Saturday, September 15, 2012

"Navajoland Trip"

Wanted to get out and make another video before summer ended here in Arizona. Not to mention all the crap being pushed on everyone about 21 December 2012. During the winter months the Hopi reservation has nothing going on and the winters can be brutal up there. It doesn’t get snowed in or nothing like that. It just that the cold winds blow for most if not all of the winter months. Saw in the paper that the Navajo were having there largest Art Fair in Window Rock Arizona. Window Rock is about 5 hours northeast of Scottsdale where I live.

What I was hoping for is what you have at the Heard Museum or Santa Fe New Mexico type of Indian Fair. And I had promised my friend Jamie havican the creator of Inception Radio Network a Dream Catcher. What not a better place to buy a authentic Dream Catcher than on the Navajo reservation. As the old line goes, ‘plans of men and mice’. After a almost 5 hour drive at speeds up to 100 MPH, I arrived in Window Rock, which is famous for the rock formation that you can see on my blog pictures. As you will be able to see from my video, Window Rock was a great disappointment. As I drove the main street which is also the main highway across the Hopi/Navajo reservation. The street was lined with garbage and campers who pitched there tents right next to the street on the sidewalk. It didn’t take long to realize just how many Navajo you could stick into one small community. All in one place you had a Navajo Rodeo, a Pow Wow and a carnival going on at once in one location. Then a large parade on Saturday morning the day I arrived.

It took me about a half hour to get through the main drag of Window Rock. Finding absolutely no place to park near the main events (Pow Wow). On the east end of the village I parked behind a Taco Bell. I loaded up my video recorder and camera and headed out to see just what I could find and record. What I found was a Flea Market of thousands of the same old cheap Navajo jewelry. I made a short video of the Flea Market, but nothing I wanted on my You Tube channel. After a couple of hours of walking around I realized I was the only White cat in town. And a collection of fine Navajo jewelry was not to be found. But I did find a elder Navajo lady who had a couple of Dream Catchers for sale. I bought both of them she had for sale and asked to take a pic of here to send Jamie. So he could see who made his Dream Catcher. She would have no part of that, still believing that a camera picture of her would steal her soul. I headed back to my vehicle to go to plan ‘B’. But before making plan ‘B’ I bought a couple more Dream Catchers at a local trading post east of Window Rock. They were fine but just not the same and were made by a young Navajo girl.

Plan ‘B’ would be to find the Window Rock rock formation. I asked for directions and headed north out of Window Rock towards Fort Defiance, another Navajo community. Fort Defiance was just like most other Navajo communities. A large school with dormitories was the main attraction, with a scattering of Christian churches. The poor Navajo kids are so spread out over the Navajo reservation, it is better for the kids to stay in dormitories than to be bussed several miles to centrally located schools. This idea also help the indoctrination process of the children from there parents and elders ways. So in each Navajo community you have brainwashing coming at the kids from every direction. As if the TV, movies and music wasn’t bad enough, you have the schools and churches pushing crap into children's heads. You can see the effects of this by the children all wearing black T-shirts and jeans. Instead of looking more like there old traditional ways. That would have included long hair wrapped up around the back of there heads. The girls should be wearing long full dress, with squash blossom turquoise around there necks and on the arms and fingers. Instead the young girls look like hookers in tight jeans and low neck shirts on. And also most all of them over weight from the bad diet than has been put into there heads. With Taco Bell, McDonald’s, Denny’s, diet of carbohydrates including Fry Bread covered with beans and cheese. As I’ve written before not one Navajo needed to be killed to control there waring ways. All that was needed was to change there diet from a high alkaline diet to a high acid diet., which was accomplished later on the reservations. Where the U.S. Calvary provided the diet of grains, corn, beans (carbohydrates) and sugar, with no vegetables in the diet.

I finally found Window Rock Park, just north of Window Rock. To my surprise the park was turned into a War Memorial for the Navajo Code Talkers used in WWII. Nothing against the Code Talkers for them, just as most Americans. They thought they were fighting in a just war against America’s so called enemies the Germans and Japanese. The Navajo have a long tradition of voluntary military service, going back to WWI. As the Navajo have always been a waring society. The Navajo like the Apache here in the west were a migratory tribe. Whose livelihood was based mostly on attacking the other tribes who were more passive and farmers and gatherers. In fact in 1886 or close, the U.S. Calvary gave guns and ammo to other tribe to help the U.S. Calvary kill off the marauding Navajo, who found a new source of food from the White settlers coming west. As you can tell from my video Window Rock Park was nice and had a plaque with the names of all the Navajo Code Talkers. A young Navajo kid running a large electrical project for us, grandfather or great grandfather was a Navajo Code Talker. For your information not only were the Navajo Code Talkers, there were Hopi and other tribes represented. As long as you had two members from the same tribe, they could be converted to Code Talking.

