Sunday, July 1, 2012

"America's Evil Leaders"

Are American as evil as they appear to the rest of the World? My answer is no, they’d just been duped by heavy doses of propaganda. And been betrayed by there leaders, via the mass media. American over the years have been some of greatest humanitarians on Earth. They are always willing to give “Time” and money to help other less fortunate than them. In America there are tons of volunteer groups, firefighter, Doctors without Borders, health care for the elderly, recycling is everywhere, clothing drives, help for returning vets, and I could go on forever. Then just how are these same people involved in killing so many innocent men, women and children in foreign lands? It’s a simple answer, betrayal by there so-called elected leaders. Look how many promises to the American people has Obummer broken. ‘Open and Transparent Government, Bring the Troops home, Smaller Government, you could say he has basically broken them all except for the promise he made to the gays and Mexicans to get votes and money. And this goes back to at least the second Roosevelt and WWII. And since WWII America has been in some kind of war. American went right from the Cold war with Russia, right into Vietnam. Oklahoma City bombing was self inflicted to blame the Militias of America. Then came the invented Terrorist who are Muslims. And this goes back to the Crusades with the Knight Templar. War, War, War and now America is fighting Israel’s enemies for them.

The Zionist blame the Freemasons for the World’s problems. Some say America has been taken over by the Nazis from WWII via Operation Paperclip. The jews say all the World’s problem are on account of the Muslims. The Muslims blame the Jews and Zionist for the World’s problem. And right in the middle of all this, are the Americans. They dying, financing and building the weapons needed for mass destruction. Then America’s Bastard leaders have the balls to say everyone else is building weapons of mass destruction. George Bush sr. once said, ‘if the American people really knew what we had done, we would be chased down the street and lynched’ (1992 statement to Sara McClendon). Look what happened to America right after the False Flag attack of 911. The American people once again just like WWII and Vietnam, were duped again. This “Time” into believing some Muslims from the Middle east had attacked America because they were jealous of Americans freedoms. As a stunned American citizenry looked on, America’s children and money were spent on sending troops into both Afghanistan and Iraq.

And not only the Americans freedom were taken away from them with the ‘Patriot Act’. (What a catchy term to rob Americans of more of the freedoms.) The ‘powers’ love using catchy phrases on the unsuspecting American public. You don’t believe a single word you're lying government is saying to you, then you must be a ‘Conspiracy Theorist’. Now the public uses that term on there own brethren when it came to defending lies that they believe. Lies that come from there own government. These lies have divided Americans now. How about Bush jr. saying, ‘you're either with us or against us’. How many unsuspecting Americans fell for that one? And now most American live in fear of enemy they can’t even see, because that enemy doesn’t even exist.

All of America’s current leader in Washington D.C. and even local elected officials are bought and paid for. America’s ‘Supreme Court’ are now corrupt as evidence by two ruling this past week. SB1070 was gutted for the most part. Too where being an Illegal in America isn’t illegal. And the cops hands have been tied behind there back when dealing with known illegals. Illegal have to have a criminal record before the police can arrest them. And even if an illegal is picked up, they must be turned over to ICE, which may not accept them. Illegals used to be main a problem for the border states like Cali and Arizona. Now the illegals are everyone's problem, and this is all being done to help break America apart. And who is doing this to America, it’s own Evil leaders. Who can only get elected if they have Skeletons in there own closet. So that can be used against them if they don’t vote the way they are instructed to do. Americans all know what Nancy Pelosi once said, ‘let’s pass the bill then read what’s in it’.

When was a law passed that was good for the citizens of America? The Evil Bastard leaders of today with the help of the Supreme Court have made mandatory healthcare insurance for every American.The funniest part is if your an illegal, you don’t pay. Yet if you are in need of medical help, the illegal cannot be turned away. Yet if you are an American citizen and you don’t pay for your insurance, IRS comes after you. Why not pass a law that says your car needs four new tires every year. How about everyone wearing safety glasses at all “Times”. Or even hardhats, you never know when the sky might start falling. The worthless American leaders are so Evil, they do what ever there masters tell them to do. Just how far down this rabbit Hole are the citizens of America going to be taken. Every American born today inherits about $100,000 of national debt. The police have been turn into revenue collectors, with thousands of laws on the books to take money from every segment of America. I feel sorry for the police now, because the ‘powers’ have turned the citizen against the police and visa versa. This all being done by Bastard Evil politicians.

