Sunday, April 8, 2012

"Positive or Negative and Easter"

Is your health directly tied to decisions you make daily? Listen to this video Dave Stewart and I made and make up your own decision. If everything is either Plus or Minus, positive or negative just as it is in electricity. Then I believe yes your health is directly tied to decisions you make in your day to day life. Have you ever seen a really mean old man? And when I mean old man, I mean 80 or 90 years old. All the older men and women I’ve ever met were courteous and kind, soft spoken, gentle. Not some, ‘get out of my way, it’s me’ BS. Those kinds of people seem to always die harsh deaths, or have a stroke or disease that humbles them. If you project honesty and kindness towards other, it comes back to you in ‘Good Karma’. Reap what you sow and so on type thing. Negative energy bring negative energy to the cells that your body is comprised of. For example the Sky is a positively charged, while the Earth of negatively charged. That’s why us electricians put our negative wire directly connected to ground. And that ground wire is connected to the ground and the ground is where they bury you. Because you have no more positive charges in your body.

If you have a garden, do you go out and yell at your plants? Telling them they better grow fast, hell no. A good gardener talks softly to there plants. The Hopi were given prayers to say to there seeds of corn during planting. This was to instill a positive connection or charge to the seed. Could it be any different for your body? Not in anyway, a positive attitude is a long lasting healthy life. A kinda, ‘live by the sword, die by the sword’. Another good line is, ‘step on a crack, break your mother’s back’. This means the negative things you do in your life, effects loved ones around you.

 How many “Times” in each day, do you have a chance to do, ‘good or bad’. How many of hundreds or thousands of “Times” in one’s life, are you presented with this test. And that is exactly what they are, there tests of your Karma. These test only have two outcomes, either a positive charge or negative charge. Do the right thing and you feel good about yourself. Make the bad or negative decision and it works on your gut. Sending out negative charges throughout your body. Which in turns starts killing your body. Because whether you know it or not, your body has been pre-wired in that condition. This was done by your “Creator” for survival of the species. And in the end that’s all you are, another one of “God’s” creation. A fine line between you and that chicken you're having for lunch. If you are so inclined to eat “God’s” other breathing creations.

 The very best thing you can do for a healthy life, is being kind and thoughtful to those around you. You can eat the best foods, get plenty of exercise, drink clean water and fresh juices. That’s all fine and dandy, treat those around you poorly. Your health will start to degenerate fast. Your life is all about Karma, Good versus Evil, positive versus negative. Yin and Yang. Push others around, create negative charged particles in your body. Just as in what you eat, high acid diet kills you, high alkaline diet protects you from numerous cancer cells that are already in your body. Just lying in wait to be activated by your own Karma. Acids are negatively charged foods such as meat, sugar, processed foods. Alkaline foods such as fresh fruits, nuts and vegetables, which are positively charged. There is no escaping the facts behind how your “Creator” brilliantly designed your body. That’s why in the Bible your body is called a Temple. Through the heathens outs, or negatively charged humans and keep the positively charged humans around. Simple stuff when you really think about it. Unless you believe your above your “Creator”. 

  Been so busy as I have electrical bids flying out the door weekly now. I never realized it was Easter Sunday today, until one our jobs shut down for Good Friday. Usually the newspaper is loaded with all kinds of Easter Weekend specials. On one hand you have the ‘powers’ pushing there sale of crap about Easter. On the other hand you see the ‘powers’ slowly removing any thoughts of religion. So that they can slowly introduce the World’s population into there One World Government and One World Religion. Even in today’s newspaper the Pope was regulated to the last page of section A. Normally his Easter Weekend speech would be from page news. In the Pope Benedict XVI speech he said, ‘he has fears that mankind is unable to distinguish good from evil’. What he is really saying is, ‘if you don’t buy into the Catholic Church’s bull-shit, that’s evil’. For all the atrocities the Catholic Church has done to mankind for hundreds of years. They can look at you straight in the eye and say they have done nothing wrong. Now to me, ‘that’s the true voice of evil’. The Catholic Church one Method of Operation is instilling fear into the masses. They have been doing this for hundreds of years and it still works. And as the old line goes, ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’. Here is another example of this in Pope Benedict XVI Easter speech. ‘The darkness enshrouding “God” and obscuring values is the real threat to our existence and to the World in general’. In case you didn’t know it. The higher ups in the Catholic Church believe that the Pope talks for “God” on this level. And you are all subject of the Catholic Church, because “God” bestowed his power and authority to the Catholic Church, meaning the Pope. So will the Catholic Church be the one power that is the One World Religion that the ‘powers’ are preparing the citizens of the World for. Or is there a struggle going on behind the scene, that mankind is unaware of?   

 My friend Sergio who I meet in Bisbee while their making some of my videos. Is now on his own sojourn into Mexico. He wants to be at this certain place associated with the Mayans on 12 December 2012. Here is a link to one of his You Tube videos that will connect you to all of Sergio’s videos. Sergio started his ride from Bisbee Arizona Not sure if Sergio is Catholic or not, but along the way to his destination. Sergio stays in various towns and villages for a few days to record the atmosphere of his stops. And he does a great job of capturing the local atmosphere. What you do notice is the fact that he videos local Catholic Churches. He has even recorded a wedding being held in a Catholic Church, which I think is quite cool. What you do notice most in Sergio’s videos, about the towns and villages in Mexico. That the largest or tallest building is always the Catholic Church and what a role the Catholic Church plays in local events. In America at one “Time” the local church was always the tallest structure in town. Today that distinction belongs to the Banks. As now the Banksters decide who is in power. Today Sergio and me are communicating back and forth via one of my most recent You Tube videos. That involves my good friend Dave Stewart, who’s talking about how diet affects your health.

 Anyway what Easter is all about is the resurrection of Jesus. And how Jesus arose from the dead after three days. I’ve written about this subject many “Times”. And that how the story about Jesus Christ was taken from old Astrotheology tales. And the fact that Jesus death was a symbol for winter, when the day’s light get shorter and colder. Then every spring like clock work. Jesus is resurrected and the days get longer and warmer. And you could even apply this this to night and day. As the Sun sets, darkness overtakes the World. Then each morning the Sun reappears bringing back the warmth of the sunlight. And of course the Mayans have the same tale. ‘The Sun (Son of God, bible) disappears for three days and when the Sun (Son of God) reappears the people are not sure if it’s the same Sun.  
"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


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