Saturday, June 23, 2012

"Raise Pigs, Slaughter Hogs"

Raise Pigs, Slaughter Hogs, do you get it? This is kind of is a slap in the face if you happened to be j000000ish. It’s a slap in the face if you're like most Americans. It’s a slap in the face of the World’s most wealthy. You're the Hog, if you place yourself above those around you. It’s you if you belong to most religious orders or a cults. After all, most religions and cults teach that if you don’t agree with them, your a lesser human being. Anyone who abuses a child is a Hog and must be slaughtered. Those that send the innocent off to kill for greed are Hogs, and must be slaughtered. All politicians no matter what country are Hogs, and must be slaughtered. Hogs only care for themselves, they keep others from the trough. Pigeons are a type of Hog, they force others away from food, while they gorge themselves. While other birds of difference types will feed together. Any living being is a Hog, animal or mankind, who don’t live by the ‘Laws of Nature’. And that don’t realize all living things are brothers and sisters. And the way the World’s population is being pushed, the ‘Natural Laws of Nature’, are being tossed aside.

The j000000ish religion or cult (take your pick) tuned anyone who is part of it into Hogs. By saying anyone who isn’t a j000000w, you can steal from and kill, and still be looked upon as holy. Of course this was done by those that created the j000000ish cult. So they could steal and kill from those who have stolen and murdered. Christian kill Muslim, Muslims kill anyone not of there faith. The j000000ws of Israel show no mercy to there surrounding neighbors. And spend countless hours and money killing innocent women and children. Muslim send there children armed with bombs strapped to there torsos. Off to kill the American soldiers who have no reason to even be in there county. The Muslim kill other Muslims who is not of there particular sect. America uses sophisticated warfare to kill anything that move with dark skin. Anyone who would kill another human being because of religious doctrine is a Hog. In the Middle East now, you have a bunch of Hogs killing Hogs. And all being done in the name of religion. When in fact there is no such thing as religion. Religion was fabricated by the ruling elite to control the masses. Yet every day this type of murder goes on unchecked. The human race has been turned into Hogs for the most part. With only a few like myself who are far too intelligent to fall this type of Brainwashing. If you are waiting for someone from the sky above to come down and rescue you from the Hogs. Your prayers will not be answered, for the “God” you seek is within. And not part of some Hog type religion that meets in some building built by money given by the Hogs. Separate yourself from the Hogs and find “God” in the ‘Natural Laws of Nature’. Find your “God” in nature, in your soul. There is no one (Priest, Preacher, etc.) in a building that has any more knowledge than you already have in your own mind. And just how did the World’s population get to this point of, Hogs slaughtering Hogs. It was done by breaking down the moral fibers in the human mind. One way it was done to Americans, who were once the most giving country in the World. Was the Demoralization of there souls. And this same tactic was used on other countries of the World.

The Demoralization of Americans and the World’s population, by the porno peddlers turned them into Hogs. (Porn peddlers were mainly j000000ws. And you can see this by-produce all around you, as it was presented to you by the controlled mass media.) Many believe it’s all the j000000ws in Hollywood fault, but who’s behind the j000000ws pushing this agenda? The j000000w are like the Mexican Drug Cartels, they only move products, that others have created and who have created the need for.

I’m old enough to remember Nikita Khrushchev pounding his shoe at the United Nations building in New York City saying, ‘we’ll destroy American, without ever firing a shot’. And that has happened, as America has become a type of Fascist-Socialist State. When business control the government and the distance between the super wealthy and the working class grows and grows. The middle class is dwindling so fast that within a few decades there will be no middle class. Only a ruling elite and working class citizenry. Here is a great video interview of Yuri Bezmenov a Russian KGB defector (Not quite sure that can happen and still be alive?). As he points out that Americans are now only useful idiots. And I just can’t argue with that assessment of Americans today. Yuri also points out that if you step out of line in America today, you will be snuffed out. There will be no Hippie type movement in America any more. Even protests of moms against the wars in both Afghanistan and Iraq have got no press. There again it’s not necessary to kill off the dissenters, you only have to not report it to the masses.

Speaking of Hogs that need to be slaughtered, two were in the news this week, both are Child Molesters. Ex Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky was convicted on 45 of 47 counts of child molestation. And one of the victims was even a stepson of his current marriage. After the conviction he was lead away in handcuffs to jail. As he was lead out of the court house on person yelled out, ‘rot in hell’, as were other insults yelled out at Sandusky. As most know Sandusky’s former boss Joe Paterno died soon after he was fired from Penn State when this story first broke. It make one wonder just how far this Child Molestation story at Penn State and other colleges went? Someone or others, sure wanted Paterno out of the way and soon. And Sandusky was kept alive as some sort of distraction from how deep this story goes. The other child molester was Roman Catholic Monsignor William Lynn. While Sandusky will get several life term imprisonments, Lynn only got 7 years in prison. Who really know how many children were molested by Catholic Priest over the years and how many were covered up by William Lynn? To me Lynn should be thrown in prison and the key thrown away. No matter if you're the perpetrator or the one who covers it up, what is the difference? The abuse of young boys goes back in World history and even Greek soldiers had young boys travel with them. In was for the same reason the Catholic Priest abuse young boys. As I look at both Boy Scout leaders and Catholic priest, the same thought crosses my mind. Why would anyone want to be surrounded by young males? Turns out the answer is, ‘child molestation’. What is hard to believe about the William Lynn convection, is it’s the first conviction of Catholic priest covering up abuse by priest. That alone tell you just how powerful the Catholic church is. And it is becoming more and more well known that the Catholic Church in Rome may just rule the World via it’s bankers.

Tomorrow I’d like to talk about ‘Trauma Based Mind Control’. And how it is used to control the masses. For a male ‘Trauma Based Mind Control’ starts soon after birth with a circumcision. And goes on from there. Here is a little something I found in the ‘Tibetan Book of the Dead’ to finish on.

O, as I roam in cyclic existence (driven) by deep-seated habitual tendencies,

May the divine assembly of awareness holders attend to me

Ans lead me on the path, with great love,

May the assembly of spiritual heroes and awareness holders draw me forward,

Leading me on the path of radiant light,

Which is (the luminance of) co-emergent pristine cognition.

May the supreme consorts, the host of dakinis, support me from behind,

And, thus (encircle), may I be rescued

From the fearsome passageway of the intermediate state,

And be escorted to the (sacred) pure realm of the sky-farers.

By making this aspirational prayer with fervent devotion, you will dissolve into rainbow light, in the heart of the divine assembly of the awareness holders, and the hereafter, undoubtedly, be born into the pure-realm of the sky-farers.

"God" bless


"Aliens" and "Time"

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