Sunday, August 12, 2012

"So America Landed A Rover on Mars?"

America has been taken over so much by (put name here) that even the recent so called Martian Landing video from NASA has all sort of ‘in your face you dumb asses’. in it. (Make sure your ead the commits, you will see how the public is waking up to what is being done to them.) I think I was one of the first to notice that at 1:38 the camera pans to the back of the room at NASA headquarters. Where the room is filled with actors posing as NASA employees. At !:38 you will see a actor flashing a Freemason/Illuminati hand sign saying, ‘this is our creation’. Then at 2:52 you will see nameplates that are on the console where each actor has his or her name plate. At the back left top row you will see, ‘Fuk U’ as the individual's name. It can’t get more blatant than this!!! The sad part of all this is that most American taxpayer will never see this. And if they did , you would come under attack for even mentioning this fact. As I did when I posted video on GLP and sent it to a friend. On GLP the Shills attacks started instantly and I ask anyone to disprove my link. Of course no one came forth and disproved what was right in front of there eyes. Another person found a 2:52 the ‘Fuk U’ nameplate. Then other started jumping in with there own opinions on why the American Space Program headed by NASA (Never A Straight Answer) is filled with BS and just another way to steal billions of dollars from the unsuspecting American public.
As I go to various sites you see proud Americans saying just how wonderful the American NASA space program is. Those individuals have no idea how they are being played, both financially and mentally. One day most will wake up and say, ‘what a fool I’ve been’. Others will realize they have been had, and never say a word. For they are embarrassed for how naive they have been and don’t want anyone to notice it. Back to the subject of the faked Martian landing. Here are some interesting pics from Mars (ha ha) recent landing. The first photo from the Lander you can clearly see a road zig zagging up the mountain in the background. Next here is another photo from the Lander. You will see what looks like a lake off to the left. With what looks like some snow up against it. Now look at this photo of the Desert in Afghanistan. Here you can see how easy it would be to landing.The recent faked Martian landing cost the American taxpayers about 3 billion dollars. How much money would the whole thing cost to produce in CGI? Pennies on the dollar for sure.
The main reason Mars looks red is from the high levels of iron in the soil. And along with the moisture in the Martian atmosphere you get red rust. The same rust color you get on metal when it starts to rust. Then along with the high winds on Mars you get these red dust storms. And that is why you get that red look when viewing Mars from here on Mother Earth. If you go to NASA photos from the recent Martian landing. You can see NASA has a hard “Time” getting this same red in there fake photos.
I never believed America went to the Moon in the sixties either. One of the most tell tale photos from the Moon of the Lunar Lander is the fact that there is no dust anywhere on the Lunar Lander. It looks just like a large crane set the lander down on the sandy Lunar soil. The Lunar Lander lowered itself onto the Moon with Rocket Engines on the base of the lander. This would have left a large crater and dust flying everywhere. But by the photos the Lunar lander is squeaky clean and absolutely no dust on any part of the legs of the Lander. In fact the Gold foil on the legs looks like it just came from some jeweler’s shop. Stanley Kubrick is the famous producer of many movies including ‘Space Odyssey 2001’. Has been rumored for years to be the one who created in a studio in England the whole Lunar Landing hoax. Then to keep Mr. Kubrick silent he was killed off not soon after all the Lunar Landings were completed. Here is a video of his wife telling all. About the fact that Stanley Kubrick did in fact make what looked like Americans on the Moon.

