Sunday, April 1, 2012

"Death of the Dollar and the New BRICS"

As most know by now the U.S. Dollar isn’t backed by Gold. That was stolen years ago I believe when the Federal Reserve was started. What the dollar is backed by is a M-16 rifle, or the Giant American Military Industrial Complex (Ike). In the World Oil Markets it’s called the Petro Dollar. And if you don’t buy and sell your oil with the Petro Dollars. You end up like Omar Kadafi and Saddam Hussein, dead. They both quit using the Petro Dollar and we all know there ending. Iran will be next in-line I’m sure, unless the American public thwarts the that idea. And refuses to send there children off to fight giant corporations wars for greed. America has now set a Boycott of imports too Iran. This will bite the Globalist Corporations in the ass and already has. As India and China are willing to buy and trade with the Free Nation of Iran. Iran has oil and both China and India need there oil. India has agreed to buy Iranian oil with gold and by-passing Petrodollars. Not to sure the Chinese are far behind, because it does Iran no good to take American dollars for there oil. After all where will they spend it.? And the Chinese could start dumping there American dollars and trade them for gold. If these happens this will be the precursor to the end of the American dollar. Only thing stopping this is the fact the America is the biggest buyer of worthless inferior Chinese goods. Hard to believe nowadays but if you want something that is quality made nowadays, you Buy America. All the City, State and Federal electrical jobs I bid. Have a ‘Made in America’ clause in them. Power Panels, switches, wire, conduit and other various electrical item are made in America still. But when it comes to Light Fixtures and Bulbs, that’s a different story.

B.R.I.C.S. stands for is, Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa, a coalition of countries that have ⅓ of the World’s population. Who do not want to be controlled by western and European countries lose financial policies. A powerful group like this, is one of the reasons America, England and Israel what a WWIII to happen soon. So that America’s and England’s debt too the rest of the World’s countries would be wiped out. And American and England today appear to be no more than Israel’s pawns.There are already plans by the coalition of BRICS to start printing there own currency, that would be backed by Gold and Silver. If this happened the rest of the World’s countries would soon start trading in BRICS currency. Instead of worthless American dollars that are backed by nothing, except fear of American retaliation. Some believe that the idea of BRICS could never happen. With the countries involved being far apart on how this would be pulled off. And stand side by side with the World Bank and IMF (International Monetary Fund). This current year should be very interesting and what happens next. Will be decided if America and English forces followed by Israeli force do attack Iran. A fact that is all too clear to most of the World. American and English policies are decided somewhere other than the two countries Of America and England. Maybe not in Israel but by those who control Israel. And I won’t speculate on that, because who knows for sure. Who is pulling whose strings. Knowledge of how the World operates is changing constantly now. And appears that thing are more and more becoming evident that Off World or Inner World Entities could be the Real Powers. These are very interesting “Times” for the World now. And there definitely seems to be a 21 December 2012 agenda being played out.

Currently there are conflicts brewing in Thailand, Syria, Libya (still, thought America bombed them into a third world country), Yemen (American troops are their also) as of today’s news. And the American Witch Hillary Clinton has issued a statement that “Time” is running out on Iran. To stop there Nuclear enrichment , which they claim they are not doing. And have invited inspection of there Nuclear Facilities. That’s not enough for the real evil axis of America, England and Israel. Because the ‘powers’ that control America, England and Israel apparently need more and more Blood Sacrifices in there name. Dates come and go for the invasion of Iran. “God” I hope the ‘powers’ just stop all this killing by American troops. Who have been pushed to there collective limits. Just read while on GLP having lunch over 480 arrest of individuals trying to break into NATO Headquarters in Brussels. They were protesting the actions in Libya and Afghanistan. And many of the other acts against humanity that NATO does claiming they are for the good of the people.

On the subject of evil deeds to humanity. Monsignor William Lynn was in charge of 800 priests in the Philadelphia area. He is charged with keeping dangerous priest working around children who were accused of child petaphilia acts. This was done to protect the Catholic Churches image. In doing so the church was saying the scandal didn’t exist. There was a total of 35 priest accused in the scandal. Monsignor William Lynn claims he gave his senior Cardinal Anthony Bevilacqua a list of the accused priest. And Cardinal Anthony Bevilacqua shredded the list.

Here is a link to a list of seeds that Monsanto controls. Most folks already know of the GMO corn Monsanto has put on the World. With some countries not allowing any of Monsanto products in there country. You should never use the product by Monsanto for killing weeds called Roundup. You can use Vinegar which is safe for the soil.

Found this video of a B52 bombing raid over North Vietnam. What you will here are the radio messages between crew members on one of the B52 bomber. This bombing run was ordered after talks broke down between the U.S. and North Vietnam. Death from 35,000 feet is what it should be called. 5 Parts

Next is a video of an Apache Attack helicopter crashing in Afghanistan. It make you wonder how many American service personnel have really been killed in both Iraq and Afghanistan. There is now way folks in America know just how many are killed. It is known that if a soldier does not die on the soil of either Iraq or Afghanistan, that does not count as a war casualty. So everything that can be done to keep the wounded soldier alive. Then if he or she die in a hospital or on the way to a hospital outside the two countries. This is not reported as a death by combat.

"God" bless on this windy Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


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