Sunday, September 23, 2012

"Viva la Mexico, Mitt Romney"

Many Mormon families fled to Mexico to avoid prosecution for Polygamy. Here is the reason behind Mormon practice of having several wives. In the Mormon Cult having many wives was a way to attain a higher level in Heaven. The truth of the matter is, it was a simple way of creating more Mormons. It’s nothing for a Mormon elder in days past in America to have over a hundred grand children. In Mexico the practice of Polygamy is still being done. This is the reason Mitt Romney’s grandfather fled to Mexico. In fact Mitt Romney’s father was himself born in Mexico. Realistically Mitt Romney could have Dual Citizenship. That is why Mitt Romney never brings up the facts about Obummers real citizenship. Because he himself has a questionable citizenship.

Mitt Romney is LDS royalty because of past bloodlines. You have the same sort of thing here in America and in Europe. That’s why most presidents and European leaders are all related. The Romney family goes back to the roots of Mormonism Cultism. Mitt’s father was born in Mexico, yet he became governor of Michigan. George W. Romney Mitt’s father was born in too Mormon parents who had fled to Mexico state of Chihuahua Mormon colony of ‘Colonia Dublan’. Mitt Romney’s grandparents were Polygamist, that was the reason he had to flee to Mexico. At that period in American history Mormon practicing Polygamy were being rounded up and put in prison. Romney's parents Gaskell Romney and mother Anna Amelia Pratt were American citizens and were natives of the Territory of Utah. They were married in Mexico in 1895 and lived in Colonia Dublan.

In year past there were several Mormon colonies in Mexico, but because of the Mexican Revolution in 1912. Many of the colonies were abandoned and the Mormon settlers returned to America. There are only 2 active Mormon colonies left in Mexico, Colonia Juarez and Colonia Dublan. These colonies are located in the Casas Grandes river valley, not far from the Texas border. Around 1874 Brigham Young president of the LDS Church asked for missionaries to scout for locations in Mexico. The idea being to proselytizing (Recruiting Mexicans to become members of the Mormon Cult.) and to find locations for Mormon settlements. The Mormons wanted to colonize parts of northern Mexico, but fear of raiding Apaches stopped that idea. Young died that year and was replaced by John Taylor. There were 15 colonies established in Mexico by the Mormons before the return into America. All though some of these colonies would end up in America. When America claimed certain territories in northern Mexico.

Today in Mexico you have an on going war between the Drug Cartel and the Mormon’s settlements. In Mexico only the criminals are allowed (lol) weapon because of the strict gun laws in Mexico. Just as in American like Chicago and New York City where guns are not allowed. The only ones armed are the criminals, you have the same situation in Mexico. Where the Drug Cartels are armed better than the police and Army of Mexico. The Mormon settlements in Mexico have become armed outposts. Even the Mormon settlers are not supposed to be be armed. The Drug Cartel knows the Mormons can fight back. The two communities even have lookout towers to look for any unsuspecting vehicle entering there villages. The fact that the drug runners know about the ability of the Mormons to fight back. Keeps the Mormon settlements from be overrun with drug traffickers. ‘Vice’ which is a internet program is now doing a series of videos about the Mormon settlements in Mexico. Here is the link to part 1. These are great documentaries and well worth watching to see what is currently going on between the Mormons and the drug smugglers.

To me the fact that America has two individuals that are now running for president who have questionable history to be able to run America. This is such a ‘Dog and Pony show’ it makes me laugh. A Kenyon and a Mormon Cultist are Americas choices. Does anybody really think that the American public would want either of these Clowns being president? You see there are no free elections in America and I doubt there ever was. What you have is a beauty contest to see who the public will most tolerate. Technically most Americans want neither candidate that’s why there is so much apathy about voting in America. It’s a ‘Catch 22’, by not voting you are saying, ‘give me whoever you want’. If you do vote, ‘you are saying you buy into this corrupt way of choosing who is the president of America’. Either way the citizens of America lose. Anyway the president whoever he or she in the future maybe. They are not in charge of anything and are mere Puppets to those who put them in place. One thing that looks to me what is happening. America is the only roadblock now that stopping the World from become a NWO system. Not today, not tomorrow but eventually all guns will be taken out the hands of American citizens. Then the shores of America will be overrun by another power, or she will fall from her own weight. As the borders are open for any who chose to enter America. It’s not about freedom it’s about absolute control of the World’s population.

‘Great Introduction to the Intermediate State of Reality’ (pt. 2 from yesterday's post)

Alas, now, as the intermediate state of reality arise before me,

Renouncing the merest thought of awe, terror or fear,

I will recognize all that arises to be awareness, manifesting naturally of itself.

Knowing such (sounds, light, and rays) to be visionary phenomena of the intermediate state,

At this moment, having reached this critical point,

I must not fear the assembly of Peaceful and wrathful Deities, which manifest naturally!

Go forward, reciting these words distinctly and mindful of there meaning. Do not forget them! For it is essential to recognize, with certainty, that whatever terrifying experience may arise, they are natural manifestations (of actual reality). O, Child of Buddha Nature, when your mind and body separate, the pure (luminous) apparitions of reality itself, will arise: subtle and clear, radiant and dazzling, naturally bright and awesome, shimmering like a mirage on a plain in summer, Do not fear them! Do not be terrified! Do not be awed! They are natural luminosities of your own actual reality. Therefore recognize them ( as they are)!

From within these lights, the natural sound of reality will resound, clear and thunderous, reverberating like a thousand simultaneous peals of thunder. This is the natural sound of your own actual reality. So, do not be afraid! Do not be terrified! Do not be awed! The body that you now have is called ‘mental body’, it is the product of (subtle) propensities and not a solid corporeal body of flesh and blood. Therefore, whatever sounds, light or rays may arise, they cannot harm you. For you are beyond death now! It is enough that you simply recognize (the sounds and luminosities) to be manifestation of your own (actual reality). Know that this is the intermediate state!

“God” bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.






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