Sunday, October 14, 2012

"Well, Well, Well"

As I sit down to finish this weekend’s post, there are only 67 days, 12 hours, 40 minutes, 47 seconds. Until that much publicized Event of, 21 December 2012. And you know, things appear pretty much normal. Summer’s back Jesus has been broken and Satan is on his way. You know you always have this constant battle between Jesus the Sun and Satan the Darkness. This battle between light and dark, this battle between when mankind can grow food and when mankind can’t. Of course this has been turned into religions, that way the masses can be controlled. By reminding those who do not think and believe as you do, are ‘Darkness and Evil’. And they must be destroyed!!! Well, Well, Well, what does mankind have to look forward too? Will mankind be crushed like darkness does to the daylight? Will mankind be like so many other species that were created by the “Gods” and destroyed by mankind. Has mankind like the Dinosaurs outlived there “Time” and must be relegated to passing history of Planet Mother Earth? I’d like to think I have inside track to what will happen on the fateful day. And if you believe the Christian Bible, the day of reckoning only “God” knows. And that apply here for sure. I do think that the ‘powers’ that are in charge currently here on Mother Earth, have something up there sleeves. The date of infamy is just getting to much play, movies, songs, books and TV air time. Stories of ‘Project Blue Beam’ fly around the Internet, like a bad dream. That some sort of Holographic Image will displayed around the Earth. Maybe it will be an “Alien” invasion, the second return of Jesus or Muhammad. That will be used to galvanized the Earth under one central government and “God”. And those who don’t buy into the line of BS in America, will be sent off to FEMA Camps or worse.

Is all one can really do is go about there daily business and see just what unfolds. I’m prepared somewhat for a short term Event, like so many others. Many have so many weapons and ammunition the floors in there home are about to buckle from the weight. Talk all over the Internet you need a Bug-Out Bag. Gas tank full in your vehicle and in gas cans for a quick exit to the countryside. Because the cities will be closed off and folks left to fend for themselves against others trapped in the large metropolitan areas. Rumors there are Russian, Chinese, mercenary, troops stationed in Mexico and Canada. Just waiting to invade America, when ordered to do so. Then again from this side of the street, things seem pretty normal. And the skies have been clear with no Chem-trail aircraft spraying there poisons from above the last couple of days. All though I’m quite sure there somewhere else on Earth spraying there poisons. Here is my view of current affairs in southwest America.

As for the magic date of 21 December 2012 things seem pretty much normal. America’s military is still killing innocent people from around the World, so nothing much has changed on that front. Nibiru still hasn’t showed up in my skies. No giant Earthquakes have devoured cities. The Earth is still spinning on the same axes. To the best of my knowledge, both LA and New York City are still above ground. Giant Fireballs have not been seen for the most part, although there have been a few, but that could just be normal. And besides I heard about those few Fireballs that did show up were reported in the controlled mass media (like that can be trusted). Still using my worthless backed by M-16 dollar bills to buy thing with. Gas prices are high but not crazy high, same for food. Can still get water from my tap, but I’d never drink it, so nothing has changed on that front. The summer here in Arizona was hot, but hell it’s Arizona, plus we actually had a Monsoon this summer. I made several trips this summer making my videos, didn’t see one check point. Except for last summer coming back from Bisbee and Tombstone, damned down Illegals anyway. The Sun keeps coming up each morning and going down every evening. Moon appears to be where it’s supposed to be, but there have been reports it’s not where it belongs. I’m sure if the Moon had moved from it’s normal location, someone surely would have told me. I have plenty of electrical projects to bid, so that’s fairly normal. Got a little silver stashed, didn’t need it to buy food with it, bought more silver in fact. Chem-trail aircraft fly over my home spraying poisons in the air, that hasn’t changed since 1998. All the politicians are Raving Whore, that hasn’t changed. (Change You Can Believe In, that Whore). Where am I going with this line of thought?

