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Psychopaths are the ruling classes of the World, fact!!! Only a psychopath says killing others is good for the majority of the population. Only a Psychopath wants to rule over other individuals. Only a psychopath needs the feel of power over others. Normal human beings want just to be left alone and pursue there own individual dreams. A Psychopath wants to destroy others dreams. For Psychopaths have no inner feeling for what harm they bring to others. (psychopath) a person suffering from chronic mental disorder with abnormal or violent social behavior, informal an unstable and aggressive person: schoolyard psychopaths will gather around a fight to encourage the combatants Here are some great examples of Psychopaths who have been leaders in recent years in America. The Bushes, Dick Chaney, Donald Rumsfeld, Hillary Clinton, Obummer, Henry Kissinger (will this whore ever die?). How many innocent civilians women and children has this group been responsible for killing? Look how the leaders of America send the youth off to foreign lands to kill others for them, these are Psychopaths!!! These same Psychopaths masters have changed the behavior of the youth of America and most of the rest of the World.

Psychopaths using there controlled mass media have changed the mindset of the youth. This starts with a parent setting there child down to watch cartoons from the Disney Corporation and others. Here the child is introduced to violence at a young age. Making the child to believe that taking one’s life away means nothing. The parent may think the child is only watching a simple cartoon, but in reality the child’s soul is being taken away from them. As the child get older they are introduced to violent video games. Where the player learns to kill off the opponent, only to reload the game and start over again. Not realizing that this behavior will be taken into adult life. Before you know it you have a whole generation of Psychopaths. Who think nothing of harming others or destroying there dreams. At a young age the children believe war is just a natural state of being. As the media blast them with BS about how wonderful being an American military worrier is. ‘Be All You Can Be’ by killing others in foreign lands. As the youth watches football games, auto racing or any sport. You see this type of mind control being used. Sports hero’s are nothing but puppets of the Psychopaths who created them for there own use. Mixed martial Arts fights are a prime example of this. Where anything goes as long as you win. Men and women are put in cages like Gladiators of of old. The fight bring bodily harm to each other as the audience cheers them on. Only a handful of years ago this type of entertainment wouldn’t be allowed. yet in today’s society this is normal; behavior. How did this happen?

It happen slowly over about fifty to sixty years. Fifty years ago or more, Americas loved baseball, Arnold Palmer was a golfing hero. These were passive sports that moved along slowly. There was no violence except for an occasional brush back pitch in baseball. The Americans were still aware of the hardships of war and the toll it took on society. Is all the Psychopaths needed to do was wait until one or two more generations were born to move there agenda along. The Vietnam war was needed to start breaking up the American family unit. As it was intended to start fights between the older generation who thought the Vietnam war was the only thing to do in defense of America from becoming a communist country. While the youth (my generation) were to educated to buy into this line of BS. At the same “Time” this BS idea of Free-love was being put on the youth. This to also helped break down the family unit. While this was all going on, in the background. More and more violent types of sports and video games were being introduced. Football that was once just a minor sport was pushed to the forefront. Football players were now national heroes. The blood and guts of the sport was perfect for the Psychopaths to push there agenda along. Man against man, no holds barred, blood and mud all over the field. These were men willing to do anything to win. This was slowly being pushed into the youths minds, with the youth never realizing it. TV shows right along with this we're changing the minds of the youth. You no longer needed a strong family unit. Your father was no longer your hero, some sports hero replaced your dad as your hero. Your dad was made to look weak and dysfunctional. You didn’t need him anymore to look up to, because your hero was created for you via the mass media.

The network show on TV such as ‘Big Brother’ and ‘Survivor’ teach the youth that you can do anything to win, there is no such thing as a conscience. The movies are mainly full of violence and sex, winner take all. These are just more and more ways for the Psychopaths who control the World, to relieve the youth of there collective souls. So they can be used by the Psychopaths to do there killing and bidding for them. Psychopaths turns humans against humans, divides the population against each other. Once religions were good for this but the Psychopaths want even more power now. Religions are not killing off the population fast enough for the Psychopaths now. They want individuals killing each other off now, Christian against Christian, black against black, white against white and so on. Psychopaths want humans to hate them self, blame themselves for over population and the polluted water, air and food. The Psychopaths needed to see how well there propaganda mind washing is doing. So the Psychopaths have convinced the youth in order to be different you need a tattoo. So what do you have now, a whole generation walking around with tattoos all over there bodies. Not long ago folks believed there bodies were Temples, not any more. Your body is something that needs to be a piece of art not “God’s” creation. Just another Psychopath’s need for power via the mind at work example.

