Sunday, April 22, 2012

"View From the Press Box"

A good friend of mine professor Gary Bitter who teaches at ASU, made fun of me. When he realized I read the morning propaganda newspaper. ‘You of all people, read crap like that’ , he said. He kinda got me rolling backwards you could say, as I stuttered to explain why. I explained to him, that I write so much, I’m always looking for material to write about. And of course I want to know what types of propaganda is being put out to the general public, via our local (statewide) newspaper. No matter what section you look in the newspaper and even the comics, there is propaganda being displayed. And the comic can be some of the worst propaganda. I found such propaganda in today’s sport section, which is always loaded with subtle propaganda. One of there most popular ways is to show superior Black athletes out runner or out jumping some poor White boy. Which is to be understood because of the Black DNA. While on the other hand in sports such as Tennis, Golf and Auto Racing, which take tremendous mental abilities (Outside of Arthur Ashe and Tiger Woods, which are exceptions, and those two had mixed DNA.). They will never show the fact that they are dominated by Whites. And this type of propaganda is only done to promote inter-marriage. Which was hatched in Travistock Think Tanks, to bring down strong ethnic bloodlines. Or as Muhammad Ali once said in so many words, ‘birds of a feather should flock together’. So here is what I found today.

Most folks know who Pat Tillman was, and how he was murdered in Afghanistan by his own comrades while on patrol. Just in case some readers don’t know Pat’s legacy, a short brief of it. Pat played football at both Arizona State University and the Arizona Cardinals. Here in Arizona Tempe do be exact, where Pat played both college and pro football at. They hold there annual ‘Pat’s’ Run’. Pat’s playing number was 42 so the run is 4.2 miles. And it draws thousands of runners from around the state and many celebrities also. I will bet you a dime too a dollar most don’t even know or care how Pat was murdered in a propaganda stunt that went bad. As later on more and more facts came out about how Pat’s was shot at close range by fellow troops. And Pat’s mom spent countless hours trying to tell the World what really happened to her beloved son. She was soon cut off by the national controlled media. And even had to strike a deal with a local TV station (Channel 3) to come on and talk about her son’s death. To air her grievances he had to promise under threat of a lawsuit. She would say that she, ‘supports America’s military power’. How hard must thank have been for Mary Tillman!!! (Mary Tillman quotes). Ever “Time” I think about this horrible story, I get upset. By the way, Pat gave up pro football to join the Army after 911. He became a Army Ranger and was soon sent off to fight for what he thought was American’s freedom in Afghanistan. But the Army and ‘powers’ thought much different of Pat’s so called heroics. They saw Pat’s enlistment as a golden opportunity for propaganda. ‘Football Hero killed while defending America’s Freedom’, swirled around there heads. So to make the best of an even better situation, the ‘powers’ had Pat offed!!!. Soon after Pat’s murder the media was filled with propaganda about how heroic it was Pat was killed while defending America while in Afghanistan. One problem with this scenario, Pat realized he was a pawn of the ‘Military Industrial Complex’, and was sending letters home and talking to to his brother who joined the Army with Pat. About how he was being used. I knew they would kill Pat off the day he joined the Army. Being a Vietnam era vet myself, I knew how the military propaganda machine works.

So in today’s sports page there was a headline that read on the second page, ‘Only Good Times’. It was a story about ‘Pat’s Run’. The article lead you to believe all the celebrities and other who ran in the Run. Where their because they supported Pat’s legacy and how he died a old fashion ‘American Hero’. And after all if there were celebrities there supporting Pat’s Run, well it must be all true. (America’s mentality today of celebrity worship). Well the good old newspaper (propaganda) decided to take one step further. I’ve been warning folks about United Nations Agenda 21 and the term ‘Sustainability’ and what it really means (you dead). Turns out you can now get a job that is called, ‘Sustainability Coordinator’. (Geez doesn’t that sound pleasant?). Pat’s Run now has a ‘Green Team’, or basically someone who makes sure the garbage gets recycled, the ‘powers’ like to call it ‘Sustainability’. Instead of just saying, ‘the Run makes sure all the garbage is collected and recycled’. They had to keep repeating over and over the word ‘Sustainability’. This is all just another subtle plot to get the idea in everyone’s head that soon the World will be gently pushed into the direction of a cleaner Earth. Which everyone knows that since the ‘Old Hippie Days’, the World has gone into a recycling mode. You don’t need to tie it to the idea of ‘Sustainability’, which has a more deadly ending. But if you're dumb enough to believe Pat died a War Hero, then you're open to this type of brainwashing propaganda. This type of brainwashing has no limits to where it can be found. And just a reminder of how the ‘powers’ who control all media now, can push there agendas in everything you ‘read or watch’.

Ever wonder how such things as the Great Pyramids of Egypt or Machu Picchu were built? Now the Heads on Easter Islands are actually connected to a body. Not sure why it took so many years for someone to think about digging around the lower portion of the Easter Island Heads. Didn’t anyone ever wonder just how in the Hell the Heads stayed erect? Here is report and pictures from the Easter Island project that show just how deap the bodies of the Heads are buried under the ground. You will also notice writing on the bodies of the sculptures. This all make one wonder just how many past civilization have live on Mother Earth before? And secondly just what wiped them out. How could such items be built and how were they lifted or were the forms poured into place? Which happen to be a new idea behind how the Great Pyramids were built. Instead of huge blocks being cut and brought to the location of the Great Pyramids. Some now believe there were only cast at the location. This doesn’t help the idea behind the walls and buildings in Machu Picchu. It is known where the stones came from their. Just not known how they were cut or moved across large canyons.

My friend Sergio who I meet in Bisbee, while making a video of the town. Is now on his way to Chiapas Mexico for the 21 December 2012 celebrations. Sergio left Bisbee on his bike a few months ago. And he’s doing a great job of doing a running video log of his trip. Here is a link to his You Tube channel. If you subscribe too Sergio’s channel. As each one of his videos is uploaded onto You Tube. Will will receive them on your You Tube page. Sergio is really good at capturing the feeling of the country and it’s peoples. The side of Mexico you never knew existed. Yesterday’s video was from Creel Mexico, which is known for the area called Copper Canyon. Here is a video of the train ride too Creel. If I would have known he was going to do this, I’d given him money for a better video camera. LOL I’ve promised Sergio when he returns from his sojourn to the Mayans homelands. Dave Stewart and I will come down to Bisbee and spend some “Time” with him. Both him and Dave are Vietnam vets of the ground war. (“God” bless the vets who were mere children when they were either drafted or joined during Nam.)

Here is the Vitamin 'C' liquid formula from Dave Stewart.
Step 1
3 - tablespoons of Lecithin
1 - cup filtered water
blend for 6 minutes in blender @ slow

Step 2
1 - tablespoon vitamin 'C'
1/2 - cup filtered water
disolve completely

Step 3
Combine ingredients into a Ultrasonic Jewelry cleaner
blend for 9 minutes
Store in refrigerator for up to 1 month
3 - one ozs. shots a day

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.



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