Saturday, June 16, 2012

"What Happened to the Mothers of the Children?"

Me and a friend sat down at lunch at a new Vegan restaurant in Phoenix the other day. Being Vegan is now click and I’m always looking for new place that is safe for my vegetarian diet. While we were in line I looked around the the place. As I did I wondered to myself, why are the women not pretty anymore? Could it be the tattoos that cover there bodies. Arms, legs, breast, and even now there necks. Some of the women were holding onto to each others butts. Then I came to the conclusion!!! Women just aren’t that pretty anymore, sad. I’m not saying all women, just seems to be the ones I see. Today they seem to look malnutrition, tattooed all over there bodies, piercing everywhere, breast hanging out, no father for there children. boisterous, and holding hands with other women. Just how did this happen, I got my own ideas, ‘mass media’, that is controlled by the ‘powers’. This all started in the sixties with women's liberation. Problem was those that got the movement going had greater plans than just getting women out of the kitchen and into the workplace. There ultimate goal was about destroying the American family unit. The way the ‘powers’ did this with the Native American tribes, was to take the children away from the family and put them into indoctrination programs in the Indian School System. Then turn the child against the parent. This tactic is still in use today, just watch with your child Sesame Street or any Walt Disney cartoon or movie. They are loaded with subtle little things that say to the child, ‘you're smarter than your parents’. This turns the child away from the parent and family unit. And lets them think that what is coming from the television is what they need to know. And there own parents, just don’t seem to get it.

Before the women’s so called liberation, there were mainly complete families. Today you're hard pressed to find that. Women have been brainwashed into believing that the male counterpart is merely, only a Sperm Donor. And they would be better off getting a child support payment along with there regular job. All women really accomplished was the fact that most single moms are on some type of government assistance. And that is just what the ‘powers’ wanted. With the family unit broken down, the ‘powers’ are now in charge of the family unit. The children now have no father figure in the family and are prone to join the military just after High School, if the child gets that far. You don’t need a draft to keep a large military force, just break down the family unit. Then slow down the economy with fewer jobs and walla, all volunteer military. Now the same ‘powers’ can use there Mind Control via there control of the mass media. And glorify how great it is to be killing an enemy you don’t even know. And that is what you have today in America. A country based on military might, invading countries all over the World that don’t go along with the Bankers wishes. You basically have the ‘Crusades’ still in effect. Where Americans are being used to kill people of a darker skin who just happen to be Muslim. Nothing has changed in two thousand years.

And what got this all started, ‘Women’s Liberation’. And now the ‘powers’ have the young girls thinking there lesbians. With singers like Madonna, Britney Spears and others, kissing each other is some Satanic Ritual on the TV and movies. And the children from broken homes fall right in line for this type of indoctrination. Wow what a great way to control the population, everyone be Gay. You don’t need wars and poisons, just some freaks in the media performing unnatural acts between men and men and women and women. And with no strong father figure in the family to show the way, you now have what you have. A society broken apart and under total control of the ‘powers’.

Women need to get there act together and stop sleeping with every man they meet, who buys them a hamburger at McDonalds. Women hold the power of the family and must realize this fact. The women need to turn off the TV, quit going to the movies. Stop buying all those gossip magazine on the grocery checkout line. And get back to what they do best, ‘being a great mother’. Not some Whore look alike the media has turned them into. Women have a little respect for yourselves, be a real women and take care of the family unit. Bringing some strange man home you just meet, is terrible for your children. And every “Time” you have sex outside of marriage, you lose a piece of your soul. Women have not realize they have lost the most important part of the lives, ‘there souls’. And falling for all the obstacles the ‘powers’ have been put before them, is not the answer. Regain your self respect, dress like you're proud of who you are. Not like some Whore the media has gave you to simulate. This is supposed to be the beginning of the ‘Age of Aquarius’, not the age of no self control. Stand Up, walk tall, be a proud mother, leader of the family unit.!!!

I’d like to thank my bud Jamie Havican the creator of ‘Inception Radio Network’. He has created a new site for his radio show and asked me to be a part of it. If you notice there on the top is what is called, ‘Ron’s Corner’. There you will find my blogs and videos Jamie wants me to be part of there Network and I’ve agreed to it. The first show interview, (I’ve been on before) in this series will be with my Hopi Bud Ahkima Honyumptewa. . Then we’ll do a show with Hopi Kachina Carver Ernest Honanie Then next month I’ll be heading over to Zuni Pueblo New Mexico to do a video of Wilmer Kaye. Will be doing videos of the ancient petroglyphs outside of Zuni Pueblo. After that I’ll be going back up too the Hopi rez to record a dance that is allowed to be videoed.We’ll just have to see what come up next in my adventures. And how I can help Jamie with his site.

Here in Arizona the illegal Mexican kids are dancing in the street.They are what is known as ‘Anchor Babies’. They are the children of illegal immigrants that were born inside of America's borders. A common practice among the illegals is to sneak across the southern border into America. Then have your child be born in an American hospital for free. This way they have some sort of protection from deportation. Well now in a move by America’s foreign born American president Obummer. Now with the new bill Obummer approved, they can now apply for American citizenship. In a move most say was political (aren’t they all), to help with the hispanic vote. Under certain condition they can become citizens, here are a few conditions. They are called ‘deferred actions’. If you crossed into American before you were 15 years old and are not over 30 years old you may apply. And you have either lived in the country for 5 years or served in the military. You must not have any felony convictions of criminal history. (Now if you are in the country illegally you, isn’t that criminal history?) What this amounts to is amnesty for the the illegals. They now can apply for food stamps and social security. When in many cases the illegals already have forged papers so they can obtain those benefits anyway. I’m on job sites with tons of illegals who have forged social security numbers. And most of them when you try and talk to them, only say ‘See’ to everything you say. The killer part of this new legislation is if you are about to be deported. The illegal can apply for this new ‘deferred action’. Arizona’s past governor Janet Napolitano and head of Homeland Security says. ‘The parent cannot be referred to immigration if the child applies for ‘deferred action’. It just don’t get any funnier today does it? Your an illegal and your children are both illegals, but neither can be deported, give me a break. As the ‘powers’ make black appear white and everything you learned was a lie. Here is just one more nail in the coffin of America. A once proud country is being shredded apart with immigration and attacks on what America once stood for. And of course this is just all part of a greater plan. That plan is a One World Government, with a “God” chosen for you. If you are an illegal and reading this blog entry (fat chance), here is your get out of jail phone number. 1-800-375- 5283. Is there a phone number out there some where that allows me to enter say Australia, New Zealand, or even Mexico (LOL) illegally.

Here’s some sanity from, ‘Tibetan Book of the Dead’.

Message to the dearly departed

'Now when I roam alone, separated from love ones,

And (myriad) images of emptiness arise, naturally manifesting,

May the Buddhas (quickly) release the power of there compassion,

And may the fear of the awesome and terrifying intermediate state be annulled,

When I experience suffering, as the result of negative past actions,

May the meditational deity (Mahakarunika)  dispel all such misery,

And as the natural sound of reality reverberates like a thousand pearls of thunder,

May all sounds be transformed into the resonance of the Six Syllables,

When I am driven on by past actions, unable to find refuge,

May the Great Compassionate One, Mahakarunika, protect me,

And as I experience the suffering of habitual tendencies and past actions,

May the meditative stabilities of inner radiance and bliss (naturally) arise.'

"God" bless


PS "Alien"

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