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Not sure how I wondered onto a interview of Jason Beghe and furthermore didn’t have a clue who he was. But what he was talking about, Scientology I knew very little about. Figured I’d listen for a while and move on, I ended up listening to the entire interview of 2 hours and 2 minutes. (link) From Jason’s voice you could clearly hear a man who had been taken down a garden path to a dead end. And he was truly upset at what had been done to him. Not knowing much of anything about Scientology and wanting to learn more. This past week and last night I listened to hours of videos from those who have had a present or past association with Scientology. I heard things here and there over the years and I knew Tom Cruise and John Travolta had some sort of connection to the Cult or religion as those who are part of Scientology want folks to think. I’ll get more into what I learned about Scientology and some video links I’ll post to get the readers more upto date with this strange Cult. One thing about these ‘Johnny Come Lately’ religions or Cults, they all prey on the same type of individual. I’ve seen over the years how the Mormon religion-cult has a following of those who need others or a giant organization to help them get through life’s problems such as work and a feeling of belonging. Growing up in Mormon dominated community of Mesa Arizona, it was easy to see who belonged to the Mormon church. As a kid in Mesa we had a slogan, ‘How do you tell a Mormon, he’s looking for a job’. And Scientology pretty much fits this bill of lost souls needing a strong leader type.

L. Ron Hubbard (1911-1986) was the founder of Scientology. Which was spring off of a ‘self help system’, called Dianetics, which would be exposed later on for it’s failures and outright lies. Hubbard claims he grew up on a large cattle ranch out west, but this was also a lie. Before the founding of Scientology in 1952 and it was incorporated in Camden New Jersey. Hubbard was a pulp fiction and science fiction writer. He was very successful in this and had many top selling books. He would later in life claim he took no money from Scientology and lived off his investments and Scientology was a self funding operation. Later in his life he was convicted of stealing $200 million from Scientology (Sound like a bunch of other Christian leaders? lol). After conviction Mr. Hubbard couldn’t be found and died never spending any “Time” jail. Here is a interview Mr. Hubbard did aboard his ship in 1986. You will see from the crew members of the ship were loyal followers and believed Mr. Hubbard had save there spiritual lives.

One of the major kickers about Scientology is the fact you must pay to learn and you must also sign a contract of 1 billion years to be part of the Scientology Cult. Actor Jason Beghe said in his interviews he gave over 1 million dollars to the organization, to learn how to become ‘Clear”. And if you didn’t have the money to pay for your mind to become ‘Clear’ as Mr. Hubbard claims. You could make payments by working for minimal wages for Scientology. Now just what is ‘Clear’ mean? After you spend tons on money doing different readings and being evaluated by your peers in Scientology. You are suppose to reach ‘Clear’ and my guess that would be clear of mind and self sufficient. But according to Jason Beghe interview, the last thing Scientology wants you to do is attain ‘Clear’. That would be a like a doctor curing you of cancer, which is the last thing in the World a doctor would want to do. Once you would attain ‘Clear’ or be cured of cancer, no more visits to the doctor for cancer check-ups. The money would stop flowing from your hand to Scientology or your doctor. Neither want this to ever happen. Like a carrot in front of a horse's nose, that’s Scientology in a nutshell. Do Christians or Mormons ever stop giving 10% to the church, never.

Scientology has moved its headquarters too Clearwater Florida. Now Scientology has a clear history of breaking up families and going after those who break away from the Cult of Scientology. Like most all other Cults, the brainwashing is massive. Just as you see how the brainwashing of most Americans has been done through the controlled mass media. In Clearwater Scientology has a control over the police for the most part. I will post a link to a couple of videos to prove my point. When I visit the Hopi homeland, on Old Oribia there is a line that has been cut into the sandstone. That was created to separate the Friendlies from the Hostile. In Clearwater Florida you have a white line across the street that separates the Scientologist from the rest of the World, I kid you not. By the church of Scientology giving Clearwater police officers money for protection from protests who frequent the city often. This has been done by hiring off duty police to patrol there part of town. They have infiltrated the police department and other civil operations of Clearwater. Mr. Hubbard had this done when the organization first moved there. You see the same type thing in America by the j000000wish organizations. I’m sure you have the same type thing in Salt Lake City Utah. Hell look back at the days of the Earp brothers in Tombstone Arizona. Here are some videos to show what has happened in Clearwater. And how the police and security protect the Scientology interest there. Also you will see just how much security Scientology has around the main building in Clearwater. If you are an open religion then why would you need so much protection from the general public? Could it be because you have a corrupt Scientology Cult who preys on the weak and unknowing. Only the Scientologist have such a security system around themselves. Just what does this say about them?

