Sunday, September 2, 2012

"Letters To Me"

Thought I’d share some letters sent me about comments made concerning my You Tube videos. And some comments about my Blog found via my You Tube channel. Happy ‘Labor Day Weekend’. The Masters gave the Slaves a day off so they could spend it on buying gas going places. It’s 107 here today in beautiful Scottsdale Arizona and I think I’ll go golfing.

The "Bear Clan valley" and Fire (Kookop) Clan tablet
Hello Mister Ron, My name is Sylvain from Quebec , Canada. I just watched your video about Ahkima's message. It touched me in a way maybe you can understand. I would love to share with him or even better show him someday what I have found. I have been researching a lot about the hopi tablets since march 2011. Because I made an important discovery about 2 of them. But it's very hard to get the attention of people about this for help. Because when you show evidence (google pics and pictures) they always say its photoshopped and fake.

I have located the topographic match to the first bear clan tablet. I know it's been claimed before. But I know it's a perfect match. It's a valley in the Rockies. It's where the Hopi were supposed to locate permanently according to the legend. They have not finished their migrations technically. I have been there twice to investigate. It was not easy. I discovered many things about this place. I can tell you that the heart of this valley is a match to the pattern of the milky way. And that the wavy pattern on the fire clan tablet is also topographic. It's not a river but the a part of the land you have to see from the ground by the creek looking east... I had a powerful spiritual experience there at my first visit in september 2011. I just went back on the same day you recorded the video with Ahkima to investigate furthermore. But I didn't understand the signs then. Just knew I had to go on that day. But now, I understand the meaning of the pattern. It points to a place I have not checked yet. I found 2 weeks ago a spot where you can clearly see the 3 other symbols from the front of the tablet. Swastika, mask, and Sun ..Maybe it's the location of the broken piece. I have to go back and if you want I can show you images to confirm my claim. Maybe you would even come with me, who knows how faith works... I just dont know when. You know what the fire clan tablet looks like on the side with the swastika. I know this symbol inspired their migrations to the 4 winds and when they would reach a dead end, they would always turn right. Anyways that's what the bear clan did and were the first to get to Oraibi.

      That symbol also means the flow of life, like the Om vibration. Since life comes from the sea, we have a little lake at this position. The mask or face on the tablet I think represents the Child of Significance or Tiponi. It could be the Great Spirit himself. On land we have at this position a round formation that looks like a sipapuni. Very odd and out of place. Maybe that's where the broken piece is hidden. Maybe it's more than a sipapuni and maybe it's just a strange rock. And the Sun is the symbol in the reversed L. On land we have a low wall there exactly shaped like that L or V and it's opening directly to the east. You can see also a circle in it. Maybe a medicine wheel? It's not in the AZ mountains. It's where the Great Spirit is pointing in the big picture of the Hopis' settlements or the "Orion Zone". I don't know if they have travelled there before. But the one who made the tablets sure was there ages ago. Yes the prophecy said they would be safe if they were to keep their original ways. ... I could send you a picture of what I am talking about here, but can't tell you where. Yet. You see I promised in my heart to the Great Spirit to protect this sacred place. It was not my original plan when I first discovered it. I wanted to tell the world! I have tried to contact many people to get to the Hopi, but nobody wants to help. Because logic always dictates to not trust strangers. Especially in this digital era where every video/picture is a possible fake. But If I could have 15 minutes with you and my research, you would be ready to pack up and go for a hike! It's roughly a 2 hour drive through mountain roads then maybe a 3 hour hike on foot. ... Thank you for your consideration. I hope you will want to take a look at my work. Nobody has to sacrifice and get their head cut off. There is another way. Kwak wita lolmani

Proofs: Pharaohs in Europe for at least 4.000 years; Same Technique on Mt Ste Odile Pagan Wall
In ancient Egypt and especially in Upper Egypt`s Amarna the same construction techniques of attaching stones were used as here in eastern France; the enemy within has been mixing with the Europeans for at least 4.000 years and "clean neutral"...

The Templar Nazis of Switzerland Financed Adolf Hitler and WW 2 in 1923

Skull and Bones, 322, N° 7, G for Geronimo, Ritual Dissection, Evil Leaders & Kiamat
Watch "THE PHARAOH SHOW" for more.

Switzerland: Templar`s Nazi Mafia, why Nazis came from South Germany
(Neo-) Nazis pretend to be the defenders of a white aryan Europe, but they are definately on the contrary not. The Nazis are the ones who destroyed Europe through endless wars, terror, mass executions, concentration camps and bombs on white Europe...
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December 21-22 2012 marks The Beginning of The End (not the end of the world). It marks the end of the age of Pisces which began at the birth of Jesus Christ. This time will usher in grave destruction on the Earth and mass lawlessness, confusion and mayhem. All those who mock and oppose God, who love evil will be destroyed. God will save those who repent within this short time and draw to Him will all their hearts!
Re: Ron
I am right on this . ... Listen Daniel in the lions den ..Left brain ... Then Babylonian captivity , this is crazy . It said he went to the 4 chambers ....The heart . The four chambers are the heart . Babylon captivity ha then we had the war in where? Babylon . Now Daniel's tomb is in Iran , that is where we are going next . Ron they are playing this crap out literally . G could be gathering as in gathered in captivity of left Brian thinking . I mean this is really crazy . They are acting out the Septuagint which is also called the G.

