Sunday, June 24, 2012

"Trauma Based Mind Control"

Just what is ‘Trauma Based Mind Control’? It’s a means to control someone or group of individuals by keeping them in fear. If you watch TV you are under a type of ‘Trauma Based Mind Control’ without even knowing it. All those ads telling you your body, face, smell, clothing, etc., are not just right and without these certain product, your imperfect. The mass media keeps you in constant fear by telling there are your enemies everywhere. Your neighbors are out to get you. The Muslims, Taliban, Al Qaida, North Koreans are lurking around every corner, with plans to kill you. You know you can’t trust those damned old Russians either, your country is going to have to defeat them once again (Cold War BS). Open your newspaper, watch any of the news on the networks, you have plenty to fear. Because of your actions the Planet is getting warmer, you better let the ‘powers’ put a Carbon Tax on you. The natural foods you have always eaten, are now to be replaced with GMO plants. Because anything natural for you is now bad, can’t you see? The ‘powers’ need to keep the masses in constant fear, for control. So just how long has this been going on? Certainly for as long as mankind has moved from tight communal living arrangements. To more of a central type of governments. And when certain types of cults and religions were formed to control the masses with fear of dying.Those that knew the movement of the Planets and Stars. Could use eclipse and certain configurations of the Planets, to make the masses believe they had control over the Heavens. And just like in modern “Times”, fear of your neighbors was a great controller. When religions such as Christianity and others like it were introduced. The ‘powers’ could control the masses by fear of no surviving death, if they didn’t do certain things, like giving tythings too the church. Or not following the doctrine of the Church. Such as you have in Christianity today (aka, All other will burn in Hell forever if they are not part of this church group.)

MK-Ultra Monarch Program is another type of ‘Trauma Based Mind Control’. It has it’s origins in Illuminati based Black Magic practices. High levels of Illuminati leadership have used mind control from the beginning. This type of mind control was advanced after WWII. With experiments employed on prisoners of war and in Nazi Concentration camps. Dr. Joseph Mengele is best known for his experiments during WWII for Hitler. Mengele was smuggled into America by the Illuminati after WWII. He was well gifted in such practises such as Cabalistic Magic, abortions, torture and programming children. There was already a mind control program going on in America, Mengele took it to another level. It went from just an occult science to one that had full access to Medical, Psychiatric, Judicial, Scientific, and governmental sector. Many other like Mengele were imported into American in a program called ‘Operation Paper Clip’

Author Fritz Spingmeyer the writer of a book called ‘The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Mind Controlled Slave’ he states. The Illuminati created the CIA and Britain's MI-6. Through these agency such projects were created like the one called, ‘Manchurian Candidate’. Through trauma based mind control methods and ritual abuse hypno-programming was completed. A person could be made to follow orders by simply saying keywords to the candidate. Thus making him seem undetectable to others around him. Some have called the killer (so called) of Bobby Kennedy Sirhan Sirhan a Manchurian Candidate.

The primary MK-Ultra project adapted from these early systems was the Monarch Program. The reason why I think this system is important is because it is the original programming used to lay the groundwork for future more sophisticated mind control systems. The main factors for success in Monarch programming is the genetic tendency for dissociation, high intelligence and creativity. It was discovered years ago, by the Illuminati that dissociative ability was passed on from generation to generation. The children of multigenerational abuse are good at dissociation. These genetic qualities have been fine tuned and specific bloodlines; both Illuminati and non-Illuminati are closely monitored, so that most Monarch slaves are even chosen before birth. Genealogical records of Illuminati bloodlines are highly guarded secrets, but in general these consist of 13 major families which include the Royal bloodlines of Europe.(This paragraph was copied from Hidden Mysteries)

Right now most Americans and the World population have no idea how they have already been brainwashed via ‘Trauma Based Mind Control’. Think of it this way, ‘how many decision a day do you really get to make?’ Lets say you get up in the morning and turn on your radio or TV. You check out the stations you have a choice of. Whether you know it or not, your choices have already been made for you. Because the choices you have are all under one central control. You want to buy some new clothing, how many choices do you really have. The colors and designed are already in place. You only get to pick from what has already been selected for you. You want a new vehicle same thing, all the car manufacture are under one central control. One company makes a certain type while another make another type. You have no real choice in the matter. Even the colors have been selected for you. Why do you think there are so many shades of gray in the automobile market today? Go into a sporting goods store and try and find some color other than black for your jogging, no luck there, black or shades of dark colors only. Whether you know it or not GMO foods line the shelves now. Try and find a product that doesn’t either have soy or corn syrup in it, good luck. You want some fresh vegetables or fruit that hasn’t been sprayed with some type of chemical, not going to happen because the markets all buy from the same basic distributorship. You're going to have to either go directly to the grower or a local Farmers Market. Even at a local Farmers Market you’re not sure if the person just didn’t go too the regular grocery store and buy what he is selling at a marked up price, because he or she says it’s now organic. The ‘powers’ have you so traumatized with there control over the mass media. Your scared to get fast food from anyone other than the ones you see on TV or hear on the radio. You ever wonder why there are so few independent restaurants nowadays. That’s “Trauma Based Mind Control’.

In the morning you’ll get up get dressed in a hurry, because you have places you have to be. You really don’t need to do this, but hell you're in debt up to your neck. Indebtedness is ‘Trauma Based Mind Control’, via easy credit. Run your credit card up to it’s limit, no problem, just go to your mailbox, more are waiting for you. Want a car you can’t afford, no problem, just pay higher interest rate on the loan. Need new clothes because the TV say your out of date with that tired old look of yours. Just head on down to Old Navy or Dillards they will give you a credit card at say 23% interest. Then sell you some crap made in some Sweat Shop in a foreign country you never heard of. And without you even knowing it, ‘Trauma Based Mind Control’ has been used on you. Because you have to go too that job that pays you shit wages and you hate the boss. But man you got bills to pay, ‘Trauma Based Mind Control’. I could go on and on about how folks have been manipulated with ‘Trauma Based Mind Control’. I’m sure I haven’t began to show how many ways “Trauma Based Mind Control’ has been used on a unsuspecting masses. And I’m sure those reading this can point out many more instances of ‘Trauma Based Mind Control’. Those that do read my stuff are mainly the more educated, because others would never spend this “Time” trying to educate themselves. They are under ‘Trauma Based Mind Control’ and have not a minute to spare for this.

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.




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