Saturday, May 5, 2012

"911 Lies Just Keep Coming"

The trial for Khalid Sheik Mohammed will soon be forthcoming. He is the self proclaimed mastermind behind the attacks of 911. He is being arraigned today in Guantanamo Bay Naval Base Cuba. (Never quite understood how America had a base on Cuba soil anyway?) Khalid claims he was behind all the planning of the 911 attacks. If this is so, why in the hell did America go after Osama bin Laden? Why did America attack Afghanistan or even Iraq. If the one who claimed to be behind the 911 (inside job) attacks was Khalid. This make no sense!!! Of course most Americans and folks around the World, don’t buy into the story of ‘911’ the American government presents. Yet the true bastards behind 911 must keep the lies coming. And there controlled media must just keep putting out more and more lies. Front page news in The Arizona Republic newspaper today read, ‘9/11 trial gears up at Gitmo’. Khalid and four others are the ones to be tried. Here it is almost 11 years later, this is happening. How long did it take the government to kill of Timothy McVeigh? Who was never the one who did the bombing in Oklahoma City anyway. And just for your information, no federal agents were even in the building the day. Timothy supposedly blew up the building with fertilizer and diesel fuel. But the ‘powers’ had no problem killing children in the Day Care Nursery. This is just an example of how perverted the ‘powers’ are. So to keep the bull-shit about 911 coming, is a light work for them and the stooges. Like those who work for all the newspapers, TV, cable stations, radio stations etc..

Khalid and one of his co-defendants named Ramzi Binalshibh, told the courts they were proud they killed 3,000 people in New York City. And the ones they killed in Shanksville Pennsylvania and the Pentagon. Come on now, do these guys even exist? And today the same two guys are going to claim they are innocent. This just a giant ass propaganda stunt. To get the World to thinking how terrible these guys are. When in fact the true bastards behind 911 are Cold Blooded Murders. Too the ‘powers’ the World is only a stage for them. And everyone of there cohorts are actors. And the citizens of the World are sitting in the audience, waiting patiently to be fooled. This has been going on for hundreds of years. And the same old blood lines keep doing the same old act over and over. And the same old dumb ass audience keeps clapping there hands in approval. Why stop the act when the audience never seems to wake up. The ‘powers’ keep there audience happy and miss directed with sports, simple entertainment (different actors), jobs that keep the audience just over broke (JOB). And in constant fear of one another with religions and types of governments. So now for the audience, lets drag out a couple of our puppets who may not even exist and rehash 911 for about the ten thousandth “Time”.

And how is this for great entertainment, lets put Khalid and his co-defendants on trial just blocks from the 911 attacks. This idea was scrapped for so-called security reason. Hey when you are both the attacker and attacked, who would worry about security. This was just another part of the act. To fools the audience into thinking that some group would try and break loose the defendants. (Tombstone Arizona anyone LOL). Instead the trial will be held at some super secret prison that’s under very tight security the American government tells the audience. And a selected few won the lottery to attend the trial. The selected ones had family members killed during the attacks of 911. Just more lies from the ‘powers’, as the audience claps in approval. Yet to hear anyone who had family members killed on that fateful day come out and say. Yep a bunch of Muslims with box cutters, hijacked those aircraft and flew them like seasoned pilots right into the Twin Towers. With only a few fight lesions in Florida and Arizona. Yet I’ve heard hundreds of family members say they don’t believe a single word of what happened on 911. Here is a video from some Airline pilots who aren’t buying into it either. pt. 1 And of course you always have building 7 free falling to the ground. These terrorist directed by Khalid were able to take down 3 buildings with only two airliners, great stuff if you believe it. (building 7 falling on 911) Build 7 was never mentioned in the government’s commission investigating the attacks of 911. There you have it, just more bull-shit from the U.S. government who no longer even understands what the truth is. As more and more laws are passed by congress to take away more and more freedoms away from the citizens of America. America’s citizens are waking up to what is happening to them and that’s why there will soon be drone spy aircraft flying over America. The terrorist the ‘powers’ fear isn’t some Muslim with a bomb strapped to there back. It’s citizenry that is waking up to what is being done to them. The citizens of America are getting tired of being the audience in some gigantic play and the victims of the play.

Michael Hossack (1946-2012) the drummer from the ‘Doobie Brothers’ band die Monday. This brought tears to my eyes not so much because of the music the ‘Doobie Brothers’ were famous for. It was the fact he was the same age as me and he died from cancer. Cancer has become the number 1 weapon used on the American public today. This is no accident the amounts of deaths from cancer. This is a well conceived plan by the ‘powers’. it is designed to make sure the population of America and the World only reach a certain age. The whole idea being is to tax the citizens of the World too death. Take money from the paycheck for there retirement years (Social Security). Then have them die before they receive the money the government has taken from the. And even to take it a step further, bleed them of there savings fighting cancer. What ever happened to dying of old age, you rarely hear of that now. Just as I’m typing this, the sky above me is laced with Chem-trails. Filling folks lungs with aluminum and barium particles and who knows what else. Then saying to anyone who mentions it they are so called ‘Conspiracy Theorist’. Michael Hossack was also a Navy veteran from the Vietnam era like me. Michael was born in Paterson New Jersey in 1946 and started play drums at age 12 with the ‘Little Fall Cadets’. Michael was playing for a band on the west coast called ‘Morning Reign’. It collapsed from financial problems and the ‘Doobie Brothers’ gave him an audition. And as they say the rest is history. He would later become a partner in Chateau Records in Hollywood. Known for his distinctive drumming style which partially came from being in drumming corps at a young age. As several drummers had to fit together in rhythm. You can hear that special ability in this song by the Doobie Brothers song called ‘Long Train Running’. ‘Rocking Down the Highway’ ‘Listen to the Music’ ‘Jesus is Just Alright By Me’

Tomorrow I’ll be talking about Hopi/Navajo water rights and a little more information about how bad bread is for you. Since I’ve stop eating bread and pasta for the most part. (Have toast with my oatmeal on weekends) I’ve lost a couple of pants sizes. And the only thing I’ve changed in my diet is bread and pasta. Here is a video that’s talking about how both John McCain and Kyle both elected official from Arizona. Are trying to get both the Hopi and Navajo reservations in northern Arizona to give up all the Water Rights to the government. Anyone with an ounce knowledge knows water will be the next oil. And the government legislator are now trying to get groundwaters rights to be given up by Native Americans on there tribal lands. This should be a no-brainer for the tribal leaders and members of both tribes. But history tells us that most Navajo leaders have been corrupt. In fact instead of Navajo leaders being elected. They are often chosen because the leader before them has been kicked out of office. And past Hopi leaders have given up much to the Whites and there corporations.

On a final note, the Kentucky Derby was won with a Mexican National jockey. In case you are not living here in the southwest, today is ‘Cinco de Mayo’ or 5 May. The horses name was ‘I’ll Have Another one’. And the announcers keep repeating that in the horse’s last outing in Santa Anita Ca. it went of at 43 to 1 odds, 4+3 = 7, hummmm. Horse racing ain’t fixed is it, couldn’t be like 911 can it?

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