why go too all the troubles and expenses to build such a large airport in Denver. Why not do it in say, Washington D.C., LA, New York City. These are the commerce and financial capitals of America and the World. But for some reason billions of American tax dollars were pumped into the airport in Denver. And are still be done so today. As construction equipment is still on site at the Denver airport. And just when does a conspiracy become a fact? As the old line goes, ‘it waddles like a Duck, it talks like a Duck, it has feathers like a Duck’. Well in fact it must be a Duck. I’ve shown links to the facts and murals that are the Denver International Airport. You see if you think that the happening in Denver are just Conspiracy Theories?

This last Wednesday evening I experienced pain in my mouth. Not knowing if it was a tooth or sinus problems, I called my dentist. She's the best and her name is Caren Hull, here in Scottsdale. The receptionist said I could come in the following day at 1:30 PM for a check up. I called my friends who own Nutrition Works also here in Scottsdale. Told Karen Stewart who with her husband Dave own the Health Store about my problem. Karen called Dave who was at the VA getting hearing aids fitted. When I got their Karen said I needed Olive Leaf Extract for infections in my mouth in case that was the problem. And also suggested some vitamin 'C' concoction Dave makes up. At this point my jaw was swollen and red. Karen went onto the back of the store and in the refrigerator got out this liquid 'C' for me. Karen told me to take the liquid 3 or 4 "Times" a day. So I headed back home and started the treatment of the liquid 'C' and olive leaf extract. With in hours the swelling started to go away along with the pain. By the "Time" I got too my dentist the next afternoon. All the swelling and most of the pain was gone. Caren my dentist wanted to know how that could be, because the X-Rays showed a infection (Abscess) in the root of a tooth. And I would need a Root Canal or the tooth removed instantly. Told here what I'd done and Caren wanted too know who Dave and Karen were. And how without antibiotic this could be. So I want to share with you how to make this vitamin 'C' to fight infections, colds, flu, and even cancer. This 'C' will be absorbed by over 90% into the body. Here are Dave's instruction for making the 'C'.

Antibiotics of two things.
Olive leaf extract and I took a supplement Dr. Dave’s Vitamin C made with lecithin 3 tablespoons of lecithin granules, 1 cup of water. combined and and blend for 6 minutes. step # 2 - 1 tablespoon of pure vitamin ‘C’ powder (purchase a bottle of ascorbic acid ‘C’) dissolve it in a half a cup of water. Then combine these in a ultrasonic jewelry cleaner for 6 too 10 minutes. last for a month if refrigerated. Take 4 ½ oz. a day or more if needed. Good for infections, cancer or others medical needs such as colds and flu. What this combination does is strengthens collagen and collagen is structural protein in connective tissue, amino acid metabolism and hormone synthesis.

And here is the letter sent sent to me from Lori who lives in Tucson. We have become friends from my interviews with my Hopi buds Ahkima and Ernest.

Hey Ron
Hope you are doing well. I thought I would write to you because you are so close with some of the hopi and other tribes. I have come to an understanding of what is going on in this crazy world of ours! The reasons why we are invading the african countries, the movie kony being put out now, why obama is president and why he is passing all these laws. The north pole is moving, and its moving into europe! Its moving quickly, and soon the people of europe will not be able to grow their own food and live. They need to move out! They will be taking AFRICA, and parts of the u.s. That is why they have obama in office (his birth certificat contraversy it to get the people of africa behind him and trust him). Its going to be another take over like north america was taken over! Another huge genocide. (like its ever stopped, but anyways you know what i mean). Here in the u.s. im thinking will be another ethnic cleansing! We know that the people of color have been killed because they arent white! Other reasons also like their knowledge.

The info I have heard through several sources say the queen has bought property in colorado! Not to mention the prince and his wife have been here several times this past year! If you look closely to the cities around denver, they are all called the same names as in england! I know that seems to run common around the u.s., but there is a purpose to it all!

Im not sure if the hopi's will listen, or even care. I do believe the tribes need to at least be given the knowledge of what is going on though! Shoot, i think everyone in the world needs to know. All I can do though is type emails to key people and hope the message gets out!

Hotep! Lori from Tucson

"God" bless

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