If this hoax of the Lunar landing was good enough to convince most of the World about NASA’s ability for space travel. Why not just keep doing it and taking billions upon billions of dollars from the American taxpayer. To really drive the point home. The ISS isn’t really in space, because it’s only about 160 miles above the Earth. If I can drive too the ISS in three hours, that ain’t in space. Yet most of peoples of the World have no idea how close to the Earth the ISS is. Just ask a friend how far up in space the ISS is? You’ll be surprised what answers you’ll get. And none of the answer will be 160 miles.
The Youtube video ‘I Pet Goats’ has now over 429,000 hits. And I’m sure many of those hits are from me. The more I watch the video the more little thing I’ve noticed. First thing the video opens up with is the Goat behind barbed wire. This represents FEMA camps that will be used for those who need indoctrination into the thinking of the New World Order. Most people or sheeple will follow along as long as there is food in there mouth. But for those who will not go along with the new system. FEMA camps have been built all over America. If you don’t believe me just open this link. In the next segment of the video you will see G.W. Bush as a puppet on strings. Holding the strings are his Masters. For G.W. Bush and most other recent presidents are under mind control. And the fact that G.W. is controlled with strings represents this. You will notice that he is dancing on a checkered floor. This is a Freemason symbol. Next you will notice he’s in a classroom. This represents the day where he was at during the attack of 911. Just to show you how deep this Rabbit Hole goes. There is a Black teacher leader her class in spelling, as G.W. Bush looks on. Here are the four words the class kids are repeating for there instructor, ‘hit’ ‘steel’ ‘plane’ ‘must’. Just after these words are repeated, G.W. Bush is informed of the attacks of 911. Here is the video to back up what I’m saying about that day and what the children were repeating. Here again, ‘in your face’ and right there for you to see. Just as the actors did in the NASA video of the recent Martian landing. Now I’ve read or heard on something I’ve listened to. That the ‘powers’ must tell the general public what they are going to do, or are doing. It’s up to you to figure it out (hinden in plain sight). The ‘powers’ know just how mind controlled most of America's citizen are. And know full well other Americans will attack other Americans if they are not under the same mind control. You can see this in most police departments. Where you have police that uphold laws that are against the ‘Laws of Nature’. Or are no more than revenue collectors for the system and could care less about the general public’s safety. Back to the video ‘I Pet Goats II’, I sidetrack myself some “Times”. Here is another explanation of the video ‘I Pet Goats II’. Here you will see that G.W. Bush is a useful idiot as are most all other politicians. You will see all the symbols on the walls of the classroom and this persons or person interpretation of the video. I like this version the most, even though I watched a interview of the creator of ‘I Pet Goats II’. What ever is going on in the video. It is some ‘power’ trying to connect with the general public in some form. A video this powerful and with so many hidden messages just didn’t fall from the Sky one day.

Here is another example of ‘in your face’, but this is about United Nations Agenda 21. Here again hidden in plain site, is the future of the World. Read for yourself how the ‘powers’ via the ‘United Nations’ will divide the World into 10 regions. With America and Canada as one of the 10. You will see in this link a video called ‘Agenda 21 for Dummies’. Can this be stopped, will it be stopped? That is for the World to find out, for as long as America’s citizens are armed to the hilt. That is the main stopping point now. That’s why you have all these so called mass murders going on all over America now. This just part of the plan to take Americans guns away. And soon Obummer will sign an agreement with the ‘United Nations’ that will give the ‘United Nations’ the power to disarm the American citizen. As for all the mass killings, it’s either insiders doing the killings or all those involved are only actors. For I believe that is what went on in Aurora Colorado recently, just a bunch of actors just like NASA used on the day of the Martian Landing.
I talked to S. Sixberry this morning and here are a few of the thoughts that were sent to me.

I am right on this . ... Listen Daniel in the lions den ..Left brain ... Then Babylonian captivity , this is crazy . It said he went to the 4 chambers ....The heart . The four chambers are the heart . Babylon captivity ha then we had the war in where? Babylon . Now Daniel's tomb is in Iran , that is where we are going next . Ron they are playing this crap out literally . G could be gathering as in gathered in captivity of left Brian thinking . I mean this is really crazy . They are acting out the Septuagint which is also called the G.
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December 21-22 2012 marks The Beginning of The End (not the end of the world). It marks the end of the age of Pisces which began at the birth of Jesus Christ. This time will usher in grave destruction on the Earth and mass lawlessness, confusion and mayhem. All those who mock and oppose God, who love evil will be destroyed. God will save those who repent within this short time and draw to Him will all their hearts!

“God” bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.





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4 chambers of the heart, G is the 7th letter of the alphabet.