Saturday, July 21, 2012

"You Are A Spiritual Being"

Today I just wanted to remind myself and others who might read this. Your “Time” here on Mother Earth is a “Time” of learning. As I heard somewhere lately, ‘We are not humans on a Spiritual Journey, we are Spiritual Beings on a Human Trip’. And this thought goes right along with what the Hopi believe. You are now living in the Fourth World and you lived in the previous Three Worlds. And if not for the lessons learned in the previous Three Worlds. You would not be where you are today. Some are far more advanced than other obviously. But to many ancient teaching all have been here on Mother Earth before. In the ‘Tibetan Book of the Dead’, soon after death you take on another human life and are reborn as a new child. You chose what lessons you need to learn on your “Time” on Mother Earth. Then you pick your situation to be born into. When I was a child I always wondered why was I given older parents? Later on in life I realized why I chose older parents. I would need for them to be mature and already had raised other children. So that the mistakes they made with previous children would have already been learned. If you have children, look at your first born as compared to your later children. You can clearly see how much better of a parent you were with your younger children than with your first born. It’s easy for me to see in young apprentice electricians if they were the first born child.
In today’s World you can clearly see what the ‘powers’ are trying to do to the human race. The children are being flooded with pornagraphy and violence. This all being done to take away there Spiritual side. And to make the children not realize just who they really are, ‘The Children of God’. This is part of ‘divide and conquer’ or ‘order out of chaos’. With the recent mass murder in Aurora Colorado, you can see both of these scenarios. The press has reported that the killer was a graduate of University of Colorado. And he was a recent student of neuroscience (study of nervous system and brain). Suspect James Holmes entered the theater where the movie ‘The Dark Knight’ was showing. Holmes supposedly killed 12 people and wounded another 59 or so. Now I’m not trying to say this didn’t happen. I would like to suggest that James Holmes like Lee Harvey Oswald was only the patsy. In other words, others did the actual shooting and the blame was put onto James Holmes. The Tucson Shooting recently sounded much like this shooting. And in the Tucson shooting the accuser was never the real shooter. He was only the patsy who was made to look like another student who supposedly went mad (Virgina Tech shooting). And of course the shooting in Aurora Colorado is the same scenario, same pattern.

What these shooting are suppose to do, is to put the fear of other human beings into your mind. And to get the guns out of Americans hands. If you have fear of your fellow human being, then you have no respect for them and think of them only as a ruthless animal. (which there is really no such thing as a ruthless animal in nature.) This is just another step into getting humanity to believe they are not ‘Spiritual Beings’.

Why this great effort to take away others ‘Spiritual Being’? Some write that those in control of Planet Earth have great fear of those around them and feel they must control the masses for there own safety. For they know all the horrible things they have done to there fellow human beings. Just look what the Catholic Church has done to the indigenous peoples of the Western World. All done in the name of Jesus Christ. Look how America’s leaders bombs countries into rubble. Then tell the rest of the World, ‘they had to do this for the country's own citizens safety from there leaders’.

With all this constant war and chaos going on around the World currently. No one has a moment to think about there own Spiritual growth. And that’s just what the current ‘powers’ want. A person with a strong ‘Spirit’ cannot be controlled and they are truly free. They will not bow down to those who think they control them. And will stand defiantly against aggression to them. Those in power are really weak minded and fear those who do not adhere to there rules. For the ‘powers’ must live in fear that if they kill a ‘Spiritual Being’. That they will inturn suffer greatly. But those that the ‘powers’ have convinced that they are Material Beings, now the ‘powers’ have total control over those. And will think nothing about having one of the mind controlled slaves kill those individuals. After all that’s what wars are all about. ‘My mind controlled slaves, killing your mind controlled slaves’. All these slave have had the Spirituality stolen from them for a few pieces of shiny metal (material things).

Many of the things about Freemasonry are about the individual’s ‘Spiritual’ growth. And I’m not here to judge what has been written and talked about when it comes to the various Lodges of Freemasonry. Today I’d like to present part two of my writings about Freemasonry, ‘The Second Degree Freemason’.

First of all here is the Tracing Board for the Second Degree Mason. It shows the tasks to be done by the new Freemason. The two columns are paired opposites because they are topped with the celestial and terrestrial spheres. The ladder that was between them (First Degree) has now become a staircase. The structure is a representation of Solomon’s Temple, but one can understand it in the context of the question in the Great Light, the Bible, ‘Know ye not that ye are the Temple’. (To me this represent just what I’ve writing about today. You are in fact the Temple or Spiritual Individual first. As I’ve written about before, many of the Freemason beliefs are very similar to my own.) In this Tracing Board you see the Candidate climbing stairs, it’s a representation of the start of a Mystical ascent. The Middle chamber at the top is where the Fellow Craft conducts most of his work. (note here again the checkered flooring) As I wrote about last week the ‘G’ in the Freemason logo represents Geometry. And Geometry is a progression of science that goes from a point to a line, from a line to a superficies (outward appearance), from a superficies to a solid.

The three tools of a Second Degree Mason are, Plumbrule (plumbob) it’s for use of licence, a Level, relates to restraint, and the Square defines proper relationship between the Plumbrule and the Level. These working tools represent the individual’s capacity for practising morality. Here again the Freemasonry is teaching the new member the importance of self restraint and morality. As we go along I myself is learning much about the inner workings of Freemasonry. And can see the relationship between it and the Christian church system. And having grown up around the Mormon church and it’s members in Mesa Arizona. I see the connection between Joseph Smith’s teaching and that of Freemasonry. As I’ve written before Joseph Smith the founder of the Mormon church was a Freemason. And he claims contact with supernatural Being or Beings who told him to start what is now called, The Church of Latter Day Saints’. Today if Joseph Smith told his same story, folks would say he had contact with the “Aliens”. And his story is very familiar to the story Moses who gave the children of Israel the ‘Ten Commandments’. As this Freemason writing move along, it will be interesting if the “Alien” connections shows up in the Freemason storyline.

From the ‘Tibetan Book of the Dead’ (This ties in quite well with today’s entry.)

Owing to my ignorance, delusion, and confusion,

I have transgressed the boundaries of the commitments,

which I should have guarded.

O my protector and spiritual teacher, be my refuge!

You who are the supreme and glorious Vajra (diamond) -holder,

Embodying great compassion and love,

O foremost of Beings, be our refuge.

Assist us to purify and cleanse, without exception, this mass of flaws-

Our negativities, obscuration, transgressions and downfalls.

By this virtuous activity,

May I swiftly attain (the state of) Vajrasattva (super hero of indestructible reality) now,

And may all sentient Beings, without exception,

Be swiftly established in that same state!

May we become exactly like you, Vajrasattva,

Exactly resembling you in body, retinue, lifespan, fields,

And in your supreme and exquisite major marks.

"God" bless


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