Sunday, August 19, 2012

"How I know there’s a “God”

Have you ever heard of ‘Murphy’s Law’? No matter how hard you try to avoid the last bolt you tighten on any of your project, it is always the hardest to deal with. You're driving along trying your damnedest to get home, no matter which line you get it. It always becomes the slowest line. I washed my truck, because it was begging me to. Plus it’s monsoon season here in Arizona, so I keep putting it off. Told my truck, ‘today I take you too the car wash’. You guessed it, that night it rained. Not a lot of rain, just enough to make the freshly washed truck look bad. How many folks can say they avoided a car collision or other bad fate. By being withheld for just a few minutes by some unknown cause?

‘Everything happens for a reason’, is a great old line. Something goes bad only for something better to come along. Just a couple of weekends ago, I’d made plans to be in another corner of Arizona. Only to wind up in Flagstaff where I recorded one of the best Native American artist and hands down the best Navajo artist I’d ever recorded. I had made plans to visit Wilcox Arizona area to make a short documentary about Cochise and the Chiricahua Apaches of southwest Arizona. I wanted to video the Fort Bowie and Apache Pass area. Where Cochise and his warriors had many battles with the U.S. Calvary. And the Chiricahua Mountains that were the homeland for Chiricahua Apache and were Cochise is buried. I’d called down to Wilcox to make reservation for a hotel room. While making the booking I’d asked the girl who was assisting me about the history of the area. She told me that the areas I wanted to get into were closed from flooding. She said there had been many fires in the area and with the heavy monsoon rains we'd been having all over Arizona this summer. The roads had been closed due to mud slides covering the access roads. (I have many questions about who’s been starting all the wildfires here in the western part of America.) So onto plan B, mountain biking from the Flagstaff area down into Sedona with some friends. That plan fell through because the day I was suppose to go, was the wrong day. I had no plan C, so I headed up too Flagstaff for the Navajo Art Fair at Museum of Northern Arizona. That is where I meet David K. John, Navajo painter. And also Ahkima Honyumptewa with similar circumstances.

When I first noticed David’s painting, they reached out and grabbed me. I’d never seen this approach to Navajo Legends and symbols before. And the fact that the colors were so brilliant and well blended together. I asked David if I could add pictures of his painting to my blog? Said to David that no money was going to change hands on my part. And that I would give him credit and show how folks could get a hold of him, attached to the photos. He talked to his wife for a moment, then said ‘OK’. As I walked around taking my photos David and I talked. I told him I planned to be hundreds of mile from here and about how all my plans fell through. Then I asked David if I could do a short video of him and his paintings to add to my Youtube collection. He thought that would be great and said it would be the first “Time” his works would be on Youtube. As we talked we both agreed that the “Gods” or “God” planned for us to meet. Soon I’ll be going up too the Kayenta area in the Four Corners and do a video of David and some Navajo ways of life. So you see this is a perfect example of how when things fall apart, other things will fall into place. And it was obvious that the ‘powers above’ wanted David and me to meet. Again showing ‘How I Know There Is A “God”.
As I’ve written before from the Tibetan Book of the Dead, that your circumstances are part of your current Karma. In much the same way as David and I meet. Our Karmas were to be intermingled for the good of both of us. In a recent study by a professor at the University of Notre Dame, Indiana. That those who told the fewest lies lived longer and had fewer medical problems. The study lasted for 10 weeks with participants ages from 18 to 71. The study claims the average American tells about 11 lies a week. (Not sure how they figured this out.) Wouldn’t most people lie about the amount of lies they tell. (ha ha) But those with the fewest lies had on the average of about three or fewer mental-health complaints. And there personal relationships were much healthier. To me this is just all common sense. ‘Live by the sword, die by the sword’ Karma. ‘The Meek Will Inherit the Earth’, I could go on and on. A vegetarian will live longer than those who are flesh eaters, Karma. Not that “God” is standing over you with a big stick. It’s the fact that those who chose a lower path of life. Will themselve inflect self wounds that will shorten there own lives. For I am a firm believer you are your own judge in the end. For you have the seeds of pure humanity in your very soul. And many have lost there way along the way. Mainly by the parents or circumstances that surround there daily lives.
Speaking of Catholic institutions and there leaders and teachers. In Kansas City Missouri a Roman Catholic priest pleaded guilty to producing child pornagraphy. The Rev. Shawn Ratigan was set for trial when he pleaded guilty to child pornagraphy. He had hundreds of pictures of children clothed with pictures of there crotch area. The prosecutors have recommended life in prison. (sounds fair to me)
Here is a link to the movie about Chem-trails around the World called ‘Why in the World are They Spraying’. If you have noticed like I have. You will always have Chem-trail aircraft show up, spraying the lines in the sky, just before a storm front moves in. Monsanto many believe (and a combination of other factors, mainly NWO agenda) are behind this hideous spraying of the atmosphere. Forcing changes in the weather and spraying chemicals such as aluminum and barium. Forcing farmers to buy Monsanto seeds that can withstand the poisoning of the atmosphere which eventually lands in your yard and World’s farm fields. I myself have lost several plants on my patio that have been with me for years. The leaves appear to be dieing, then the entire plant sucumbs to the infection. If I lost one or two that would be one thing. But I lost several plants, including a very healthy tomato plant that got some sort of infection and was dead within a couple of weeks. Folks and Organic Farmers from around the World are having to build types of coverings over there plants to protect them from what is falling from the skies. Also as to no one’s surprise, Monsanto has developed GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) plants that can withstand droughts. This spraying constantly can modify weather conditions so that now the ‘powers’ can decide who get rain and who doesn’t. Weather modification has been around since the early fifties. When it was common knowledge that iodine was spread into the clouds to cause rainfall. During the Vietnam war weather modification was used to flood the supply roads from North Vietnam into South Vietnam with rain water. This has all been taken to a much larger scale now. Just think of scientists having 40 years to up-grade weather modification. HAARP maybe the heart of the use of Chem-trails. As the aluminum and barium in the chem-trail spraying could easily be used as an electrical conductor. This all gets so involved and there are so many theories about HAARP in combination with chem-trails. You would have to do your own in depth research into this combination of events. This movie I posted will open your eyes in many ways. Sp please take the “Time” to watch and share it with friends and family. If something isn’t done to stop what is being done to the population Worldwide. Soon it will be a World filled with all slaves and just a few elite at the top. To decide who shall live and who should die. In simple terms, the ‘powers’ will have appointed themselves as “Gods”.

