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"Hopi and Freemasonry"

I’d like to write today a little about the Freemasons and Freemasonry, because of circumstances this subject has been thrust upon me. I’ve noticed many similarities between both groups of Hopi and Freemasonry. The Hopi were forced into my life about 15 years ago, in much the same as now with the Freemasons, namely outside influences. I’m an electrical estimator and when I land a job. I become manager of the project along with purchasing most if not all the material. One of my suppliers asked to to stop by because they said they had something for me. I figured it would be golf clubs or a trip, which is a common practice in our type of business. I spend tens of thousands of dollars each month on materials and it not uncommon to place a light fixture or electrical service equipment order of over $100,000 at a whack. The electrical supplier’s name is CED Scottsdale, which is just one of many CED’s in Arizona. (Consolidated Electrical Distributors). And I’m sure it’s own by some large Mothership of a company, even outside of the country. When I got to the supplier the manager asked me into his office. He said do you realize that in the first 6 months of this year you spent $25,000 with us. And that last month you purchased over $25,000 with us in one month. I spent much more than that with other supplier and the number didn’t seem that large to me. But to a small north Scottsdale CED outlet that was a big number. Alan the manager reached into his desk and pull out a book for me. The name of the book was, ‘Freemasonry Symbols, Secrets, Significance’. I was kind of shocked by the gift, and the meaning behind it. Alan said that what you find out in the book, will you share with me. I said sure and started reading the book the same night.

I’ve always like many other, been fascinated about the subject of Freemasonry for the past few years. Mainly because lately they have been getting so much press on the Internet. Plus I don’t watch TV or movies and I do my blog. So I’m constantly on the look for things that interest me and subjects I can write about. The Freemason have been getting there fair share of blame for the World’s problems lately. And most people believe that all Freemason Lodges work with each other in one giant Conspiracy. It turns out there are several Freemason Lodges and Orders around the World. And for the most part work separately from each other. But do share the ideas and goals in there secret teachings. According to the book I’m reading now, Freemasonry started in the middle 1600s. And was founded by those who were scholars in there generation. The first Freemasonic activity started in England about 1641. Two of the first Freemasons were Sir Robert Moray and Elias Ashmole. They were initiated in 1641 and 1646 respectively. Ashmole believed in both alchemy and Hermetic traditions. And would have been familiar with Rosicrucian t Some believe that Freemasonry was started by the Knights Templar who fled to Scotland. Here again the start of Freemasonry has many ideas about the origin. Where ever it started the idea behind it spread quickly. And the first known (?) meeting of 4 different groups meet in London in 1717. And this constituted the first Grand Lodge. Anthony Sayer was elected the Grand Master. And this brought about into being the first public and formal acknowledgement of the Freemasons. After this first beginning Lodges, Lodges spread quite quickly around and by 1730 there were over 70 Private Lodges. The first Lodges outside of England were in both Spain and India. Other Lodges sprung up in France, Holland, Africa, Burma, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia and into Japan.

Dr. James Anderson a Scottish Presbyterian Minister wrote the first ‘Constitution’ for the Freemasons. It incorporates existing rules already established and stated that discussions of politics and sectarian religious topics were forbidden. And that a Masonry requirement was that the belief in a Supreme Being. The idea of who your “God” was, was up to the individual. Lodge members could only be male.

Many ideas on how the Freemasons were established were, they were Stone Masons, Architects, craftsmen, builders of King Solomon’s Temple, Knights Templar, Mystery cults. In truth most studies say that it was based on ideas from the Renaissance and a blend of mystical traditions such as Kabbalah and Hermeticism. Hermeticism is based on Egyptian and Christian influences. While Kabbalah is based on traditions of Judaism. The whole idea of one’s soul salvation after death (Tibetan Book of the Dead and other like books) played a part in this. After death one’s soul could ascend in consciousness from the physical World too the levels of the Spiritual World. You see the same ideas and thoughts in most if not all Native American traditions and teachings. These ideas were born from the Renaissance era and spread throughout Europe and English Islands. Man was no longer thought of as just mere animal who lived and died, but a Supreme Being. And here today the ‘powers’ are doing there best to steal good folks souls and telling them they are no more than mass consumers of Earthly goods. So as you can see the World has gone full circle from where mankind just being a beast of burden, too an enlightened soul, back to just a beast of consumption.

