Saturday, March 31, 2012

"Race Baiting"

With all the media attention of the recent shooting in Florida of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman. And the mass killing of innocent civilians in Afghanistan by Army Sgt. Robert Bales. You wonder if the America is being set up for a Racial War. One of the oldest tricks by the ‘powers’ is dividing the races, religions or country against one another. And now you have this on several levels now. Last night I was in a Chat Room of a radio station in Portland. The radio personality Clyde Lewis got the room going by bringing up the recent shooting in Florida. And he did his best to fan the flames of discontent amongst the group in the Chat Room. Soon you had ‘lines drawn in the sand’. Then he pushed it to a higher level by bringing up interracial marriages. Nothing like religion and race to get folks riled up. And now the same thing that Clyde Lewis did on a much smaller level, is being pushed by the national media. And of course who controls the mass media, ‘the powers’.

In our local propaganda newspaper, the front page news is the Trayvon Martin comparisons. You got Black mothers with there fatherless children saying. ‘Don’t let this happen to my son’, bull shit. And of course the Black kid shown in the newspaper has a Hoodie on. This even more divides the public. Then on a national level you have Black leaders jumping on the Trayvon shooting like white on rice. Spike Lee, Al Sharpton, Martin Luther King jr. and so on. They are demanding that Zimmerman be charged with murder, or a race war might erupt. All three of those so called Black leaders are the ‘powers’ pawns and mouth pieces. They get there marching orders from there Zionist Masters. If they weren’t good pawns you would have never even heard of them. Because that’s how the national and World press works. Be a ‘player’ and we will make you famous. Don’t play along, and no one will ever hear of you. Not one of them has ever mentioned, how many Black husbands kill there White wives do you, never going to happen. They never talk about the Black on Black murder rate. The fact that only a small percentage of Black kids ever graduate from high school or college. No there just to busy running around the country doing there Master’s work, stirring up the race card.

When I visit GLP there are always several Threads that are ‘Race Baiting’. Just trying to stir the pot from a quite simmer, to a raging boil. This is just one more tactic so Americans don’t know what is being done in there name, to Muslim people in the Middle East. There will always be tension between races and the ‘powers’ know this fact. That’s why they push Black kids being bused from one neighborhood to another. Why Section 8 housing bring folks from a ghetto and puts them in stable White neighborhoods. These ideas came from the Tavistock Institute as I’ve written before.

While Americans are talking about one small hate crime in Florida. White Phosphorous and Depleted Uranium Bombs, are being dropped in innocent children, women and men in Iraq, Afghanistan and surely Pakistan. It’s the game of ‘which cup has the pea under it’. Hey look over here in Florida, hey look what Sgt. Bales did. Don’t look at how many innocent people are killed by Americans weapons. Don’t look at the Chem-trails in the skies spreading Barium and Aluminum. Don’t look at the poisons in your food or the fact that you are eating GMO foods now. Look anywhere but at reality, because we have created your reality for you. Turn on the TV, go to the movies, listen to the songs we’ve created for you.

I’m not so sure that Sgt. Robert Bales even did the atrocities he is blamed for, or if Bales is even a person. Look how it easy it would be to create this whole scenario. As the old line goes, ‘I only know what I read in the newspaper’. During the Vietnam War, there were many of these types of incidents. Except for one, most were hidden from the masses. Now it’s a new era and theses type of event are well publicized or created. Ma Lai was one of the most publicized a atrocities during Vietnam. So it’s easy to stir up public opion of the events that are happening where ever American intervention is. With the Sgt. Robert Bales so called assassination of innocent civilians. This divides the American-Muslim canyon even further apart. This all plays into the hands of the ‘powers’ plans. Keeping hatred between the races and religions growing more and more distant.

So don’t get trapped into this freefall of hatred of one individual against another. Mankind is just one race in the end. The religion you feel is only inside of you. And not for some other uneducated soul to tell you where your soul belongs. Live your own life and be free from parasites who only want to bring harm to you. When you see these headlines being pushed towards your inner feelings. Remind yourself that they are only being done to divide and imprison you. To take your soul from you and place it in the hands of those that only have one mission. That mission is to take your soul and put in there type of prison. Whether it be behind bars that are physical, or mental bars that are self imposed. Be on constant guard of your own reality. You’ll be free, you will be a survivor, not a prisoner of others reality.

Here are things that your doctor will tell you that are lies. From either his own ignorance, or self indulgence (kickbacks from Big Pharma) about Cancer.

Arizona State University just received 27.5 million dollars from Walmart’s chairman Rob Walton. Who happens to live nearby in the City of Paradise Valley. The millions were for ASU’s Global Institute of Sustainability. The money is to be used for initiatives like energy, water, climate, and of course social transformation. The later is for your future life. That is a life with you not part of it. Sustainability is just simple put, ‘fewer people on the planet’. That’s how the elite want it to be. A controlled masses that are around 500,000 in population. That are totally under control and are to do only as a handful of ruling elite want. Like the ‘powers’ always do, they have warned you. There warning is on the Georgia Guidestones.

Militia members of the Hutaree Militia who were charged for planning a rebellion against America. Have been cleared of the conspiracy. A Michigan judge through the case out against the members. Just when I had lost most hope for real justice in America, a little light has shone through. FBI claimed the militia had plans for mass destruction against America. How a small group in Michigan were going to cause mass destructions, I haven’t a clue. The FBI planted a local informant into the group. Then paid him $31,000 for information on the Hutaree Militia. The plant was surprised the knowledge the group had of explosives LOL. Wonder if they had the ability to take down the Sears Tower, just joking. This BS all stated with the bombing in Oklahoma City. That bombing was a precursor for new laws to be written about militias with-in America. So ‘Hat’s Off’ for Federal Judge Victoria Roberts. Who said the group showed hatred of law enforcement, but did not reach a level of rebellion against America.

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The Jehovah's Witnesses have believed that a precursor to the "End Times" is a worldwide ban on Religion. As days pass you can see it being more and more likely to come to fruition.