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Anti-Semitic seems to be the word on everyone's minds now. One of the reasons is the Jewish controlled media. If you disagree with anything the Jews say, you are always branded a ‘Anti-Semitic’. So just what is a Anti-Semitic? Here are a couple of definitions I found. #1 Oxford Dictionary, ‘hostility to or prejudice against Jews’. #2 Merriam-Webster, ‘hostility toward or discrimination against Jews as a religious, ethnic, or racial group. Next question is, what is a Semitic? This now gets interesting because I’ve just shown what a Anti-Semitic definition is. It’s those who are prejudiced toward or against Jews. From Merriam-Webster dictionary, Semitic (‘of, relating to, or constituting a subfamily of the afro-asiatic language family that includes hebrew, aramaic, arabic and amharic) Definition of arabic, ‘a Semitic language originally of the Arabs of the Hejaz and Nejd that is now the prevailing speech of a wide region of southwestern Asia and northern Africa. Definition of a hebrew, (‘a member of or descendant from one group of northern Semitic peoples the Israelites.) Here in America one way to see which Native American tribes are connected to another Native American tribe is by language. The Navajo have been traced by to their original location in Canada by the avajo dialect. This would be true for any other ethnic group. As you can see by the definitions I’ve shown, the Jews and Arabs are brothers. Yet they have been in constant war.

The Bible is good place to show the Arab-Jew connection. By definition Anti-Semitic means prejudiced against both Arabs and Jews. Yet the term Anti-Semitic refers to Jews only. Now I’ve gone through this short lesson to show what is going on in California currently. There is a bill currently being put forward that makes Anti-Semitic speech against the law. In many European countries it’s against the law to dispute the facts told the masses about the Holocaust. If you were to say the Holocaust was Jewish propaganda, you could go to jail. If the Bill # HR 35 is passed, you could be incarcerated for your Anti-Semitic words in California. Now California has always been known for setting standards that soon reach the rest of America if not the World. I’m not too sure about this fact any more. As California is not what is used to be with all the fags and illegals now living there. And plus the fact that much of the World has woken up about the true agenda behind what Hollywood propaganda is.


Bill HR 35 (amended in assembly August 23, 2012) was introduced by Assembly Members Halderman and Bonnie Lowenthal. Do you think those are Jewish surnames, just joking, of course they are. (Coauthors: Assembly Members Achadjian, Beall, Block, Blumenfield, Butler, Cook, Fong, Furutani, Galgiani, Gatto, Gordon, Hagman, Mansoor, Miller, Monning, Portantino, and Williams) I would like to show some of the wording that was used to get Bill HR 35 introduced for passage into State of California law. You will see the pure propaganda behind all of this BS. While reading think about how many other ethnic groups could fit into this category. The first that come to my mind are the Native Americans. because that was the first true Holocaust.

(The frequency and severity of incidents of contemporary
global anti-Semitism are increasing according to reports by
representatives from nations around the world, including the United
States Department of State in 2008, the Organization for Security and
Co-operation in Europe in 2004, and the Inter-parliamentary
Coalition for Combating Antisemitism in 2009)


First question is why is this even happening, could it have something to do with the Jews? Could it just be the treatment by Israel to it’s neighbors all around them. The fact that Gaza has tuned into the World’s largest open-air prison. The fact that Jewish settlers move into areas of Palistine and say some Bull-Shit about there “God’ told them they could. How the state of Israel kicks the inhabitants from there home and destroy there home as the former owners of the home watch in terror. Here I’ll add more the wording to get Bill HR 35 introduced.