it’s is known that the Freemason have there secret ceremonies just as the Hopi do. And both are trying to conjure up Spirits from the Other Side of Reality. The Hopi have a ‘One Horn Society’ and a ‘Two Horn Society’. One society has knowledge from the present World, while the other have knowledge from previous Worlds. What the Freemason have is the same thing. And as up move up the ladder in degrees of masonry you learn of knowledge from previous World, just the same way as in the Hopi traditions. And in both you must be reborn into the new teaching and let go of your past teachings. Both involve elaborate ceremonies that have been passed down through generation. Although the Hopi ceremonies are far older. Both use secret symbols in the ceremonies. Both incorporate Snake symbolisms in there rituals that go back to the DNA strand. Both dress differently than normal during there secret ceremonies. Both use elaborate movements in the ceremonies. Which are used for the same reason, letting the Spirit World know they are their in the room with them. The Freemason use there Lodges for there secret ceremony, while the Hopi go underground in there Kivas. Both never let other watch there secret ceremonies. And only those that have been initiated are allowed to be part of. Both have been attacked from outsiders who fear there secret knowledge. The Hopi have secret symbols as seen on there Kachinas and ancient petroglyphs. The Freemason also have there own symbols that are used in there ceremonies and on there aprons and Lodges. Both groups have an “Alien” connection to there teachings. Both have a singular “God” creator. Both believe you ascend to another Spiritual level after death. Both bar women from there secret rituals but allow the women to have there own rituals. (there are women only Kachina Dances and ceremonies) You could say the Hopi and Freemasons have more in common than they have differences.

I have to add that years ago when I first started visiting the Hopi. Many tried to discourage me from doing so. But my inner feelings pushed me onward. Today I’m thankful I followed my instincts and pursued the Hopi Knowledge, for it has helped me understand the World today in ways. That without the Hopi knowledge I now possess, the World would look a whole lot different. And I would not be at peace with myself in today’s turbulent World. I look at the World now and understand what and why things are happening. Mankind is being pushed to a higher level of knowledge because of events that now surround them. If mankind were not pushed along by events that force them to seek knowledge. No one would learn anything about themselves and the Universe that surrounds them. Yes you are surrounded by evil leaders who want to bring harm to mankind. It’s up to the individual to rise up to this challenge with knowledge. You must learn through knowledge how to eat properly, exercise, cleans your Spiritual side and not surcum to those uneducated individuals that surround you. While those around you tattoo there Holy bodies, because of knowledge you don’t, this an example of learned knowledge. As I read more about the history of Freemason I’ll pass it on through my writing. In from of me now I have both the Tibetan Book of the Dead and my new Freemason history book. Could they be far apart or not that far apart in knowledge?

I’d like to share with folks some writing I’ve gotten via my You Tube videos in box message service. The writer's name is S. Sixberry and is from Scottsmoor Florida and his grandmother is Native American as you will see. I’ve cut and paste it right from his own words, no editing on my part.

what that guy (Ahkima?) said about dark matter there is way more to that. And i didn't know about the stealth that flys all the time but i am sure it's true...I read a book by He was also known as the fifth sun and he talks about the masons forcing evolution on us. The pictures in the denver airport seem to be a history and i also see alot of KKK AND Kukulkan which looks a lot like KKK also Quetzalcoatl then you have the white horse from the bible Anubis from egyptian religion all have to do with judgement . The 3 women i get are like 3 k k k and the colors of the women white=jew , black =african and red=American Indian . colors of the German flag . Maybe Pan German league ...................Harmonic Convergence google that. The trolls at the airport i believe are Tonatiuh He was also known as the fifth sun. Seems that all the religions are combined and all point to either the end , or the new or the return. I can't see how the world can continue with all these people. The word Abel and Cain unscrammbled= balance with an i left over.... The mark of Cain is karma look at the letters .MARK KARMA. Adam is self ,Eve is mind . I also believe abel and cain represent the left and right sides of the brain. It is all symbols and the stars. Sorry for my grammar ,hope you can read it.

when bush was at the classroom on 911 the children read a book named THE GOAT. Listen to the words in this video at around 4;10 kite , plane must hit steel
kite can be defined as a person who preys on others; IS THAT CRAZY OR WHAT? IT IS LIKE SOMEONE WAS TRYING TO TELL US SOMETHING..

