Sunday, April 29, 2012

"The ‘Powers’ Want the Native Americans Land Back"

No to mention all others lands, the ‘powers’ believe they rightfully own. You see you never truly own your own land, because you never stop paying taxes on it. And if any federal, state, county or city governments wants your land, they can claim, ‘Imminent Domain’. You really only own the surface of your land anyway, because all ‘mineral rights’ belong to others. Just ask anyone who now has ‘Gas Fracking’ operations going on under there property. Not to mention all the ‘oil wells’. There are even maps of future America, showing where Americans will not be allowed.,r:16,s:20,i:154 But this writing is about ‘Native American Lands’. Then links to my videos showing the beauty of the Southwest America. I’ve spent countless hours and tons money to record various settings in both Arizona and New Mexico. In the future when “Time” allows, I’ll be posting several (hundreds) of the pictures I’ve taken on my journeys to record my videos.

Always tell my Native American friends that the same ‘powers’ that sent them onto reservation. Will some day want that land back, and it’s natural resources that come with it. When the various tribe were sent onto reservations in the late 1800s and early 1900s. The tribal leaders were told if any mining, timber, grazing, etc. of there land was used by the federal and local governments or private interest they would be compensated. Well that just turned out to be another lie. Many tribes do get some compensation but no where near the total value of the resources. There has been a bill before congress for years, saying all the money stolen by Government Indian Agents during early years of the reservation system would be returned. Well that’s just another lie like all the broken treaties with the tribes. Arizona’s representative John McCain has been saying he would get it done. But when you're a soulless mindless whore like John McCain, that will never happen. Hell if all the tribes only got the interest on the monies owed them. That would be in the billions of dollars. Up in northern Arizona Peabody Coal Company is stealing not only the coal for pennies on the dollar. They are taking away all the groundwater to move and process the coal into electricity. The Hopi and Navajo can thank Barry Goldwater for that. Lies about how the Navajo and Hopi love Barry Goldwater. Are told by his family and those who helped him steal the tribes precious natural resources. And that couldn’t be farther from the truth. In Tuba City there groundwater is so bad, petitions are being passed around for signatures. In hopes something will be done about the situation. But like most things in non America now, it will get only lip service.

Not only are the natural resources being taken, lives and minds are also being taken. Here is a video that talks about how sterilization of tribal member was conducted. You’ll be even more disgusted with the way the Native Americans have been treated. The next method of attacks on the Native American residents living on reservations. Will be in the form of Cell Towers going up all over the reservations now. They will be blasted with radio waves that can do damage to there mental functions. One of my good Hopi/Navajo friends told me that he has noticed how the gay population is multiplying up north on the Navajo reservation. This is being done with soy and other products that are now a large part of Native Americans diet. (you are what you eat) I was in line at the grocery store yesterday here in Scottsdale. There was a family ahead of me who were probably Pima. (we have a reservation on the outskirts of Scottsdale) I noticed not one healthy item was purchased. There cart was full of sodas, chips, candy and not one healthy item. Asked the female clerk how much they they spend on all that poison, $60 was here reply. I’m sure during there family’s years of education on the reservation. Never at any “Time” was proper nutrition taught to them. There is a reason for that, the ‘powers’ want them DEAD. Instead of teaching from elementary school through the high school years about proper nutrition. They tell the tribal member about how they are getting the best ‘dialysis equipment’. Here again the practise of attacking the after effects, instead of attacking the source, DIET.

Yesterday’s entry took a lot of energy and about five hours to get out a few minutes worth of reading out. So today’s will be short, but I’d like to share my videos most have never seen. Starting with some of the original video and the first video I posted, which was a fluke. The reason I started doing videos was because I was going to be interviewed on a Internet radio show called ‘Unraveling the Secrets’. I had video I’d recorded from Sedona’s record snowfall a few years ago. That was taken in Oak Creek Canyon, north of Sedona (beautiful area). The producer for the show lived in Indiana and the guy interviewing me was in Florida. They had found me in a chat room on Blog Talk Radio and were impressed by my knowledge of the Hopi and Native American subject. The producer wanted to run the video while I was being interviewed. The problem was I was going to be interviewed in 2 days. So there was no “Time” to put the video on a Flash Drive and mail it. We pondered the problem, when the producer came up with the idea, ‘let’s put it on You Tube, then use You Tube as mail’. That way they could have it for the show. The video got a few hits and as they say, ‘the rest is history’. I loved the whole idea of showing off Arizona and the videos could be used along with my blog. With that a new hobby was born, thousands of dollars worth of equipment, thousands of miles on my Chevy 4X4 truck and VW Jetta. I’ll start with that first video taken in Sedona Arizona on a winter’s day. ENJOY #1 Sedona, Oak Creek Canyon  2010 Tucson Gem Show 4 pts. Hopi Kachina Carvers 2010  Trip too the Hopi Homelands 2010 First recording of Hopi Dancers (most viewed) Looking for Travis Walton's "Aliens" Zuni Deer Dance, Globe Az. 2010 White Mountain Apache Dancers 2010 Hoop Dancers Heard Museum 2011 Chem-trails over Arizona 2011 X-Mas day Jicarillia Apache from Dulce N.M. UFOs Jerome Az. one of my favorites (few hits) My Hopi bud Ahkima (his home + Art) Pow Wow in the Pines Hopi Petroglyphs (Ahkima and me) Zuni Dancers Sante Fe N.M. Richardson's Trading Post Gallup N.M. El Morro N.M. Bisbee Az. Tombstone Az. San Carlos Apache Crown Dancers, Globe

Well there is a sample of almost 300 of my You Tube videos. Hope you enjoy them as much as I love making them for me and my "Alien" buds.

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


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