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"Me" part 1

Here as I set down and start writing today, it will be my 767 entry. I’ve spent so many hours doing my research and learning how to convey my thoughts on most everything. I figured it was “Time” to tell a little about myself. One one the main reasons I started doing my blog was to share events that have happened to me. My UFO sightings and adventures up on the Hopi Homeland. I interactions with others and mainly Native Americans I’ve met and worked with here in Arizona. From a young age the local Native Americans have been attracted to me for some reason. And one of my sons is married to a Navajo girl from New Mexico. So today I’d like to do a brief of how I got ‘here from there’.

First like like to say there is no record of my birth and the fact if I was adopted I would have been told. This would have come to the forefront even more. During my days in the U.S.Navy during the Nam Days while stationed at Barber's Point Naval Air Station Oahu Hawaii. I knew there was no record of my birth since my childhood. Whenever I needed proof of my status my mom would sign papers for me to solve those problems. Even when I joined the navy in 1965, she sign for my legitimate ability to even join the Navy. The birth date I was given was 4 June 1947, or as I like to say, ‘summer of the “Aliens”. I’ve always been a numbers freak and the interesting thing is how the date adds up. 1947 = 21, 6-4-47 = 21, 4-7 = 11 While in the Navy I went for a Top Secret Clearance, not that I needed one. It’s just in the Navy at the “Time” the more things you did to advance yourself the easier it was to make rank. Other things I did was to take Aviation Classes at night at the University of Hawaii, Hickam Air Force base in Honolulu near Pearl Harbor. And of course always having a clean record of being a team player and never in trouble.

When I applied for a Top Secret Clearance it was done by the FBI. The Navy gave me Secret Clearance but that was just an internal investigation, routine stuff. But a TSC would be handled by the FBI. I’ll always remember the day I was called into H.Q. to hear about my request for a TSC. I was meet a by what I was told was a civilian who was working for the FBI. I was told I was denied my request for my TSC. First thing I wanted t know was ‘why I was denied a TSC’? I started pleading my case as to why I should be cleared for a TSC. The agent told me the reason I was denied a TSC, was the fact that the FBI could not find my birth certificate. And technically I was not a citizen of the United States. By law the Navy should have kicked me out of the Navy and deported me to my country of origin. Just like America does to illegals who get picked up in America. The problem was, just what was my country of origin? It would have been easy to find out if I was adopted by just asking my parents who were still alive. After all I was one of 7 sons and 2 girls in my family. More about this later as I would be told by an older sister more about my origins at age 62 or so. Anyway I made the rank of E-5 in less than 2 years in the Navy. Which qualified me for base housing and ensured I couldn’t be transferred before my enlistment was over. With a daughter and wife, this greatly helped my financial situation of living in Hawaii on an enlisted man's wages.

Knowing a little about my origins will help with more about my life. As a child growing up in the deserts of central Arizona was great (1950s). Phoenix was still a relative small town and the town I grew up in Mesa, was only about 10,000 folks or so.(today is a much different story) During the summer month most ever year I was sent to live in California with a older sister who could have been old enough to be my mother. That was neat to avoid the hot summers and big influence on my older years. With my summers in California I would be taken by a family member of my sister's husband and would stay in different place around central California (LA area). I even stayed on Sunset Strip near the La Brea Tar Pits in downtown Hollywood. I was taken to private harbors so I could swim. Visited most all the major attractions in the area. As I look back this was all done to give me a much bigger open look on life. And a big effect it did have on me, because the kids back home seemed very backward to me. It was like I was being groomed for things later in life.

