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"There All Actors"

I’m about to list the actual death count from from both of America’s illegal wars. The wars being fought on behave of Israel and there ‘powers’ (inset, Zionist, Jesuits, Illuminati, Rothschilds, etc,) masters. You see the Crusade never did end. The same army now wears the uniform of the American flag. The once great navy of the Jesuits is now the great Navy of the American flag. And in the end they are still killing Muslims in the name of Jesus Christ. A fictional character who may have lived once upon a “Time’, but whose true reality may never be known. The World’s leader are no more than actor just like you see in the movies and on TV. There Puppeteers are the ones behind the scene pulling there collective strings. These actors all have skeletons in there closets that can be used against them if the move out of line. If the these actor so much as not do as they are told they will have crimes brought up against them that were more than likely real crimes against society. Or they just might be killed off like Michael Jackson and Tupac cruel masters did. For both of them started recording music talking of how they were manipulated for there own greed. And how there masters used there own greed for success against the both of them. For they sold there souls for a few shiny things. And when they realized what they had done, they both wanted there souls back. But that was far too late to happen. For the deal had been struck.

You see you don’t have to be a rock star, or a famous actor in Hollywood . You can be a politician, athlete, race car driver or anything that meets the public eye. You only need to be willing to sell your soul. A young NASCAR driver after winning a race flashed the Illuminati hand sign after the victory for the camera. Do you think he did that on his own, I’m afraid not. He had to show his masters, that he was under control. And that the victory really belonged to them. For without his masters giving him the chance in the first place, he would be just some unknown race car driving winning races at his local track on a Saturday night. You see this same thing with Country Music singers. Why in the hell would some country music star be flashing Illuminati hand signs. Isn’t he or she supposedly for the ‘Little Guy’. After all isn’t that where he or she came from? Well he or she would be singing in some local Honky Tonk if not for selling there soul to the highest bidder. In this case the high bidder offered them fame and money. Instead of the humble life and family first. Instead he or she took the high bidder and sold there souls.

Look at the two morons running for president in America today. Now would either of these morons be your first choice for president? Of course not, they were both given to you by the same ones who are there masters. And in a contest to see who was the best actor, they were chosen. The contest would of been the Primaries, a test to see who has the best television presence. And most Americans believe it’s to see who can gather the most votes for there parties. Nothing could be farther from the truth, it’s a simple beauty contest. Which one will be more acceptable to the masses to make the masses believe they actually had a choice in the matter. That governor from Texas Perry, was a frontrunner but he made a total ass of himself, on TV, so he was eliminated. The ‘powers’ created Perry and they they eliminated him. This has been going on from day one for sure. And whichever puppet actor is elected the same old beat will continue, on and on and on. Until America is finally brought to it’s knees. Because once Iran is invaded there will be no more need for American’s giant military presence around the World. And the next enemy will be the Americans who have woken up to what has been happening to them from the beginning. That’s why the fleet of drone surveillance aircraft will be deployed over America. America’s actor president will tell the general public the drone aircraft armed with munitions are needed for the terrorist and Oh yea, traffic control.

I guess the big question is, who’s the puppet master for America’s politicians? Is it the Freemasons, Zionist, Jesuits, Pope, put your idea here kind of an answer. Well one thing for sure, whoever it is, they control the purse strings of the World’s population. Whoever that is, decides who fights who in wars, who starves to death in Africa. If the world economy goes into the dumps, who gets to own gold. After all Omar Kadafi and Saddam Hussein were holding just too much gold and were getting a little uppity. When they decided that the American dollar wouldn’t be used anymore for oil. So of course they were both taken out. Here again the same system that created them, took them both out. They both forgot just who the Hell they were.

Last night I watched 3 hours of documentary videos about Switzerland. You know that little country in the middle of Europe. The one’s who are never attacked in any World War or conflict in Europe. The so called good guys who always remain neutral and when you really make a ton of money. You always put it in a Swiss bank account, so you don’t have to pay taxes on it. All you need to do to protect your money, is rent an apartment in some town or village in Switzerland. Then throw your Blood Money into one Switzerland's banks and walla, your protected. How can this be? Could the ones in power in Switzerland be the one with all the real financial powers? Could they just be the offspring of the Templars? Who were really the offspring of the Roman Empire. And did the Freemasonry come from the Templar, who had all the money during the Crusades. These videos I will post a link to, will show just how many Templar and Freemasonry symbols are on the building in Switzerland. Many things in these videos I disagree with and everyone has there own agenda. But still you will be amazed how much is to be learned from these videos.( I say life is a learning process and when you stop learning and think you know it all, ‘you die’.)

One of the most interesting things you will learn from these 2 videos. Is where the idea of the ’All Seeing Eye’ is most prominent. It’s on almost every government building form the local police to the center of power. You will learn that in Switzerland every village has a shooting range and not a golf course. That every male citizen in Switzerland has a fully automatic weapon (AK-47, AR-15, etc.) in there home. While here in America every effort is being made to disarm the American citizenry, this just ain’t happening in Switzerland. The oddest part is most if not all European countries forbid there citizens to have guns. Hell technically a kitchen knife can get you arrested in most Europeans countries. Not in Switzerland, the better your armed the better the system likes it. Watch and see who just might be the ‘Real Boogie Man’.

The Pharaoh Show
End All Wars

Here are the reported real casualty numbers from both illegal wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. (Gulf Wars)
U.S. Military Deaths 73,846
Deaths Deployed 17,847
Deaths Non-Deployed 55,999 (wounded in Iraq or Afghanistan but died out of combat country, AKA died in hospital in another country or U.S.)

The stastics for non-lethal injuries are likewise staggering:

Total “Undiagnosed Illness” (UDX) claims: 14,874
Total number of disability claims filed: 1,620,906
* Disability Claims amongst Deployed: 407,911
* Disability Claims amongst Non-Deployed: 1,212,995

None of these counts include those who committed suicide after or while serving in military.

From the ‘Tibetan Book of the Dead’

O, Alas! Alas! Fortunate Child of Buddha Nature,
Do not be oppressed by the forces of ignorance and delusion!
But rise up now with resolve and courage!
Entrance by ignorance, from beginningless “Time” until now,
You have had (more than) enough “Time” to sleep.
So do not slumber any longer, but strive after virtue with body, speech and mind!

Pet Goats pt.2 (1-2-3) Explanation

A letter to me from S. Sixberry:

Re: ......
Ron there blue beam project is to use electro magnetic frequencies to changed everyone from left brain thinking to total right brain .....RED=SIX=SEX=DESIRE BLUE=NINE=PEACE ....LEFT BRAIN =RED=SIX=SEX=DESIRE RIGHT BRAIN IS BLUE LOOSE DESIRE ........They have been playing with our brains for sometime.. see red also = body , material thinking thinking .. they want us to be like a lot of smurf's walking around in la la land , we have already been red material monsters they want to turn us blue ... See our mind is the so called beast of burden and they are playing with them.. we have to stay in the middle . Listen to Marvin Gaye heard it through the grapevine this is what he is talking about .....That is why there has been a lot of blue in the movie if we see it we think it . See Jesus is body =red =left side ....christ is blue or spirit or femine or right side .... .....Notice Abel is right ,,,,,Cain is left now if you put those two words together abelcain and scramble them you get the word balance with a i left . They are trying to throw us from Cain's to abel , we must stay in the middle which the American Indians were. That is the checker board floor of the masons or the yin and yang , we have two sides of the brain but they have been switching us back and forth not using both.... hope this info help's

"God" bless




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