I spent a couple of hours in the park taking pictures and making my video. Then I headed to Gallup New Mexico to spend the night. There I wanted to visit Bill Richardson who owned Richardson Trading Post. And make yet new plans because there was nothing more I wanted to record of the Navajo Art Fair in Window Rock. There was a Artwalk in downtown Gallup that night so I attended that. Running into a Zuni kid I’d meet at the Heard Museum who asked me to make a recording of his art work. (small World) That evening while eating supper at a local Mexican food joint (chili Relleno) I decided to head north up to Chinle and Canyon de Chelly.

As I’ve recently written, here again here is how I know there is a “God”. And it often makes me wonder just how far ahead in ones life are things planned out by Those Above!!! Canyon de Chelly is about a two hour drive northwest of Gallup. After breakfast in Gallup (never found a good place to eat in Gallup yet.) and meeting a nice young Navajo couple. I headed on my new adventure. When you drive in Arizona, New Mexico, Utah or Colorado you realize overpopulation is just some more United Nations Agenda 21 BS. There is so much open space it amazes you and the roads in both Arizona and New Mexico are straight and go on for mile with nary a curve. I want to mention one thing before I forget it. As you can see from my video posted today about the drive too Window Rock. Chem-trails are sprayed throughout the southwest America. There was never a moment from the “Time” I left Scottsdale until I got too Chinle. There were Chem-trails in the skies. From Chinle to home round trip was over 700 miles of continues Chem-trails overhead.

As I entered Chinle where Canyon de Chelly is located east of. The first thing you notice is the largest buildings are schools and dormitories for the Navajo kids and as I said before a sprinkling of Christian churches. Chinle like most reservation town is barren and very uninviting. Canyon de Chelly is located on the east edge of Chinle Arizona. From Chinle you drive into some foothills where the canyon is located. The ground is more like a mixture of sedimentary rock and red soil, very pretty as you can see from my video. As I pulled into the first out look over the Canyon. There was Pete Gilmore, a Navajo petroglyph painter and very knowledgeable of the Navajo past. Now finding a Navajo with good knowledge of the Navajo ancient ways is hard to find nowadays. Believe me I’ve tried hard to find out what I found out from Pete in just a few minutes. As I was buying one of Pete’s art work we talked and we hit it off quite well right off the bat. The more I talked to Pete the more I wanted to do a video of him. I want to mention that as soon as I pulled into the location I found Pete. A Navajo police officer in and police pick-up pulled up with me. And he stayed there with me until I left. I’m sure he went over to ask Pete what we talked about. And I waved to him as I left the lookout.

It was great to hear how much Pete knew of his past. He told me as a child he would sit around in the evening and listen to his elders talk about Navajo ways in the past. Pete also told me his family was Shamans and Medicine men for generations. The funny part is for him to be a certified Shaman-medicine man by the Navajo Nation. He would have to go to the tribal headquarters in Window Rock and pay a fee. As you can see the corrupt ways of the U.S. government has not been lost in the ways the Navajo Nation conducts business. I asked Pete if he would mind doing a short video for me. And could he tell the Navajo Creation Story. Pete explained that would take over an hour and a half to tell. So I recored the Navajo Emergence Story from the First World instead. When I arrived back that evening I put together Pete’s video of him, then uploaded it to my Youtube channel. Next morning I sent the link to the video to my bud Jamie Havican of Inception Radio Network. www. And let Jamie know I’d bought him a couple of Dream Catchers. And would be mailing them to him in Florida that same day. Jamie called me later that day and said we got to get Pete on the air with the both of us. Saying Pete must have hours of tales to tell. That evening I called Pete to ask if he would mind coming on the air with me and Jamie. Without any coaxing he agreed to come on and tell some of his stories from his elders he had learned. As of today we’ll have Pete on next Friday evening at 6:30 Arizona “Time”. 