In construction and I’m sure in the rest of society today. Those in charge of others are now Psychopaths. What pain and mental discomfort they bring to others, have no effect on them. The word team has no meaning anymore. It’s individuals doing there best to crawl to the top of the ladder of life, no matter how they do it.The Psychopathic leaders have turned the general population into Psychopaths now.

The Psychopaths that control Israel, have turned the citizens into Psychopathic killers. As the army of Israel is made up of a mandatory military service citizens. You see the same thing in many African nations now. Look how the Psychopaths that control China have done to the Tibetan Monks in Tibet. Killing off the spiritual leaders in much the same way as the Psychopaths had the European invaders in America did to the Native American Shamans. Today the Chinese government Psychopaths are rounding up all resistance to there rule in Tibet, starting with the Monks. Here is a link to a great video about this very subject. Tibet! There is some Global Warming propaganda in this video, but nonetheless some great information. The first thing I noticed in the video is how similar the Tibetan people look like the Hopi of northern Arizona. And why the Hopi consider the Tibetan peoples to be there brothers on the other side of the World.

As the current Psychopathic liar who is the president of America now Obummer. Pushes the agenda of those who put him in power. The truth means nothing to him, for all the campaign promises he said to the American folks were nothing but lies. To a Psychopath such as Obummer getting to the top is the only thing that counts. It matters not who is hurt along the way. The corruption of America’s youth by Psychopathic whores who have absolutely no remorse for what pain they have inflicted on Americans and those abroad who they have invaded. With there Psychopathic goals of stealing from others with the great American military powers. Psychopaths were the ones behind the 911 attacks that pushed America into attacking and killing the citizens of countries. Who were the enemies of the Psychopathic leaders of Israel and not the enemies of America. You have a better chance of getting killed by a shark than you have of being killed by a Muslim Terrorist. How many Americans have ever even meet a Muslim radical. Yet the Psychopaths that rule America, keep telling the citizens of America to be very afraid of the Muslim Terrorist who hate Americans because of there freedoms. Hell the Psychopath have taken away most of what was left of Americans freedom with the passage of the ‘Patriot Act’ after 911. Which just happen to be in place to be passed by congress, right after the Psychopaths killed all those folks on 11 September 01.

The biggest goal facing the citizens of America and the World is not to get turned into a Soulless Mindless Psychopath. To keep ones own soul and not be led astray by those who are in power now. For they have no souls and they want the same for everyone else. Turn away from the mass media indoctrination that wants you to also be a Psychopath. A Psychopathic Society that can be controlled by only a handful powerful Psychopaths.

From the ‘Tibetan Book of the Dead’ part 3
‘Great Introduction to the Intermediate State of Reality’

O, Child of Buddha Nature, if you do not now recognize (these phenomena) to be a natural manifestation, whatever meditative practices you may have undertaken whilst in the human World, if you have not (previously) encountered this present instruction, you will fear the light, you will be awed by the sound and you will be terrified by the rays. If you do not now understand this essential point of the teaching, you will not recognize the sounds, the lights and the rays, and you will continue to roam within the cycles of existence.

O, Child of Buddha nature, should you have moved on, (without recognition) after having been unconscious for (up to) three and a half days, you will awaken from unconsciousness and wonder, ‘What has happened to me?’ So, recognize this to be the intermediate state! At this “Time”, the aspects of the cycles of existence are reversed (into there own true nature) and all phenomena are arising as light and buddha-bodies.

O, as I roam in cycle existence (driven) by deep-seated delusion

May the transcendent Lord Vairocana draw me forward,

Leading me on the path of radiant light,

Which is the pristine cognition of reality’s expanse.

May the supreme consort (Akasa) dhatvisvari support me from behind,

And, thus (encircled) may I be rescued

From the fearsome passageway of the intermediate state,

And be escorted to the level of an utterly perfect buddha.

“God” bless






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