Sunday, October 21, 2012

"And Down the Stretch They Come"

‘And Down the Stretch They Come’, comes from horse racing announcers. After the field of horses round turn four in a horse race. The stretch is the straightaway leading to the finish line. Which just happens to always be a checkered design, hmmmmmmm!!! And now as the election for president draws near, ‘Down the Stretch They Come’. Of course the two horses in this race have been selected for Americans. Americans really had no real choice in the matter and they will have no say in the winner. Just a big old Dog and Pony show. One day in the newspaper or news, Obummer is ahead by a neck, next day the Mormon Moron is ahead by half a length. Only instead of using horse racing terms the ‘powers’ like using percentage points. I’ve noticed the ‘powers’ like the 47%, must have some ritualistic significance. Like adding up to 11 or something such. The ‘powers’ like giving the general public debates between not only the presidential contenders, ever the vice presidents (You know in a flick of an eye, the vice president could become president.). Then the very same evening there will be a debate about who won the war of words. Heard Obummer made an ass of himself in the first debate, but has since made a strong comeback (lol). Just like in a horse race, the two contestants appear to be fighting it out, what a joke. There both the ass end of a horse and I’m being kind. There horses ass’s with strings attached to them by there controllers. And will not be let to make a single decision. Like Romney saying that America will invade Iran to protect Israel, fuck Israel (Broke one of my own self imposed rules on Sunday’s entry, no profanity.). If the ‘powers’ want Americans to die in Iran, it will happen. Not because some moron who is president decides that.

Obummer is more than likely a Freemason and Romney is a Moron which is just another type of Freemasonry. These aren’t your day to day Freemasons, no this goes much higher. In fact Freemasonry may have nothing to do with it. It could be an altogether much stronger order that no one is even aware of. The Freemasons lately have been getting blamed for everything. The problem is the ones pointing the fingers at them are the j000000wish controlled media. And then again the j000000ws may be controlled by the Jesuits, who in turn have there own Masters. I mean at this point, who really knows what is going on, but a handful of individuals who may not even be Earthlings. And these in power must be the ones behind the Chem-trails, but then again who knows. Lets face the music, who really is running the show??? If the World’s population really thinks they are going to turn on there evening news on the TV and get some straight answers, there living in fantasy land. And are just where there Masters want them to be.

Always thought the Beatles music was divine intervention and in some ways that is true. After all there songs did come to them from a greater power. That greater powers was Tavistock Institute. And with the Beatle music followed drugs, free love, break-up of the basic family unit and much more. The Beatles were a Tavistock creation. When the Institutes discovered the power of music and how it affects the brain. The music of the sixties was a well planned out event. While the British Invasion was happening. Right here in America there was another attack front going on. It was started in Hollywood Music Industry. Here in America it was more of the dropout thing going on. Timothy Leary, The Grateful Dead and other such groups which were born out of either the LA area or the San Francisco Bay area. We’re pushing LSD on the youth. This wasn’t so much to open one’s mind as it was to destroy many young minds. Many of my friends back in the day, never really recovered from the LSD trips. Jerry Garcia who later would be linked to the CIA and FBI. For his part in pushing the drug era along. This was a easy connection because Jerry was j000000wish. Oh by the way the Beatles got there name not by coincidence, it came from the Scarab beetle from Egyptian “Times”.

I’ve been following a series of videos called ‘Wake Up’. Here is part 14 which is the Beatles connection to Tavistock and the music industry. I believe there are 36 parts, that reach from the movie, music and power system ruling the World today. You’ll be amazed how far reaching into everyone’s daily lives, how much control has been put over your life. And to the ends that are now being use, to control the masses. You can really see the MInd Control effectiveness in the youth of today. Here is a great example I notice in day to day life.