I was meant to meet Pete that is for sure. And that what was tugging at my mind to all of a sudden head up north to the Navajo reservation and record. If you ever plan a trip to that part of Arizona, be sure and go the extra 50 or so mile further north and visit Monument Valley. I just ran out of “Time” to get up there. “God” willing next summer I’ll try and get there and do a video with both Pete and David K.John a Navajo painter/artist.

I’d like to share this letter I got from a reader of my blogs. Mike said he found my writenings from a friend. I asked him if it was OK to pass this along, so here it is. In Mike Davidson own words.

Mike thanks for the kind words. and I also have had many UFO sighting that were always with some else. (can I have a witness? lol) For me they started happening at about age 47. It was like the "Gods" saying, 'your not ready yet, before then. I have a 'C' on my upper right shoulder that is not man made. I've been a guest being interviewed on many Internet radio programs such as Blog Talk Radio (various shows), Inception Radio Network (various shows) for example. If you would like to share your story with others, here on Earth and the Universe. Write it up and send to me, I'll post it on my blog just as you write. (I will not use your name unless you request it) This I believe helps others who have had similar experiences feel they are not alone, and they have nothing to fear. When a ex-girlfriend found the 'C' on my back, I freaked out until I meet a lady who was with John Mack before he was killed in England (Dr. Ruth McKinley-Hoover)
If those above and below wanted to kill-off mankind, that could be done in a heart beat. So I'm not sure what has happened to you has evil intention, but that's just one man's opinion. Dr. Ruth told me it was a way of awaking me for the true reality of things. And that may have been what was needed to awaken you. Then again I'm old enough to know, the older I get, the less I know. Keep in touch, I'll respond to your letters.
Thank you

Got it. Thank you for responding. I was being very loose when I said I have an item in my possession. I have small piece I'm my back. Have had it for about eight years. About three years after it was noticed, it started causing immense pain. I usually have a sighting of unexplainable lights when the pain starts. Even as recent as one month ago. I had the pain yesterday, it is starting to become unbearable. I promise I am not trying to bullshit you. I am having the pain more and more frequently, even without the sightings. Your blog was pointed out to me. I even researched you to make sure you were not just one of those guys who were all over the net spreading rhetoric. I just wanted to tell my story to somebody. Thank you for your time.
On Sep 6, 2012 1:54 PM, "rd slusher" <> wrote:

About ten years ago, I was awating my discharge from the US Army. Now as a guy who responsible for doing the paperwork for this, everyone has to do the same type of physical I did. Included in those tests, is a chest x-ray. They told me there was a spot in the left side of my spine. They said it should be fine, but get another x-ray in six months. After that time had passed, I went to my local VA Clinic and had it done and they told me nothing was there and whatever the aberration was, either went away or wasn't there.
Two years later, 2005, I found a spot on my back that was itching while in the shower. Coincidentally enough, on the left side two inches from my spine. Once I got out, I did my best to look in the mirror. I could see the spot. I could also feel that something was there. It is solid, approximately 1/2cm wide. It didn't bother me at the time. I'm not saying that it was the military, because it took two years for it to be noticed, it could just be coincidence on that part. I had a girlfriend who insisted I should go to the doctor, but this thing made me slightly paranoid and I just didn't want to go through all of that crap. Plus, who is to say I would be given the item after removal. I lived by myself all of 2005 and most of 2006. My girlfriend would move in with me about 8/2006. She would constantly complain about my incessant muttering in my sleep and sometimes I would be outright vulgar and screaming.
I noticed it in 2005. Fast forward to about 2008. I started having some pain in that exact spot. Two days later, I am driving on a rural road and I noticed three lights in a triangular pattern hovering low. I got out of my car, but there wasn't any noise coming from the object. So as any normal person would do, I freaked out and drove off. I had the pain for two more days. But I didn't have it again until 2009, right before I had another sighting while driving down an interstate road. I have the pain emmenating from the object almost constantly now. It stops for a day or two, then starts right back up again. I don't have constant sightings either. But I have an interesting story.
I was on a beach about one month ago late at night with a friend. The park ranger is walking the beach and asks if my car is the one parked by the Coast Guard building. I tell him yes, he then tells me I can keep sitting on the beach, just move my car outside of the gate. About an hour later, just my friend and I on the beach, we saw an orb flying low, with a pulsating orange light coming from the bottom. It was not making any sound at all. This freaked her out, me, not so much, but that was the first sighting of that type of lights I had.
Thank you for your time. That is most of the story, I believe. You can do what you please with it. Have a nice day.

"God" bless





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