America has been stripped of it natural wealth so the only place for America’s Evil Bastard leaders to take money away from the citizenry is in the form of fines. American citizens have become the natural wealth of the land now. I got pulled over for going 20 MPH over the speed limit recently. As I’m being pulled over, I thought to myself, ‘oh well a days wages shot down the drain’. What I didn’t know was the fact that 20 MPH over the speed limit was now a felony. The Highway Patrolman was making a big deal about it and I didn’t know why. He let me go with a warning, as my bud said, ‘if that would have been me, the cop would have taken me to jail’. So you see now speeding not only is a fine, they can take much more from me than just a simple speeding fine. Court cost, bail, and who knows what else goes along with a simple speeding ticket nowadays. I was listening to a Internet radio program when a caller called in and told a story about the same thing. He lived in Chicago (talk about corruption in city government) he was pulled over by a Chicago policeman. He asked the policeman why he was pulled over, because he wasn’t speeding. The policeman told him it’s now against the law to be talking on your cell phone while driving through a construction zone. Then wrote him a ticket for $120. Do you realize just how many laws on the books now you're not even aware of? There must be literally thousands of them. And all are there for only one reason, taking money from the only place left to steal money, the America’s law abiding citizen.

What kind of low-life scum would be passing these laws that are only intended to harm there fellow citizen? The very people are the Evil Bastards that call themselves politicians. If you are unsuccessful in life what do you become. You become a Evil Bastard politician, because you are a failure at life. People say they believe in Ron Paul because he’s anti-establishment. Ron Paul is a full “Time” politician of the worst kind. Because he claims he for the little guy. While at the same “Time” he is what is called ‘Controlled Opposition’. Evil Bastard politicians have turned Americans on Americans and only to line there own pockets with gold and silver. Here are just a few names of current and past Evil Bastard politicians that turn most folks stomachs. #1 Has to be shared with Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, others include Obummer for all his lies, All the fucking Bushes, both Clintons, Nancy Pelosi, Biden, all the j000000ws in congress along with most everyone else, because they wouldn’t be their is not corrupt. The lesbian former governor from Arizona (FEMA), all the Cabinet members, all the congress members from Arizona and most other states. All president back to at least Roosevelt #2 and throw in the j000000w Abe Lincoln. There will be no revolution in America because enough laws have not been passed to thwart such an endeavor. And citizens of America will turn on citizens of America today, because the mass brainwashing has been so thoroughly completed. All I can do is show my own frustration in what has happened to America in my writing. I’m 65 now and have seen what has been done to America with my own eyes, starting with the Evil Bastards that got America in Vietnam.

Aspirational Prayer #1, ‘Tibetan Book of the Dead’

I bow down to the spiritual teachers, (meditational deities) and dakinis,

May I be guided on the path by there great love,

O, as I roam in cycle existence (driven) by deep-seated bewilderment,

May the spiritual teachers, holders of the oral lineages, draw me forward,

Leading me on the path of radiant light,

Which is undistracted study, reflection and meditation,

May the supreme consorts, the host of dakinis, support me from behind,

And thus (encircled) may I be rescued,

From the fearsome passageway of the intermediate state,

And be escorted to the level of an utterly perfect Buddha.

(From S. Sixberry to me) . this is another site , but this guy is still confused .........if it says they can have the powers of lucifer in there hands this is the Kundalini . The word human means good and evil or god and devil ,hu is an ancient word for God , man actually mean satan or the evil twin . Or abel and cain , basically it is saying you are a twin . The male chromosomes are XY X=24 , Y=24 so 24=6 and 25=7 together =13. female is XX so that is 24=6 24=6 =12 women =12 so together 13 and 12 = 25 birth on earth. As in Dec 25th... Google dodge trucks exposed . There is a book called 1000 white women and it tell that Ulysses S. Grant forced white women to marry indians and learn their ways to pass the info to the government , also it states that Indian didn't have sex for fun only to try to have children and these women were to teach Indian all about sex ... Grant was a big time free mason. The covert and controversial "Brides for Indians" program, launched by the administration of Ulysses S. Grant. Have you watched 500 nations ? It seems that where ever they invaded the one's that were left that they didn't kill they would cause addictions , they would force them to chew the coco leaves ALL THE TIME , they would give them gun's , alcohol ..hum sounds like it is still full force with drug companies , alcohol addictions ... Let me share with you this about a goat the mason sign ;;;;;;;;; Due to their high intelligence, once they have discovered a weakness , they will exploit it repeatedly. Google goat and read the part on behavior. See the mason and bankers have found mans weakness , with material items , alcohol drugs and fear and exploit it repeatedly . THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT US AS MICHAEL JACKSON'S SONG SAYS. Manly Hall was a mason and talks about them using black magic...Also i think skull and bones number 322 is 223 which would be BBC ....Television . wasn't BBC the first? peace or should i say harmony.
"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.




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