I’ve noticed at work how the youngest generation has been so totally brainwashed. You see in the blind obedience to any authority. Without even the slightest idea what has been done to them. They go through life with blinders on. Previous generations including mine were affected by this type of brainwashing that gets started with simple Walt Disney cartoons. Then is carried over into the public school system. To where if you do exactly as you are told, you are rewarded. Go against authority then you are chastised and punished. You’ll even be punished by your own peer group, who themselves have been brainwashed into this un-normal type of thinking. This type of Mind Control has now been taken to a whole new level. The young electrician on our job site will do whatever the General Contractors foreman tell them what to do, even if there is no logic to it. I’ve even observed that when the job superintendent calls them on the cell phone, there ass holes pucker (LOL). This has not been taught to our electricians by us, quite the opposite in fact. It’s a constant reminder to the electricians who work for us, they answer to us and not the job site superintendent. But in the young electricians minds today, the top of the food chain comes first. And the top of the food chain would be the General Contractor's superintendent. Even though it’s the company you work for who gives you your paycheck on Friday.

With the older electricians who work for us it’s the opposite. They are in constant battles with the GC superintendent to do there work as they see fit and in sequence of how electrical installs are done. What has happened the GC’s are hiring younger and younger superintendents. Who of course are a by-product of the current brainwashing techniques. Today the superintendents are really a type of Psychopath, with not even knowing it. Because they will bring to harm to the subservient with no remorse for what they have done. They go about there job blindly and brutally. I spent tons of “Time” trying to de-program our young electricians. It’s easy to get them to see what has been done to themselves, but changing that control mind set is another story. Just driving down the road with the young electricians is a good example. They are quick to tell you if you are speeding, or if you're about to enter a school zone. They let you know as soon as the light changes to green. This is a by-product of, ‘Trauma Based Mind Control’. Do as the system has instructed you and no punishment will come to you. For those at the very top are your Masters and not those around you. Who are responsible for your day to day life.

Yesterday I ventured up to Globe to record some Apache Crown dancers. By fate there were two different groups of Apache Crown dancers. One group I’d recorded last year, The San Carlos Apache Crown Dancers. and a group from Cibeque on the Apache reservation in eastern/central Arizona. I’m uploading both videos now, which will take about 10 hours each because of the quality of my videos. Both videos are about 25 minutes long. The sad part about the Cibeque dancers was the fact they were all very fat. The poor Native Americans who were once mainly gathers for there diets. Are now on a diet of carbohydrates, processed sugars and alcohol. The dances hold great meaning, but to watch them try and perform the ancient dances was sad. As I’ve talked about before, Apache dances are totally wild with no certain criteria. While most other Native American dances are well thought out and smooth. The Apache just want to jump around and yell.

The Heard Museum in Phoenix is doing an exhibition on WWII Code Talkers. Running from October 27 until March 31. I just wanted to point out that most Code Talkers were Navajo, but here is a list and counts of other Native American tribes that were also Code Talkers.

Assiniboine, Cherokee, Chippewa/Oneida (17)
Choctaw, Comanche (17)
Hopi (11)
Navajo, Kiowa, Menominee, Muscogee/Creek, Seminole (420)
Pawnee, Sac, Fox/Meskwaki, Sioux-Lakota, Dakota (19)

Here is some interesting facts about the Freemasons over the years from the Catholic Church.

Papal Encyclicals/Vatican Documents in Masonry duplicates Manichean and Gnostic heresies

Clement XII 1738 In Eminente
Automatic excommunication of catholic Masons

Benedict XIV 1751 Providas
Condemned Masonry for 5 reasons: secrecy, oaths, indifferent-ism, anti-Catholic, immoral

Pius VI 1775 Inscrutabili Divinae Sapientiae
Masonry man is subject to no authority

Pius VII 1821 Ecclesiam a Jesu-Cristo
Masonry is a counter-church

Leo XII 1825 Quo Graviora
Masonry denies the divinty of Christ

Pius VIII 1829 Traditae Humilitari Nostrae
Masonry's God is Satan

Gregory XVI 1832 Miari Vos
Masonic philosophy has penetrated the Church

Pius IX 1873 Etsi Multa
American Masonry is as evil as European Masonry

Leo XIII 1884 Humanum Genus
Masonic mask of deception must be torn away

Pius X 1911 Iamdudum
condems Masonic separation of Church and state

Pius XII 1958 Pastoral letter
Masonry is "mother root" of modern apostacy

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


PS "Aliens"





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