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"Fluoridation of Your water and Things of Interest"

Fluoridation of your water for your benefit is a giant lie. There is no real proof it helps with tooth decay, because there is now way to prove how much fluoride each individual gets from there drinking water. And to think that when fluoride is added to your water supply, each home gets the same exact amount is BS. Fluoride is the only chemical added to cities water suppliers that are said to be good for your health. So why this lie about fluoridated water?

Fluoride is a byproduct of aluminum, phosphoric acid and phosphate fertilizer. There are millions of tons of fluoride waste created every year. Fluoride was routinely dumped into waterways until the 1930’s. There were many lawsuits brought forth because of people who were drinking the waste were getting sick. So instead of removing the deadly sick fluoride from the waterways. A giant propaganda program was started to change the public conception of fluoride. This was the only way for companies that were being sued over fluoride poisoning. Was to created some falsified studies that said fluoride was in fact good for fighting tooth decay. Instead of companies paying out millions of dollars in lawsuits. The brainwashed general public was convinced that fluoride was indeed good for tooth decay and was added to toothpaste and water.

Even my own dentist who I think is the greatest. Has been totally been brainwashed into believing that fluoride is needed for proper dental care. And thinks her own daughter needs fluoridated toothpaste to help strengthen her weak teeth. Not ever realizing that the fluoride was the main reason her daughter has weak teeth. My dentist even recommend to her patient fluoride treatments. She knows my opinion about fluoride and root canals (do your own research about Root Canals) and never pushes her ideas on me. The best way to make my point about the bad effects of Fluoride in your toothpaste, read the warning label that is on the side of your toothpaste tube. ‘HARMFUL IF SWALLOWED’ That’s why you always spit out the toothpaste after brushing your teeth. Verse's swallowing it, because if it’s so good for you. Why wouldn’t you swallow the toothpaste after your done brushing your teeth?

Here are a few good reasons not to let yourself be fooled about Fluoride.

Fluoride accumulates in your body.
Fluoride may cause Brain damage. (fluoride is used in Rat Poison)
Fluoride attacks the Pineal Gland. (Your ‘Third Eye’)
Fluoride cases arthritic condition.
Fluoride can cause reproductive problems.

Here in Gilbert Arizona an internal investigation over Fluoride in the water has begun. Turns out that for the last 13 months, fluoride has not been added to the water for public consumptions. Two of Gilbert’s top administrators have been put on paid leave over the lack of fluoride not being put into the water. After a heated debate 12 years ago, fluoride was added to Gilbert’s water. This is just another example of how effective the brainwashing has been done to the general public. The town managers have promised that as soon as an internal investigation has been done. The City of Gilbert Arizona will start poisoning the citizens on a daily bases. Here are the names of the 2 individuals whom have been put on administrative leave. Lonnie Frost, whose wife lead the fight against putting fluoride in Gilbert’s water supply. And Water Manager Chris Ochs is the other, “God” bless the both of them.

What did Bob Marley mean by the line from one of his songs called ‘One Love’? Some say he was a Zionist puppet, a NWO pawn. What the ‘powers’ do want is one central government, religion, laws of the land. These may not be the ‘Laws of Nature’ or the Universe, but the laws by a select few. Bob Marley’s songs are filled with this idea. ‘Let’s Get Together’ is another prime example of this one unified system. Who would want to be clone of the system, where all believe alike? Marley’s constant pushing of marijuana onto the youth has always been in question. After all who are the ones behind the drugs that have flooded America and the rest of the World during the years, Bob Marley’s song were on everyone’s radio. It’s the likes of the Bush family and other NWO puppets who are behind the drug trafficking. Who needs a father and mother who are constantly stoned to raise them. But if you listen to Bob’s songs, this is the hidden if not right out in open theme. And then again you see Bob was killed off at a young age. Was he just another NWO sacrifice? They gave him the power, money and notoriety, and when the ‘powers’ were done with him, they killed him off. Just as you seen the ones before him like Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and many others. Without the ‘powers’ control of the record industry and radio stations. Bob Marley would still playing music in some small night club in Jamaica.

Here is an incredible new Crop Circle Many of the Crop Circles you do see are manmade. They can easily be identified by there poor quality. But this one and many more like we're never done by some assholes with a board and string stamping out designs in the wheat fields of Merry Old England. And the fact that Crop Circles have a history going back hundreds of years. Goes to prove how long this has been going on. You not only have Crop Circles in England, they show up all over the World now, including here in America.