So just what type of individual would be attracted to such a Cult? I could see Hollywood type actors being attracted by this cult. For they are the most insecure people on the planet. Anyone who needs constant adulation by others have problems. Politicians for the most part are the same type of individuals. Look at you congress man or women, do they really appear to be normal? Are they the ugly ones, the failures in school and in the workforce, of course they are. Here is a list of the better known current Scientologist from the acting or music professions.
Kirstie Alley
Sonny Bono (died, suspicious death)
Chick Corea (Fusion Jazz, Return to Forever)
Tom Cruise (some reports he has left Scientology?)
Isaac Hayes (soul singer)
Priscilla Presley (Elvis’s daughter)
Greta van Susteren (news reporter, now there’s a trusting individual)
Edgar Winter (rocker from the 60s)

Former members of the Cult
Charles Manson (good example of just how weird you must be to be an Scientologist)
Al Jarreau (say it ain't so Al, great jazz voice)
John Brodie (NFL quarterback, started with Dianetics, power struggle with Cult)

Here is a video I watched last night that has L. Ron Hubbard’s own grandson son in it. This was recorded in another one of Scientology’s buildings in San Francisco. Even L. Ron Hubbard’s own son has spoken out against his father of the Cult Scientology. Today the main player at Scientology is David Miscavige. He has been faced with accounts of illegal and unethical practices. (the beat goes on) Reports of forced separation of family members, coercive fund raising, harassment of journalist, and church critics. There have been public humiliations of church staff members and even physical assaults by Miscavige. As you can see my point has been made regarding the practices of Scientology. There always seems to be enough individuals in the World who can be easily led astray, by those who are willing destroy others for personal satisfaction and financial gains. These are the Lower Forms of Humanity that seem to always be amongst the the masses. In my writings I’ve tried to expose them as I find them. Tomorrow I’ll be writing about the Mormons of Mexico, to which the current representative of the Republic Party is running for president Mitt Romney came from.

From The Tibetan Book of the Dead

‘Great Introduction to the Intermediate State of Reality’ (moment of death, pt. 1)

O, Child of Buddha Nature, listen very intently and without distraction. There are six kinds of intermediate states, namely: the intermediate state of living or natural existence, the intermediate state of dreams, the intermediate state of meditative stability or concentration, the intermediate state of the “Time” of death, the intermediate state of reality, and the intermediate state of consequent rebirth. O, Child of Buddha Nature, (during and after death), you will experience three intermediate states: the intermediate state, the intermediate state of reality, and the intermediate state of rebirth. Of these three, it was the intermediate state of the “Time” of death which you experienced until yesterday. Although the inner radiance of reality arose during that “Time”, you did not recognize it. So now, (as a result) you have been compelled to wander here; and now you will experience the intermediate state of reality, followed by the intermediate state of rebirth. You must therefore recognize, without distraction, (the instructions and events) which I am now going to introduce to you.

O, Child of Buddha nature, that which is called death has now arrived. You are leaving this World. But in this you are not alone. This happens to everyone. Do not be attached to this life! Do not cling to this life! Even if you remain attached and clinging, you do not have the power to stay - you will only continue to roam within the cycles of existence. Therefore, do not be attached and do not cling! Think of the Three Precious Jewels!

O, Child Buddha of nature, however terrifying the appearances of the intermediate state of reality might be, do not forget the following words. Go forward remembering there meaning. The crucial point is that through them recognition may be attained.

"God" bless



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