No where, because things really haven’t changed that much. It seems it’s just a giant game of, ‘keeping everyone afraid of everything’. Fear your neighbor, fear those who don’t belong to your faith or religion. Fear the j000000ws and Muslims. Better keep an eye on the Pope and the Queen of England. Now those damned old Russians are surely up to no good. Al-qaeda, I mean Al-CIAda are an invention of those who now control America. You know those terrorist are knocking at your door. Hear the Mafia has there hand in everything. Hell even heard that the Pope and the Church of Rome is the Mafia. Can’t forget about the Illuminati, who ever in the hell they are. Although the music industry is supposedly controlled by the Illuminati, just listen to the words in most Rap songs today. Personally I believe the j000000w control the music industry and are pointing there collective fingers at everyone else. Look over there, wait look over there, just don’t look at the j000000ws. J000000ws of Hollywood Heard that the Freemasons to fear, live somewhere in Scotland. And the rest of the Masons are there just to better there careers. Not sure who is pulling the Rockefellers and Bill Gates strings , but they definitely want most of the World’s population dead now, if not sooner. Rockefellers appear to like bombs to kill off populations, good money in that approach. While the Gates want to kill the children off with vaccinations. And with just enough left so that the remainder can make good slaves. ‘Give Me Liberty, or Give Me Death’, what a joke that is. Americans like saying that, not knowing they are dumb ass slaves already. ‘Muslims don’t like Americans because of there freedoms’, another big ass lie (GW Bush after 911).

Have heard folks say they can’t wait for 21 December to get here. Like some giant Galactic Flash from the sky is going to open some Portal and Jesus or Muhammad will walk through. The j000000ws are waiting for someone also, I think that Cat’s name is spelled ‘MONEY’. Buddha surely can’t be far away, but of all the religions. The Hindu’s seem to have the better path. Problem is, all you need to know is in your head. Close your eyes, think positive thoughts, find your answers to life’s biggest problem. You are the “God” you are waiting for. Ain’t no one here on Mother Earth that has your personal answers. No one has ‘walked a mile in your shoes’, fits well here. Look and reach to the sky above and not down at the Earth. Look up, be proud of just who you are, because. The Earth is you mother, the Heavenly Sky is your future.


All those around you and the current ‘powers’ just want to bring you down to there level of degradation. They want to drag you down to there level where they have the upper hand. Ignore the calls telling you you need others to uplift your mind. You need to look and think a different way. That’s how the media is used to get the population to believe they need what there Masters want to sell them. The ‘powers’ want you to be depressed, so they can sell you some pills to help you out. Maybe a bigger, faster, neater car will save you from your depression. Hey all you need is some $200 Nike tennis shoes, yeah that will help your depression. Get some bitch-in tattoos, show your individuality, problem is everyone else now has some of those bitch-in tattoos. Work hard all week, pay your taxes on everything you earn and buy with your money. Then on the weekends get all fucked up on booze and street drugs. That will show the World what an individual you are. Just these endless mindless circles the ‘powers’ have everyone marching around in. Where the individual has been lost, beaten down with problem after problem laid out before them.

This isn’t fate, it’s the ‘powers’ trying and succeeding at Mind Control on the masses. Every day there seems to be a new problem the ‘powers’ have created out of thin air like the Fiat Currency. America needs to sent troops and taxpayer dollars to another ‘Hot Spot’ of trouble somewhere on Mother Earth. Troops were just sent to Syria to train the troops how to kill better. Tomorrow will be another country and a new type of illness is just waiting around the corner for you to get. Over and over and over the wheel of problems keep coming. And the only defense is tuning out by not being caught up in it. No TV, movies, current music is a good way to turn-out from the bombardment of information that designed to harm your soul. Break you down so others can control you, others that want to bring harm to you. Make you ill, depressed, dependent on the system for your ailments. Ailment that were inflicted on you by a crush of bad information that turns your stomach. Breaks down your immune systems, gives you cancer from the thing you eat, drink and hear. Stress will lead to cancer and stress is created by the ‘powers’ who want total control over your life. The Psychopaths that are the World’s current leaders and there pawns in the controlled mass media. And this is all being done leading up to 21 December 2012. The masses are being softened-up, being prepared, brainwashed for some sort of Major Event. Where no one will have nowhere to turn, except to those currently in power, who in reality created the problem.