Here in Arizona governor Jan Brewer struck down the federal government’s ‘Dream Act’. You gotta love the way the federal government use words, to mislead the general public. The Dream Act is just another way to cover up illegal immigration. This has nothing to do with helping poor latinos and other from entering the U.S. illegally. It’s all about open borders. And with open borders you have a base for the ‘New World Order’. Most believe it’s all about lower wages in America, which it does. But behind the scene it’s a much larger picture. That bigger pictures is mass population control. With the World broken into 10 districts, with one central government. Everyone has the right to dream, but that has absolutely nothing to do with freedom.

On Saturday afternoons I try and listen to ‘The Edge TV Broadcast’, with Daniel Ott as host. Which I listen to on Livestream on the Internet. You can also find Daniel’s show and archives via this link. The shows are full of different topics from A to Z, “Aliens” to Zionist and everything in between. The guest for the most part are picked by the listening audience, so you can see there is no one direction for his shows. This Saturday afternoon I listened to ex professor James McCanney. Now as most things I listen to I don’t always or never agree with what peoples ideas and theories are are. But Mr. McCanney made a very good point I totally agree with. The people no matter if they are entertainers, politicians, scientist, shaker and movers, presidents of countries, dictators or who ever you hear from. They are all only the faces the ‘true powers’ want you to see and hear. The real ‘power’ you will never really know who they are. In the movie ‘The Wizard Of Oz’, the real power was the guy behind the curtain. He made all the sounds, dilemmas the entire setting and even the actors. For the World was his playground and everyone in his playground was under his controls. It is virtually impossible for a small group of humans to know how to control the rest of the population without help from someone more powerful. But the control of the masses has been going on since “Time” was first recorded.
There are so many ideas about who or what created mankind. But the idea mankind was created by a higher power, then the creator just walked away seems impossible to me. Then again I could be wrong, as I also have my own opinions with no way to prove them. When you look at people like the Bushes, Clinton, Obummer, all politicians, World leaders no matter where they are. One thing they all have in common, they all look like dumb asses. With barely the ability to find there ways home. So to me this shows there has to be a greater power that controls all of them. One thing for sure for whoever is behind the Curtain, you are given tons of choices. Freemasons, Christians, Jews, Muslims, The Pope, Zionist, Banksters, the list goes on forever. This has all been done to keep the masses divided and controlled. So why has this been done so efficiently? This is the ‘Million Dollar’ question. If controlling the masses is so important, why not just kill the majority of them with the same aircraft that are doing the Chem-trail spraying? Bomb major cities around the World, this would surely scare the Hell out of the rest of the surviving population. Yet all these little subtle ways are being used on the general public. Is the true ‘Creator’ trying to push his or hers creation onto greater things? Are souls being pushed to there limits, as to find greater things in life?

Looks like the misdirection plan by the ‘powers’ worked out just fine, when it came the recent Olympics in London. All these hidden in plain sight scenarios about possible bombings and such during the Olympics were jumped on by dozens of Conspiracy Buffs. These type of things are just part of a larger plan to make those who write and talk about what is happening in the World today look bad. The media can jump all over those who wrote and talked about things that were going to happen during the Olympics, that never happened. But many were set up by folks such as Rik Clay. Who did many videos showing hidden meanings in promotions leading up to the Olympics. The real ‘powers’ are always several steps ahead of everyone else, because there Masters set the groundwork and rules of the game.

Here is the latest video from Santos Bonacci who teaches about Astrotheology. Which is where all religions take the base of there ideas from. Then distort them for there own agenda, such as taking money from there followers. Santos recently subscribed to my Youtube channel. Here is part 1 of 2

From the ‘Tibetan Book of the Dead’,

Natural Liberation of Habitual Tendencies

I respectfully bow down to Samantabhadra (male Buddha) and Mahottara

To the assembly of the Peaceful and Wrathful deities,

And to the assembly of the Hundred Sacred Enlightened Families!

Having been liberated in the intermediate states,

May all beings abide in the reality of the three Buddha-bodies.

O You who are fortunate and auspiciously blessed,

Apply (yourself to) the meditation and recitations of this most lucid Spiritual Practice,

Which is coalescence of the (full means of accomplishment) of the Peaceful and Wrathful Deities!

Never forget (to practice this) throughout the three “Times”.

"God" Bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


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