Comment on your video: "Native American Circle Dance" 12-12-10
as i see it the whole world plays a part we are already under one world order and have been .NOBODY is in dept its just a game that they play by following the stars . I think they play the 9 hells and 13 heavens on earth and we are going back into their heaven on earth which lasts 676 years ''''Harmonic Convergence''''they create this through conciousness. They play avatar ,shiva , democrate ,republican ,blue , red , peace , choas IT IS THEIR GAME THAT WE ARE BORN INTO.

free masons use the number 10 as in capricorn the w on whitehouse is actually 2 roman numeral 5's =10 ,10 downing is the parliment it goes on and on . The goat ,they play shiva the destroyer .....911 planes 11 93 175 77 ==== 2 3 4 5 like 77=14=5 thats how its done so 2 3 4 5 =14=5 ok now the date 9-11-2001 =14=5 so there is your 5 5 or 10. Those towers were built to blow up 11 yrs before 2012. 11 yr cycles of the sun. The mason's hand sign ( the horns) means divide and conquere actually the word peace and the peace sign means the same thing. I have been flooded with info. They play out the stars like a PLAY. We all have to get back to the land and pull away from them , take back farms and get back into nature because we have lost our connection ,that is why when they invaded somewhere they burned all their history . My grandmother was Seneca Indian and she told me they were insane (the white man) she said their bible only brought murder ,hate and seperation. I just can't figure out why they are so cruel and kill people like they do. I am in Florida and the chem trails are off and on , they sure know how to kill a blue sky . My friend said he thinks they are doing it because the earths vibration is changing and it is to help us... I CAN'T SEE IT. People are waking up but if we were never lied to we wouldn't need to wake up. The free masons are letting others take the rap for what they did , they are exposing who they want and misguiding around them ,Scapegoat's is what they are.

SOMETHING GOT MESSED UP IN THAT LAST EMAIL I SENT...........LET'S TRY IT AGAIN ......I read a book by Leadbeater and he talks about the masons forcing evolution on us . Tonatiuh is the troll at the airport which is represented as the 5th sun. But for some reason i am getting the Bible verse Mathew 5 ; 5 , i don't even really know the Bible but that verse has something to do with the NWO and the masons and it goes with those numbers i told you about earlier. I almost think it is gonna be a good thing . Also notice that Oprah is trying to wake people up in her new show and her network is called OWN what is that backwards? I truly believe that we need to release all the darkness within , mother earth will purge herself of darkness in these times and we must do the same if not we won't make it through this new vibration or shift . Just my thoughts . I think i was gonna paste something in the other email and forgot, that is why it was worded wrong. Sorry i get in a hurry and i am dyslexic and ADHD. But i am doing 80 % better than 2 yrs ago. AND I STOPPED EATING MEAT WHEN I HAD MY WAKE UP CALL 2 YRS AGO. I think that the garden of Eden was when man formed a negative self image ...Guilt was created that is why they saw themselves naked . The tree of knowledge is man and the serpent is the kundalini crawling up the spine .

I thought of something , i told you that the Denver airport showed the white horse , anubis etc.....Maybe it is the end of religion so they show all endings . The NWO i believe is the end of religion , after all IT IS ALL SUN WORSHIP , GOD GAVE HIS ONLY SUN NOT SON. God is light ....GOD=GOOD , DEVIL=EVIL. We are all from ONE spirit ..We have our own soul and our body is our vessel but we return to ONE SPIRIT that all souls share. Light is the great spirits breath . Body , mind (or soul) , and spirit or conscious . 1 2 3 spell three what other word comes from that ? THREE ETHER same letters , we never die. Can you see you thoughts ? your conscious? people don't think about that , you are not your body , your body is your vessel that's it. When the brain becomes old then it affects our conscious , but when we die we are freed from the brain. We must learn how to operate our vessels . People put way to much on food , all we need is a little to keep us going , good food . Veges and fruit a little bread some rice maybe THATS IT. Indians ate buffalo only in the winter months , but we are more advanced ,there is no need to kill all these animals they are souls longing to be loved just as we are ,when we kill them we kill our brothers and sisters , we are our brothers keeper. Harmony and balance that is the way. we are way off balance and our song sounds terrible . 6 is life and 9 is resurrection . Flip the 6 and it becomes a 9. Listen to Jimmy Hendrix song '''i don't mind when a 6 becomes a 9 ''' Google the 69th writers and see who they were . And as far as one world Government and one currrency probably a good idea it would bring us all together . Kill the borders and break down the wall and let us all get along ,sure we will always need police , nature has a law that must be followed , but we need good caring police not bulleys and we must limit the amount of children people have , the only issue with that is people throw their baby girls away not thinking who makes the boys. Harsh punishment must be done to those that would throw a child away because that is against natures.

Re: peace
you know all religions tell a story of a coming saviour or light etc...The Denver airport seems to show all of this . The horse ,Anubis , The bird Quetzalcoatl or feathered serpent , the 5th sun i believe is represented by the trolls with their tongues out Tonatiuh . An apocalypse is a revelation of something hidden. Hence the veil will be lifted
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