Saturday, July 7, 2012

"No Empathy for Others"

Do you wonder how others can do such horrible things to others, such as the current and recent leaders of America. I mean the current president Obummer, both Bushes, Clinton, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Henry Kissinger (Military men are dumb stupid, animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy) and others. They have no empathy for those around them. What I mean by this, 99.9% of the World’s population have feelings for those around them. You wouldn’t want others to do too you, what you wouldn’t do to them. You could never abuse a child, like Sandusky and others who are pedoflies. You have the World’s leader poison others children with vaccines. That’s because they have no empathy for other. They have no humane feelings in there souls for what they do to others. Bill and Melinda gates have no empathy, they want your children to take vaccines filled with Mercury and other toxic substance in them. So your child may not enjoy a normal life. They want your child dead, plain and simply, if not today then tomorrow. If the death of your child means they live a better lifestyle. Then they have no empathy for your child’s quality of life. And the Gates will be rewarded by there Master for bring harm to your children. Here is my dictionary's description of Empathy. ‘the ability to understand and share the feelings of others’

So ‘No Empathy’ means just the opposite, the people who have No Empathy can bring harm to others. And they feel no personal pain for others pain. Unfortunately the leaders of the World’s population today, have No Empathy for others. Most doctors have little if no empathy for there patients today, there patients are no more than an income. Big Pharma is another good example of no empathy. The last thing in the World they want to do is cure there patients. They only want to mask the problem, then treat all the side effects of what there undercontrol doctors have prescribed to there patients. Chemotherapy is one of the worst treatments for cancer. Yet because most doctors are of the j000000wish persuasion, they have absolutely no empathy for the gentile, black, brown or any other race of people. They look down at there own patients and see them only as income. So whenever a patient is diagnosed with cancer, They always prescribe Chemotherapy. Knowing all along that the Chemo will kill the patient faster than the original cancer will. Holistic doctors are shunned by the mainstream medical profession. Why, because they offer an alternative to mainstream medicines. And you see more and more today the attacks on those who would go up against the medical establishment. Laws are being passed to stop you from having a organic garden in your backyard. Many countries like Canada have outlawed natural herbal remedies such as natural vitamins to be sold. Monsanto has the blessing of the American government to turn all natural crops into GMO crops. These folks who would go against the Laws of Nature, have no empathy for the human race. They see the human race as only a way to make money off of and to control there numbers. The people behind the NWO (banksters) have zero, none, feelings for the masses. The population of the World are seen as only dumb animals to be controlled.

I’ve read that the children of the leaders of the World have terrible childhoods. For the empathy they are naturally born with, must be driven from them.You see only a few families truly control the World’s population. And these families go back hundreds of years if not thousands. If you think Rome fell, we’ll think again. Nothing has really changed in all this “Time”. These few inbred families are still controlling the World’s population, food, wars, wealth and so on. And for future generation of leaders to rule long after there parents have died off. They must be trained to insure that generation after generation of the same families is still in charge. The main way to do this is to drive any Empathy for others out of the souls or minds. The children must endure hardship and mental punishment from birth to accomplish this. If a child is abused, he or she is more than likely to abuse other in adulthood. Look at the Bush family. Bush sr. was head of the CIA, can you imagine how many people he has ordered the killing off. Bush jr. was in on the attacks of 911. He sat and read a book to children in Florida while 3,000 people were killed in New York City on 911. You can even see from photographs a smile on his face the moment he was notified the attacks on the Twin Towers and Pentagon were successful. Then he ordered the attack on Afghanistan citizens which had no part in the attacks of 911. The Bush’s are the epitome of No Empathy. And now you have Obummer in office, who promised to bring the troops home. Then within days of taking office ordered drone attacks into Pakistan. Knowing all along that the drones have no way of telling the innocent children from some so called terrorist. This is a perfect example of No Empathy. Make a promise to the citizens of America one day, then order the killing of innocent men, women and children the next day. Prince Charles son William who is said to be the Anti-Christ said, 'I want to come back as a virus and kill most of the population'. Does this sound like someone who had a normal childhood? Of course not, all empathy was killed off in him as a child.

And now through the same ‘powers’ who have no empathy for others. Via video games, music, TV and movies. All empathy is being taken away from the children of the World. Just look how violent the video games are today. Listen to the words in the music, ‘your mother’s a whore’. Look how the children have been turned against there own parents. Starting at a young age with cartoons that show plenty of violence and sex. And the child are being taught behind there very own parents back, that there parents are old fashioned and behind the “Times”. You saw the same thing in Hitler’s Germany during WWIl with the ‘Hitler Youth’. Where you had children tuning in there own parents. In today’s society if a parent hits a child, the child can call the police on the parent. Children are being told that there parents are incompetent to raise them. And the ‘state’ should be the one raising the child. This is being done by leaders who have no empathy for the family unit. This no empathy policy is causing gangs to be formed in all sizes of towns. You have gangs raiding store stealing everything in site. That is because the child has no empathy for the store owner. This has been taught to the child in school and by the mass media mind control. And this is all being done to accomplish just one end, NWO. With mankind's lost empathy for each other, you have central control system that can take over the masses.

In Africa empathy has been taken away by the ‘powers’ with food. It’s pretty hard to have empathy for your neighbor when they have food and you don’t. That’s why you have black African leaders having there followers killing others. It’s over food and not religious beliefs. Starve the people out, then control them. Tell them others want your supply of fresh water and food. And of course without water there are no crops or food. Put a group of people in a confined area with little food and see how long brotherly love last. They will all soon lose all empathy for each other. They were all born with empathy, for the creator “God” did this to ensure survival of the human species. But empathy gets thrown out the door when survival is at hand. Here in America you have plenty of empathy for other human beings, because there is plenty to eat. Soon the masses will be herded into confined areas or concrete jungles. Next the supply of food will be reduced and the ‘powers’ can sit back and watch the masses exterminate themselves. Because long before this happens, Americans empathy for each other will have been taken away with Mind Control methods just as I’ve written about. If you don’t think this is part of a Master Plan. You better spend some “Time” reading up on UN Agenda 21. There it is right before you. Oh it may not happen in your Lifetime, but what about your children and grandchildren? What future lies ahead for them?

Your Empathy for others is your Soul, and the ‘powers’ know this. That is why there is this giant battle going on right here on Mother Earth for your Soul. Take away your empathy for your fellow mankind, and mankind become soulless. Just like those who want you either dead or totally under control. It is up to humanity to win this battle for the survival of the human race. If this battle is lost, then mankind will have turned into just what you have been seeing in the controlled mass media, a Borg. Part human and part machine with no soul or empathy for those around them. The Borg is under command to do only what is good for it’s master. Do you want to see your future generation turn into simple Borgs?

And along this same line of thinking both the Hopi and Navajos of northern Arizona have rejected. The government's plan to take total control of the water rights too the Little Colorado River and surface water. Here again you had the ‘powers’ trying to divide the people amongst themselves. By having empathy taken away for the Native Americans and that empathy for each other put in the hands of the ‘powers’ government control of surface water. With a promise that in the future the government will ensure both Hopi and Navajo Nation will have continuous water supply. Both Nations rejected this promise, a promise that surely would have been broken. Just as all other promises before have been broken by a government that has no Empathy for others. The government has no soul or empathy, it only knows power and control.

Here are a couple of great videos that found me. In the first one look and see just how many Illuminati Symbols you can find. The second one is about the history of Freemasonry, by Michael Tsarion.
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