See the so called beast is the world bank is switerland my grandmother told me that when i was 5 yr old , and what does the beast make that people will follow ? the dollar , it even has the eye on it to tell us it's evil yet we are so caught up in material crap we don't notice that evil eye looking straight at us. Husbands will leave their wives for the beast , women will leave there children , they will follow the beast and the dragon gives it ,its power... God said i will provide ,,,,so why do people work ? to provide and in doing so , it has breaken up families causes addictions ect....... WE HAVE TO BREAK FREE ,, THEY HAVE GOT US SO BACKED IN A CORNER , AND EVEN MORE SO BECAUSE I HAVE A 12 YR OLD ... I know what i have to do and the plans are in the making , my daughter isn't gonna like it very well and if they throw me in jail for taking my daughter out of school ,,well then it will be the first step... We have been taken from the land so when this time that is coming we would be more likly to follow the money. So my journey starts today. WE MUST GET RID OF ALL OUR STUFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF BUILD OUR OWN HOME AND LIVE OFF THE LAND AND GOD'S BLESSING WILL BE WITH US. THAT MY FRIEND IS THE WHOLE TRUTH.....

Re: peace
One year before his death, Washington was informed by letter that Masonic partiality had enabled evil to enter the Lodge. Agents of the European Illuminati had infiltrated his beloved Freemasonry for the express purpose of subverting our government. The letter also accused our first President of "presiding over the English lodges in this country." (In Charles G. Finney's book on Freemasonry, the "Introduction," pp. lxi-lxvii, contains a brief history of the Order of the Illuminati in early America). THIS IS ON THAT SITE I SENT YOU.....
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This goes with those numbers from 911. And Saturn is the ruling planet of capricorn the goat . I am gonna study some on this saturn stuff , i will get back to you.14:52
Saturn and Moloch Symbolism - Let's Stop Worshipping "Them"
This movie covers Saturn symbolism and explains how all religion is based on Saturn worship. This is the idea that Jehovah, Yahweh, Saturn, and Satan among other names are all the same being.
Energy flows where focus goes. All the worship that is b...
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Im not sure how much he can answere if he only overheard the elders speaking. I research as much online as i can, but i know all thats on there isnt "hopi approved" speakers. I dont want to step on toes! The one thing I wonder is about the blue/red star prophecies. I was wondering if they were speaking of the star sirius? Ive heard that our sun/solar system and the sirius star/system rotate around eachother. When sirius is coming towards us, it has a blue color, and when it is going away from us, it looks red. Im wondering if that is what is having all the affects on the earth/sun/ and our solar system as far as all the changes taking place. If he has any input on whats to come also. Ive gone through many native prophecies, im not worried about my physical body dying (because of past dreams), just trying to find an understanding of whats actually happening. I feel the earth and our solar system goes through these changes on a pretty set time (every x amount of thousands of years). I actually pray that the earth and its inhabitants can get back to a natural state, because ive known since i was young that this world just isnt right. Oh, and let him know also that people are waking up to the more true history of what has happened to endigenous peoples all over the world! Brainwashing seems to take more time for some then others to break free of! Hugs to both of you! Lori

p.s. fear is a disease! A bat in a dream I had taught me that when I was freaking out in fear from all that i was awakening to! hahaha, looking back it was kind of a comical dream!

protect yourself from chemtrail Aluminium oxide by buying .... aluminium Oxide health food
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WOW, detox from aluminium oxide in Chemtrails by eating ..... aluminium oxide!
Not just 13% aka 130,000ppm aluminium oxide but get the benefit from 4000ppm Barium and 22ppm URANIUM and 102ppm radioactive rubidium!
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From ‘The Tibetan Book of the Dead’

Since even those who have not practiced the (sacred) teachings at all can attain buddhahood (in this way)

It’s called the ‘Liberation by Wearing’.

Since all who see this (mantra) circle can attain buddhahood,

It’s called the ‘Liberation by Seeing’.

Since all who touch it can attain buddhahood,

It’s called the ‘Liberation by Touching’.

Since all who hear it read it aloud can attain buddhahood,

It’s called the ‘Liberation by Hearing’.

Since all who feel it’s breath can attain buddhahood,

It’s called the ‘Liberation by Feeling’.

Since there has never been a single buddha who did not see (this mantra circle)

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


"Aliens" "Time" "Gods" "God"



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