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"Self and Death"

Self is you and Death is what happens to your body. So the idea of you dying is incorrect, only your vehicle or body dies. So just what is a person or Self? Ancient Buddhist teaching say a person has five interrelated aggregates (several different elements), known as ‘Psycho-physical aggregates. The five aggregates are, ‘consciousness’, ‘form’ (physical body and senses), ‘feeling’, ‘discrimination’, and ‘motivational tendencies’. Your body is the physical World with your five senses. Your mental processes the five senses of your surroundings. Your mind labels, your mind discriminates, your mind has feelings, your mind has motivation, your mind has awareness or consciousness.

Buddhist teaching say your ‘soul’ does not operated independently of your body and mind. This is an ancient idea that your soul and physical body mind are separate entities. In this thinking, your soul moves through this plane, separately from your mind body. Thus mistakes made by the body mind, do not affect the soul. I’ve heard some folks say that no matter what harmful things you do in this life plane. That all is forgiven and you move on to the next level of consciousness or learning. The Christian Bible say as long as you repent, even on your deathbed for sins you have commited on this life plane, all is forgiven. The thinking here would be you're not responsible for your actions while alive on this plane. Because you are not responsible for the things you are presented with. Or as Ahkima says, ‘it’s not your fault for the World you live in’. ‘You just have to deal with what you have’. In many ways Ahkima is correct for this reality has been put forth for you. You really can’t trust anything you read. And even the Hopi tales may have been misconstrued over the years. Like I’ve said many “Times” before, ‘you can go and buy a new shirt, but you can only buy what’s for sale’. And many believe that the reality you are living in has been created for by the ‘powers’, whoever that (‘powers’) may be.

The Buddhist philosophy says you are a combination of both mental and physical realities. This is where ‘psycho-physical’ come from. The part of being ‘self’ is a combination of both mental and physical thing you encounter in your life. This is a very Biblical idea that your body is a Temple. And a Temple is both of mental and physical properties. You must take care of your Temple, for your soul resides there while on this plane of living. And the better the Temple is taken care of, the better responses can come from the mind that resides in the Temple. This way it is so important that the body is taken care of. As a friend once said, ‘every convict that is in prison, is there because of poor nutrition’. You mind cannot operate properly unless the correct fuel input into the physical body is completed. You are not going to make the correct choices in life if you are weak from malnutrition. Thus in the Christian Bible it speaks of the Temple that is your body. Most Eastern religion say you must be a vegetarian to attain the highest level of Spirituality. This I agree with 100%. As mankind is only in ‘reality’, just another creation of “God”. I quote, ‘Tibetan Buddhism today, this sense of self is simply a mental construct, a mere label given to this cluster of dependently arising mental and physical events in dependence on there continuity’.

The physical events that happen around you are created from your own Karma. In other words, ‘you do create your own reality, your own physical World’. Your past deeds are reflected in your current life. This is part of the psycho-physical aggregate of your past, which conditions our sensory fields. Which in turn generates contacts, which generates sensations and turns into the physical World. In this constant cycle of, birth, life, death. This is part of the cycle that eventually leads to a life of liberation from suffering. Like I like to say to others, ‘I hope this is my last trip through this reality’. This reality is painful and has to be so that you can move to greater realities. But without this journey on this physical World. There is little chance you would evolve without be forced to by your self created realities. You sleep in the bed you created for yourself. You’re wounds are self inflicted. These are my own words, but the follow closely with Tibetan Buddhism. Quoting again from ‘The Tibetan Book of the Dead’. ‘The notion that there is a connection between this life and the events of both our previous existence and our future existence, follows from the Buddhist understanding of the natural law of, cause and effect.’ What happens today was created by what happened yesterday and many days before. This is what is meant by, ‘cause and effect’.

In a life that is continuous, you are born with certain ideas that were never taught to you. Some children can never smile enough, while other children cry constantly. This is because they bring with them there past from previous lives here on Mother Earth. Mother Earth is in reality a type of incubator of life. There is a much higher plane of consciousness one must attain. But to get their you must learn to walk first. You are not born into greatness, it’s a steady progression. And those who want to rule over those others on Mother Earth, will suffer the most. For they are very primitive spirits who will have to make many painful journeys here on Mother Earth. While the simple act of Humbleness is the sign of true greatness. For Humbleness is a long journey, because in your own mind is the seeds of your own immortality. This must be broken down, not that it’s not a given. It can get in the way of ones own progression. You must learn to respect the ‘Laws of Nature’, or your “God” creator.

This week I’m on to ‘Third Degree Freemason’. I’ve listened to several interviews this past week on Freemasonry. And what I’m learning if true, because a person cannot remove self from there opinions on any subject. Is that the higher you advance in Freemasonry and you move through the levels. What you may have thought you are getting yourself into, soon changes along the way. I say this only because of what I’ve heard and not what I’ve been through personally. And that most Freemasons only get to the Third Degree Mason and stop at that level. Much of being a Freemason is for personal career advancement. And many Freemasons are only along for the ride to help themselves financially. Here again I cannot attest to this being fact, only what I’ve picked up along the way.