When I was around 9 years old a very strange thing happened to me, I drowned. Now back in the mid fifties when you drowned you died, I didn’t and how I survived this was never told me. We were on family outing near what is Fountain Hills today on the Verde River. Hot summers days in the mid fifties in Arizona, any water adventure was a blessing. Me and older brothers plus friend were floating down the Verde River on what was a new item then a flat rubber raft. We had just passed under the bridge that was the highway to Payson Arizona. I was on the front of the raft. All of a sudden a big Cottonwood tree fell into the river just in front of us. Being a young child with no strength, I was pulled under the tree. I was all tangled up in the roots of the Cottonwood tree. The fact that it was a Cottonwood tree will be more apparent later. All I remember and it seems like only yesterday, was how beautiful the sight was above me. I could see the beautiful leaves and limbs of the Cottonwood tree through the beautiful clear blue water of the Verde River. It was very peaceful to say the least and there seemed to be no panic in my mind of what was happening to me. I guess you could say I went into shock, so that death would not be so hard on me. This must be what happens when you die, because death would be such a traumatic event. I’m sure my arms must of be flailing trying to extradite myself from the roots of the Cottonwood tree. I don’t remember anything after that, I only remember people and family members asking me, ‘what it was like to have drowned.’ Back then there was no CRP no methods to revive the drowned. Yet what even happened that day I was never told.

The rest of my childhood was pretty normal, played varsity tennis in high school, graduated a semester early. Then joined the Navy after high school, partly because of an auto wreck (no insurance) and the draft going on still then (Vietnam War). If you were drafted into the military you could be sent to any of the branches of the military, depending on who need what. I was sent too Millington Tennessee after basic training for aircraft mechanics school. I had volunteered for duty aboard any Aircraft Carrier, in hopes of seeing the World and the fact that, that type of duty was safer than on some base in Nam. By fate I was sent to Hawaii as said before and played tennis with the officers and had a 9to5 job Monday through Friday, perfect duty.

After getting out of the Navy I went to work for my brother who was the 2nd largest plumbing contractor in Arizona at the “Time”. I was offered a chance to become a electrician and I jumped on the chance. By age 26 I was an Electrical Contractor, mainly because of contacts I got from my older brother. Did that until age 50 or so. Today I’m an electrical estimator for a mid sized electrical company. Being a contractor in Arizona with it’s unjust laws is a ‘young man’s sport’ as I like to say.

At around age 47 my life really took off in another direction personally. Being single for about 8 years before I ever dated again. I meet a girl and she discovered a crescent ‘C’ on my back. It wasn’t there for either of my 2 other marriages. And during that same “Time” line, the girl I was dating noticed something in the sky over my home. She was laying on her back sunbathing on my patio looking straight up into the Arizona sky. I was changing oil on her truck and she yelled down to me, ‘get up here quickly, something is in the sky’. I replied to her, ‘are the boys fucking around up there in the sky?’ I had always called the “Aliens” the ‘boys’ for some unknown reason. Sure enough as I got upstairs to my patio and looked up, there it was. A Cigar shaped craft that in books on the UFO subject are called ‘Motherships’. As I stared up at it, you could tell it was way above passenger airliners that were flying below it. As an old aircraft mechanic from my Navy days. I knew the airliners flew at about 35,000 feet above sea level. And this ‘Mothership’ was way above that and much larger than the airliners flying below it. At that point my life started to unravel, knowing that all the BS I’d been told in my life was pure BS. As I tell folks, ‘I was throwing my past, off the deck of my patio onto the ground below’. This was the beginning of my ‘Great Awakening’, and would only be the beginning of what was to come. I will continue on with this next week “God” willing. For the next thing in a line of Events that are still on going, was waking up one morning with ‘bloody underwear on’!!! Dr.Ruth McKinley Hoover and professor John Mack who wrote the book ‘Abduction’ will figure into my next progression.

From the ‘Tibetan Book of the Dead’ pt. 3

‘Great Introduction to the Intermediate State of Reality’

O, Child of Buddha Nature, listen without distraction. On the second day the purity of the entire element water will arise in the form of white light. At that “Time”, from the eastern Buddha field of Manifest Joy (Abhirati, male Buddha), the transcendent Lord Aksobhya-Vajrasattva (hero of indestructible reality) will dwan before you, his body blue in color, holding in his (right) hand a five pronged vajra (diamond), seated on an elephant throne and embraced by his consort Buddhalocana. They are encircled by two male bodhisattvas, Ksitigarbha and maitreya, and two female bodhisattvas, Lasya and Puspa-bodies will be shining before you from with-in a space of rainbow light.

“God” bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.



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