By closing out those who want only to harm you, you have won the battle for your mind, soul and body. Don’t eat and drink there poisons. Stop listening to there BS in the movies, music and TV. Buy foods you can trust from a local Farmers Market. Try and spend your hard earned money on local Mom and Pop business. You can break the ‘powers’ who harm you backs, by not buying there poisons. Stop using detergents like Tide and others for your laundry. Lots of vendors nowadays make soaps and detergent that aren’t fill with chemicals that are called ‘Soft Kill’. Stay away from acid type foods and fast food restaurants like Burger King, McDonald's, Taco Bell and others. They are part of the system that wants you to be ill all the “Time”. Guns are not needed to defend your self, you can use your money to defend yourself. Spread the word about Chem-trails, fluoridated water and there harm to mankind and Mother Earth. A good diet is spitting in the ‘powers’ faces, because you're showing your far smarter than them. Don’t buy into the fact that your body needs flesh from “God’s” creation to survive. All you need are the plants that were provided for you by your creator, long before you were ever planted like a plant on Mother Earth. The Earth’s plants is your supermarket, not rotting flesh in the meat department of your store. The only victory you need, is yourself and not the masses along with you. It’s your life, it’s your path, it’s your walk. Don’t let others deprive you of your own personal journey through life.

Next week I’ll be venturing to Globe Arizona to record the Apache Crown Dancers. It will be the annual Jii Days and the Apache Crown Dancers are the show favorite. There are 2 different groups of Apaches who do these dances, from 2 different reservations in eastern Arizona. links to both groups

‘Great Introduction to the Intermediate State of Reality’ pt.4
Tibetan Book of the Dead

O, Child of Buddha Nature, listen without distraction. On the third day, the purity of the entire element Earth will arise in the form of a yellow light. At this “Time”, from the yellow southern Buddha field of the Glorious (Srimat), the transcendent Lord Ratnasambhava will draw before you, his body yellow in colour, holding in his (right) hand a jewel, seated on a horse throne and embraced by his supreme consort Mamaki. They are encircled by two male bodhisattvas, Aksasgarbha and Samantabhadra, and two female bodhisattvas, Malya and Dhupa. thus, six buddha bodies will be shining before you from within a space of rainbow light.

A yellow light, (indicative of) the pristine cognition of sameness, which is the natural purity of the aggregate of feeling, yellow and dazzling, adorned by greater and lesser seminal points (of light), radiant, clear and unbearable to the eyes, (will emulate) from the heart of Ratnasambhava and his escort and will shine piercingly before you at the level of your heart (with such brilliance) that your eyes cannot bear it. Together with the light of pristine cognition, a dull blue light, (indicative of) the human realm, will also dawn before you and touch your heart. At that “Time”, under sway of pride, you will (wish to) turn away in fear and terror from the bright yellow light and you will come to delight in the dull blue light of the human realm and feel attached towards it. At that moment, abandon your fear of the yellow light, and recognize it as pristine cognition, yellow and dazzling, radiant and clear. Let your awareness relax and abide directly within it, in a state of non activity. Again and again, have confidence in it! Be drawn to it with long devotion! If you recognize it as the natural luminosity of your own awareness, even though you may feel no devotion toward it and have not recited the aspirational prayer, all the buddha-bodies and the light rays will dissolve inseparably into you and you will attain buddhahood. If you are unable to recognize this (radiance) as being the natural luminosity of your own awareness, then pray with devotion, thinking: ‘This is the light ray of the transcendent Lord Ratnasambhava’s compassion. I take refuge in it’. This, in reality , is the transcendent Lord Ratnasambhava come to escort you on the fearsome dangerous pathway of the intermediate state. This is the light ray hook of Ratnasasmbhava’s compassion! Be devoted to it! Do not delight in the dull blue light of the human realm. This (dull light) is the inviting path created by your own habitual tendencies for deep-seated pride, which you yourself have generated. If you become attached to it, you will tumble down into the human realm, you will experience the suffering of birth, old age, sickness, death, and there will be no (immediate) opportunity to escape from the swamp of cyclic existence. This (dull light) is an obstacle blocking the path to liberation! Do not look at! (Sounds like a story from the Bible) Abandon pride! Abandon your habitual tendencies! Do not be attached to the dull blue light! Do not cling to it! Be devoted to the yellow light, golden and dazzling. Focus intently and single-mindedly on the transcendent Lord Ratnasambhava and recite the following prayer:

O, as I roam in cyclic existence(driven) by deep-seated pride,

May the transcendent Lord Ratnasambhava draw me forward,

Leading me on the path of radiant light,

Which is the pristine cognition of sameness,

May the supreme consort Mamaki support me from behind,

And thus (encircle), may I be rescued,

From the fearsome passageway of the intermediate state,

And be escorted to the level of an utterly perfect buddha

“God” bles on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.





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