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"Letter Home #7, 2012"

Back when I started sharing my thoughts and opinions, I called them ‘Letters Home” Now as 21 December 2012 fast approaches, it wears on me for some unknown reason. I don’t watch TV, movies, listen to the radio, so I’m not sure how this date is influencing my thoughts. I was telling a friend how I have money and silver stored away. But what would that mean, if I didn’t travel around more. What good is savings if everything changes suddenly? Life is such a ‘Catch 22’. No matter what plans you may make, ‘Those Above’ will always have final say in the future. Oh sure you can decide to go somewhere, buy that new shirt, etc.. But in the Big Picture of things, everyone is just along for the ride anyway.

So what do we really know about 21 December 2012, basically nothing. You can read in books that the Mayan Long Count ends on that date. That is based on the count starting in 11 August 3114 BC. 5135.36 years to be exact, is the Mayan Long Count. 1,872,000 days What is most interesting is the fact that both the Mayans and Hopi have mankind living in the Fourth World currently. But then again the Hopi and Mayan are connected at the hip. This cycle started on 11 August 3114 BC or and will end on 21 December 2012 or
Did you notice that the number is an end of the cycle? And that the Long Count started and ended Did with

If you trust both the Hopi and Mayan history, which I certainly do. Then what happens at the end of the Fourth World? Herein lays the Kicker!!! And the Kicker no one seems to have an answer to. Hollywood has made all sorts of Doomsday movies using the date 21 December 2012. And there are tons of speculation what will happen on the that date. For some reason Hollywood had done as there Masters have told them to do. And that is to drive that date into everyone’s minds. So what is the thinking behind putting so much emphasizes on this date? Is the World being set up for some man made catastrophic event? Why have missiles been set up around the 2012 Olympics in London? When there are really no such thing as terrorist cells operating around the World. (Al CIAda) And even today as I talk to more and more folks about the so called terrorist threat, few are buying into that BS anymore. So the next threat must be going to be some sort of attacked from the “Aliens”.When I say threat I mean the ‘powers’ creating the threat.

Why would those that created mankind want to destroy there creation? But then again mankind is living in the Fourth World? That happened due to celestial events that happen too Mother Earth. And Just as the Mayan, Hopi say and the Christian Bible in the story of Noah’s Ark. A few good people were saved from the total destruction, so that there would be a next generation of individuals to start over again. And the ones saved would of had the best DNA. Really no different than in your garden when you save the best plants seeds for the next generation of your garden. Mother Earth is no more than a garden of “God’s” creation.

As the ‘powers’ have noted over and over again, they want the World’s population reduced. (Georgia Guidestone) So what better way than a fake “Alien” invasion, with nuclear bombs dropped on major population centers. Just as was done in Japan in the final days of WWII. Then declare that the World must unite under one central leader and “God’ that would be chosen for the masses. Then the ‘powers’ would have just enough human beings to ensure there lifestyle of luxury could be maintained. Not sure if this is going to happen, but this idea has been put forth many “Times”. 

What is the saddest part of all these doomsday scenarios. The masses could rise up against the few that control the rest and slaughter them quite easily. But just as you have in prison where only a few control many, this will not happen. Because of the greed of a few controlled ones. They will murder ‘at will’ those who rise up against there own slave masters. Who in turn will be slaughter off by the next generation of slaves. After all if you can convince someone to kill there fellow human being, they can’t be trusted not to wake some day and kill off there own masters.

I would have thought there would have been many signs by now of coming events. But things seem to be marching along at the same steady pace as usual. (Although “Time” does seem to be moving faster, but that could just be my age.) No Nibiru in the southern sky as yet. No massive Earth changes as many had predicted to happen this year. The Christians Jesus doesn’t seem to be upon the scene. Been looking for Buddha, but can only find him in the ‘Tibetan Book of the Dead’. Aren’t the Muslims waiting for Ali also, haven’t noticed him here either. All the UFO sighting are the same old blurring videos and pics we’ve all seen for years. And the same old, hammering at everyone about Armageddon in the Middle East is at hand. Then again that seems to be the thought for years now. (Wow it’s really raining hard here. Maybe that’s some sort of sign? LOL) Yep so far 2012 is just any other year, it’s just leading up to 2013. Well so much for all the scare tactic that have been pushed along by the media. If something doesn’t start happening soon, I’ll just keep on saving money for the day I may retire, although that is a scary thought. As I was always told as a child, ‘quit working and you die’, and that just seems to make common sense.

I’m leaning more and more towards the idea of Astrotheology. The idea that all current tales of today are based on the movement of the Celestial bodies. The Mayan Popul Vuh stories are based on movement of the Universe over mankind. The Hopi tales and dances are based mainly on the movements of the Celestial bodies. The Christian Bible is really a story of the Universe which mankind lives in. And Jesus the son of “God” is no more than a the story of Darkness versus Light. And Jesus was the Sun, which rose and fell each day. A good example of what I mean can been seen in the painting of the ‘Last Supper’ by Leonardo da Vinci. If you look closely the Disciples are in groups of 3. That represents the four seasons of the year, Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall and all have 3 months each. You know Jesus gets chased by the Devil every day into the sunset. And every morning Jesus is resurrected at dawn. Every year Jesus is chased south and winter and short days start. When there is no planting of crops and days are short. This is the “Time” of the Devil. Then every Spring Jesus is resurrected as the Sun gets higher in the sky. Then a “Time” of planting starts. Does it seem odd the Julius Caesar is JC, the same initials of Jesus Christ and Julius Caesar declared himself to be a “God”. If it is as many believe nothing has really changed since the days of Rome. And the Illuminati (same family lines) still worship the Sun and not the Son of “God”. As did most if not all Native American tribes.

Mayan 13 K'atan Prophecies

The first will suffer "niggardly, scant" rains;
the third "carnal sin" and "dissolute rulers."
"Harsh tidings" characterize the fourth;
"locusts, fighting," and "little profit," the fifth.
The sixth is consistently "evil."
The eighth will suffer "drought,"
the tenth from "lewd speech,"
and the 13th will have "no lucky day." (doesn't 13 say it all)

how money works cartoon!

"God" bless


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