Here now is the ‘Tracing Board of the Third Degree’. This is about as close as I could find to the one shown in the Freemasonry book I’m using. It has the same basic symbols. This Tracing Board shows how one becomes a Master Mason. As best as I can tell becoming a Third Degree Mason involves the dearth of your past figuratively. Thus becoming a Third Degree Mason is that of a Mystical Death. This Mystical Death of the past prior to the final stage of perfection or regeneration. In this ritual for Third Degree Masons, one has a pretend death. The candidate’s head is covered, in a mock death scene and laid on there back. This the candidate is told to rise to there feet to symbolize the candidates new life. Upon completion of the Third Degree the Candidate is a Master Mason. And can now participate in all Masonic activities. The Lodge whom the Candidate belongs to, will be presented with a certificate.

The working tools of a Third Degree Mason are, Pencil, Skirret (string on a reel) and a Compass. The Pencil represents a tool used for drawing. Skirret (used by masons to ensure there bricks are laid level) represents an understanding of the fundamentals Laws by which one should restrain or creativity. The Compass is a instrument of proportion and used to keep the other tolls in balance. Here are a few of the videos I listened too this past week on Freemasonry. They are one end of the rainbow and the other.

33 Degree Freemason Manly P. Hall

William Cooper interviews a 32 Degree Freemason (William was murdered in Eagar Arizona, soon after he predicted the 911 Event or False Flag Event)

Here are some more thought from S. Sixberry from Scottsmoor Florida.

I sent this to someone ,pasted it for you.....
I did some meditation and blue is death.. at least their version of colors...Red is life ,blue death ...6 and 9 . six=sex=life=red , the spirit they don't worship it's just death blue 9.... They worship Bastet or any female Goddess .. Shiva's start wars , kill's to take out life and bring in new incarnations . So if we are seeing blue everywhere i can't say that it would be a good sign , maybe to us because blue is peace but to them peace is death. RIP.. It's all hindu but i think a lot of religions are and don't realize . Jesus is probably a women figure thats why all the 12's XX 24+24=48=12 its all Goddess worship .Women is red desire life the apple of your eye ,,,,,get it Apple is life , red ,desire. It's a viciouus circle or cycle. Blue is not rebirth it's death... Now see the stripes on the flag .........They don't want any spiritual peace makers . The red charka is in the groin , what color does your body turn when the red blood stops flowing ? BLUE. So if something is called blue beam project, well .............. 69 birth and death push them together and you get an 8 infinity. Star of David is the same thing triangle up is 6 , triangle down is 9 , take the cross draw it put dots where christs nails were =triangle down ,,,peter was on an upside cross together they make the star of david or life and death , al signs are life , 6 , red etc..............death ,9 , blue etc...... BUT ALSO BLUE =WATER OR MAYBE REBIRTH ... Funny i heard an old story that some alien said he came to earth is a water craft .........hahahah we all come in a water craft ,,,the womb.....maybe you can take this a step farther ,,i am gonna take a break..........

and it's the same with the goat and sheep ........goat=body=red .......sheep =spirit =blue and together they are purple .. wheat ,tares all of it .........body spirit =purple together .. chromosomes are female XX =12 like in the other email XY= x is 24th letter y=25 24=6 25=7 together 13. 13 is life. It takes one women and one man for life so XX= 24+24=48=6 man XY= 24+25 =49=13=4 women is 6 man is 4 or 13 you will still get the same thing 6+4=10 there is the mason 10.... Notice they just added the 13th zodiac ophiuchus sign . google it and hit image it's the sign of the kundilni or awakening ..........The veil will be lifted.

(Recent Shooting in Aurora Colorado)

the shooting has the same numbers as 911........ 7-20-2012=======14=5 was there 14 that died ?... i really didn't want to watch any of this but now i see the numbers so i must.... OK the theater was 9 that means death. so 9 then date =14=5 so 9+5=14=5 , also the sign of the bat is a roman numeral 5 .. The guy looks like he is under mind control , crazed look in his eyes kinda like dazed and confused which he is. i watched a video someone showed me on 911 and this batman commerial was playing on fox during 911 at 7;52 =======14 again.... 752 could mean 7=G 5=E 2=B . God Geb ........Geb, the god of the earth...That could be the G in free masons ..G for geb... Because of the shooting my guess is they will pass a law to take guns.... Really the number that died may not matter because that couldn't work out ....It's black magic ...... watch micheal jacksons video '''do you remember the time'''' he is trying to tell us egyptian ====black magic ,hence he has Black magic johnson in it..... Cats ==magic rabbits ====being tricked .....owls ==color illusion .... Brother these people are in control that is what is scarey..... The pyramids need to be blown up...

You know they say we are evolving , it's more like remembering , how can they say that ,ancient people were way more advanced . The only evolution i see is material which has caused loss of purpose . I believe we are going through purgatory right now . The Bible is all about earth , the holy land is the right brain , egypt is the left . They have also found that Giza is a model of the brain and how to access the pineal gland. Anyway you can google that ,if you want to read more about that let me know i'll send you some site's.

Tibetan Book of the Dead

‘Seventh Confession To The Four Male Gatekeepers’

We pray to you, the four male gatekeepers, listen and attend to us,

The four immeasurable (too extreme to measure), (aspirations) are temporally manifest Buddhas,

But even through this (reality) is the expression of your enlightened intention,

O, four male gatekeepers, due to our ignorance, we have not understood this to be so.

For whatever ways we have contradicted the Buddha-mind of the four male gatekeepers,

We seek your forgiveness, O greatly compassionate ones!

"God" bless

video recommended from S. Sixberry 'Initiation of the Pyramid' Manly P. Hall

"Time", "Alien"

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