Neil Armstrong age 82 died, first man walk to on the Moon. Well that’s what the powers in the American government want you to believe. Every “Time” one of these ‘powers’ puppet die, all kinds of conspiracies start flowing. Here is a great BBC interview of Neil Armstrong after he came back from the Moon (supposedly) from 1970. As you will notice in the interview Mr. Armstrong never makes eye contact with his interviewer. The interview is filled with all kinds of telltale ways to tell if someone is lying. Some might say Neil is just nervous, others might believe that a man who just returned from the Moon should be full of self confidence. You can be the judge, but when someone doesn’t look into my eyes. I believe he or her is lying to me. I use this technique almost daily in my visits to the job sites. Neil Armstrong was born in Wapakoneta Ohio 5 August 1930. He became an astronaut in 1962 and the first command pilot of Gemini VIII in 1966. He was commander of Apollo 11, first manned Lunar mission. Mr. Armstrong underwent heart bypass surgery early this month and died last night I believe. From complications resulting from cardiovascular procedures. I did a little research and Neil Armstrong was not a Freemason, but Buzz Aldrin is. Here are some other Freemasons who were part of the NASA program including the head of NASA at the “Time” of the Lunar Missions, Werner Von Braun. Who was the man who put Hitler’s regime in into the space. Other know Freemasons who were part of NASA. Gordon Cooper jr. Mercury 9 and Gemini 5, John Glenn first man in space and current senator, Virgil Grissom Apollo 1&5 Mercury 5 Gemini 3, Edgar Mitchell Apollo 14, Walter Schirra jr. Apollo 7 Sigma 7 Gemini 6 Mercury 8. There are many more, but you get the idea. It apparently helped to get into the NASA (Never A Straight Answer) space program during it’s heyday if you were a Mason. And the Freemasons definitely know how to keep a secret.

From the ‘Tibetan Book of the Dead’ your reincarnation into your new physical body prayer.

How wonderful!

At this time when we have obtained a human body,

Endowed with freedom and favourable opportunities,

How amazing are our positive virtues,

At this time when our five sense-faculties are intact,

How amazing it’s to be attracted by the (sacred) teachings!

At this time when we have encountered the Buddha’s teachings,

How amazing it is to abandoned non-virtue and negativity!

At this time when we posses illusory wealth and property,

How wonderful it is to offer these upward to the Three Precious Jewels and downward as charity!

Once we have abandoned negativity, there will be no more inferior rebirths.

How amazing is this household Laksmin (Srijata) right here,

Who, having practised virtue, has obtained a higher rebirth!

How amazing is this householder Srijata, right here,

Who is now going (to higher rebirth) in a core-penetrating way,

Without passing (further) through the intermediate state (of rebirth)!

How amazing is this householder Laksmin (Srijata),

Who has achieved happiness through the fruits of his virtue-

Srijata has reached the highest summit of his life’s potential!

I would like to share this letter I received today concerning the Hopi and the video Ahkima and I did. This will be only part of the letter until more investigation on the subject matter.

      I have located the topographic match to the first bear clan tablet. I know it's been claimed before. But I know it's a perfect match. It's a valley in the Rockies. It's where the Hopi were supposed to locate permanently according to the legend. They have not finished their migrations technically. I have been there twice to invistigate. It was not easy. I discovered many things about this place. I can tell you that the heart of this valley is a match to the pattern of the milky way. And that the wavy pattern on the fire clan tablet is also topographic. It's not a river but the a part of the land you have to see from the ground by the creek looking east... I had a powerful spiritual experience there at my first visit in september 2011. I just went back on the same day you recorded the video with Ahkima to invistigate furthermore. But I didn't understand the signs then. Just knew I had to go on that day. But now, I understand the meaning of the pattern. It points to a place I have not checked yet. I found 2 weeks ago a spot where you can clearly see the 3 other symbols from the front of the tablet. Swatsika, mask, and Sun ..Maybe it's the location of the broken piece. I have to go back and if you want I can show you images to confirm my claim. Maybe you would even come with me, who knows how faith works... I just dont know when. You know what the fire clan tablet looks like on the side with the swatsika. I know this symbol inspired their migrations to the 4 winds and when they would reach a dead end, they would always turn right. Anyways that's what the bear clan did and were the first to get to Oraibi.

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.








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