(On July 20, 2009, the United States Senate unanimously
approved a resolution that unequivocally condemns all forms of
anti-Semitism and rejects attempts to rationalize anti-Jewish hatred
or attacks as a justifiable expression of disaffection or frustration
over political events in the Middle East or elsewhere, and decries
the comparison of Jews to Nazis perpetrating the Holocaust or
genocide as a pernicious form of anti-Semitism;)


(Anti-semitism , and the Organization for Security
and Co-operation in Europe have adopted or endorsed the European
Union Agency for Fundamental Rights' working definition of
anti-Semitism, which notes that in context certain language or
behavior demonizes and delegitimizes Israel or attacks Israel with
classic anti-Semitic stereotypes, such as denying the Jewish people
their right to self-determination, applying double standards by
requiring of Israel a behavior not expected or demanded of any other
democratic nation, drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli police
to that of the Nazis, and accusing the Jewish people, or Israel, of
inventing or exaggerating the Holocaust)


It never ceases to amaze how such a small group of people have so much control of over a larger numbers of folks. The fact that I understand how this is done still is bewildering that folks don’t realize they are being controlled by there very own greed. Here is another part of HR 35 propaganda. Here Jews are asking for police protection on college campuses. In the second paragraph you will see what I was talking about, how the rest of the country and World should follow California’s BS lead.


(The United States Commission on Civil Rights reported in
2006 that anti-Semitism exists on some college campuses and is often
cloaked as criticism of Israel, and recommended that colleges and
universities ensure that students are protected from actions that
could create a hostile anti-Semitic environment)


(California public postsecondary educational institutions
are admired throughout the world for their excellence and diversity,
and it is important that they provide continued leadership in the
fight against anti-Semitism)


Gzee if the Native Americans would of had some of these protections, what would America look like today? There are those in California fighting against Bill HR 35. Problem with the controlled mass media what I’m writing about is not public knowledge. And I was just lucky to stumble upon it. Those like me who like to pass on what they found are suppressed. So to the few that actually read my writings, tell other that behind there back a Bill much like HR 35 is waiting in the wings. And can’t be that far away from being introduced into the own state legislation. All people need protection from the system, not just a handful of Jews. Who have what they have coming to them from centuries of foul treatment to others. It no coincidence that the Jews are so persecuted. Unlike the Native Americans that today are treated much better than by the invading Europeans. Yet the Native Americans of today, need far more protection than the Jews ever deserve.

Well good old Joe Arpaio got off the hook from the feds (FBI). Who have been investigating him for years. Not saying Joe is squeaky clean, but the feds going after Joe had a much larger agenda. If they brought Joe down it would have been a warning to all other Country Sheriffs, the feds are watching your every move. For this NWO to have total control they need the powers of County Sheriffs to be taken away. For County Sheriffs have power over the feds. They are elected officials that only have to answer to those who elect them. Not like some appointed city Chief of Police who must follow orders from those who put him or her in power. One of the main things the feds hated about Joe was his stance on Illegal Immigration and his raids on business who employed illegals. All Joe and his deputies were doing is what is federally mandated already. There really was no reason for Arizona to pass a tough Immigration Law, for those laws are already on the books. What the feds tried to do was go after Joe was to say he was violating the illegal’s civil-rights. But if you are in the country illegally, how do you have any civil-rights under American law? After all you are technically a criminal. In the end there was no proof Joe was hurting anyone’s civil-rights. Joe was doing what the federal government wouldn’t do and the federal government was only protecting large corporation by allowing illegals to enter the country and drive down wages. That was the bottom line in a country that is now basically a Fascist regime. Joe will be Maricopa County Sheriff and long as he wants to be. Every “Time” Joe comes under attack no matter if it’s a Hispanic, Black, or the feds. He just gets more money thrown at him for his reelection campaign. As Joe once said, ‘I love it when Al Sharpton comes to town, I raise an extra $50,000 in campaign funds’.


From The Tibetan Book of the Dead

‘Natural Liberation Through Recognition of Enlightened Intentions’

(yogin means, ‘one who intensively follows the spiritual path)

How wonderful! This is a great naturally arising mantra circle.

The yogin who embraces this is immensely fortunate.

The yogin who encounters this is immensely fortunate.

The yogin who upholds this is immensely fortunate.

The yogin who reads this is immensely fortunate.

As it confers liberation by reading, there is no need for meditation.

As it confers liberation by wearing, there is no need for spiritual practice.

As it confers liberation through contact, there is no need for training.

As it confers liberation through feeling, there is no need for reflection.

This mantra circle confers natural liberation whenever it is encountered.

This is the natural liberation of the psycho-physical aggregates.

This is a field of experience of the fortunate!

"God" bless


PS "Alien"

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