Sunday, March 25, 2012

"Music and Your Health"

Music and your health do they go together, most certainly. If the Universe is Electric, thus musical notes are a type of electrical impulse. Not matter what you may think about your body, one thing for sure, it’s all about electrical energies. All your brain patterns or thoughts are electrical energy. Your heart is pumped via electrical charges to make the muscles contract and expand. This pumps blood through your body, no different than the pump systems that deliver water to your home or gas too your car engine. Gravity is electrical charges that keep your body in place and the Stars rotating around each other. Like the molecules that rotate around each other, the Planets around the Sun do. Everything is electricity and mankind lives in a Universe of Plus and Minus electrical charges.

So what does this have to do with the cells in your body, everything. Cancer cells have rotating molecules that are dormant until triggered by some force. Then they rapidly multiply attacking your body's defence systems. For your information sugars (acids) of any kind feed death causing cancer cells. And if these cells are electrically energized cells, wouldn’t make sense that an electrical pulse from a musical note can attack these cancer cells. Thus shattering the cancer cells. Why is it some musical notes make you cringe while other make you feel euphoric? Music travels too your ear in Frequency or Hertz (Hz). This is a wave pattern and the more waves coming at you the higher the pitch of the sound. When you want to clean your jewelry the best way is with a high pitched ultrasonic sound waves. Now apply this same principle to cancer cells. When you listen to say Jazz music, with all its varied patterns of sound and melodies.These Frequencies go from highs to lows. Your body feel good from the soft patterns of Frequency. While loud rock music makes you get energy. Is this energy causing your cancer cells to multiply? While the rhythmic sound of Jazz keep your body at an even keel.

Studies have been done with neurosurgical patients, mostly with Parkinson's. They were subject to three types of music. Music with no melody (rock, Rap), undefined rhythms by Aaron James and music with purely melodic sounds (Jazz). By far the winner was the Jazz type music with it’s melodies. And Jazz was the most soothing to the patients and there brain patterns activity were eye opening. Soothing type music ‘calms the beast’ as they say. So wouldn’t make sense that it would also work on the health of your body. Would loud Rap and Rock music ‘calms the beast’, NEVER. These type songs cause anxiety in people and that is exactly what they are suppose to do. And Anxiety leads to poor health, as I’ve always said, ‘stress will kill you faster than cancer’. As I’ve written before the music industry is under absolute control of the ‘powers’. And the music there Mind Control musicians put out, is to break down your immune system. Like sugar in your diet, loud rock and Rap are a Acid in your brain, causing problems in your body immune system.

I know that when I get up in the mornings and turn on my computer. If I connect too Republic Broadcasting Network or Alex Jones (which I don’t do any more). My stomach starts to turn being constantly reminded of what is wrong with America today. Now I get up and check my e-mail and turn on soft Jazz on. - I feel so much calmer and at ease with the day that’s to begin. I know that when I go to the local plant nursery Harper’s. They are playing classical music for the plants. That kind of says it all right there. If the melodic sound are good for the plants at Harper’s, shouldn’t the vibrations be good for me?

Back to the police in the news lately in Albuquerque New Mexico. There has been a rash of police killing of civilians over the last 2 years. Turns out that there is a reward set up for the killing of civilians by the police union. The Union programs gives officers a $500 reward for fatal shootings. I guess you could call it a Bounty on Civilians. Good thing James Peters of the Scottsdale Police Department wasn’t a Albuquerque cop. He’s killed 5 civilians here in Scottsdale. Damn, wonder how many he would have killed if Scottsdale had a Bounty System? Since 2010 the Albuquerque police have killed 18 civilians and shot a total of 23. The Police Union says the payments were for police officers who had shot civilians. To decompress from a stressful situation. (Don’t they already get paid leave, after a killing or shooting?) Others say it’s a reward system for killing. I guess that is in the eye of the beholder what you thing about the practice.

Good news from the U.S. Health Department if you're a Pig, I guess. Not that the Health Department had anything to do with it. Pork producers have been forced by public opinion and with the push from McDonald’s. They are forced to get the pigs out of gestation crates and let they have room to roam, sort of. Now the pig farmers are having to rebuild there barns to accommodate the pig more freedom. Gestation Crates measure only 2 feet by 7 feet. And a Sow may grow up to 600 pounds in the create. This is so inhuman and the killing of any animal for food makes no sense. “God” gave mankind all they needed with the fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts “God’ provided for nourishment.

Final observance on this cloudy Sunday afternoon, with the Chem-trails aircraft flying amongst the clouds. Went over to record the R/C Electric Closed Track Off Road Hobby Racers. Did this last year by fluke and got some good hits on my You Tube channel. Called the Cactus Classic and is here in Scottsdale. It is very plain to see how the ‘powers’ have all the racers and most spectators under control with there effective brainwashing tactics. The boys and young men were all in Black Tee-shirts along with there matching Black Sneakers. All looked malnutrition and most had there customary tattoos on there arms and legs. SAD

Here is a link to more information about music and your health.
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"God" bless on this Sunday night, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


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Music is the one of the best cure most srtessful events. i am currently playing some instrumental /electronic music on my headset as i read this. i have turned to music for enlightenment, calm the nerves, change mood, or unleash during workouts throughout my life. its nice to hear some support about the benefits of good music.