Sunday, October 28, 2012

"Black Theater Troupe, Racism?"

I’m currently trying my damnedest to bring home a project I got our company called ‘Black Theater Troupe’. More on this bummer later and the state of America’s work force today. Black Theater Troupe, No Navajo Theater Troupe, No Puerto Rican Theater Troupe, No Mexican Theater Troupe, No Hopi Theater Troupe, No White Theater Troupe and I could go on and on. So what makes it that that the City of Phoenix would own a building, spend well over a million dollars renovating a building they already own. So that Black actors would have a place to perform? The Black population of Phoenix is relatively small, and there’s no major Black area or ghetto. I wonder if the City gets federal funding for such a project,except one thing. The job was bid not using Davis-Bacon wages which is required if any project is federally funded. And I’m quite sure the project is funded by the City of Phoenix solely. Because there never seems to to be enough City of Phoenix employees and inspectors visiting the site.

Phoenix is a White town and a good old boy power structure and the biggest ghettos are for sure Latino. If any minority deserved there own building to hold plays in, promoting there culture. It should be the Native Americans then the Latinos. The City of Phoenix is built on Hohokam lands, so why not be a Hohokam Theater Troupe? The Mexicans never populated this area of Arizona, only various Native American tribes. In fact there were few if any Mexicans living in Arizona anywhere. Is all the Native Americans got from the City of Phoenix was a slap in the face. Even and old large Indian park was removed. And the Native Americans now roam the streets of Phoenix, looking for the homeland that was taken away from them. And another slap in the face to the Native Americans is the Black Theater Troupe.

 That money should have been spent trying to educate and help those who lands were stolen from them. Not some blacks who don’t deserve it. Yet the City of Phoenix keeps the Native American culture under wraps. If not for the Heard Museum and a few other groups, the Native American culture in the metro Phoenix area would have been totally lost. The first known inhabitant of Phoenix were the Hohokams. What do they get, a few mounds of dirt down by the Sky Harbor airport. The rest of there ruins and petroglyphs other than at South Mountain Park are gone. Bulldozed away for the whites and other ‘Johnny Come Lately’ races. v

You know racism goes both ways, which is often forgotten. The blacks racism towards others is often overlooked. The Blacks and j000000ws have one common denominator, ‘Oh, look at how we've been treated’. Hell ever race has there own struggles. The White are not just one race just as the Native Americans. Both groups are a conglomeration of many smaller groups. The Blacks and the j000000ws have a long history of killing others and themselves. Look what Israel is doing to all there neighbors today and throughout the history of Israel. Look at the Black ghettos history of Black on Black murders. Wealthy j000000ws rob from the j000000ws who steal from goyims (Whites to the j000000ws, the unwashed to the j000000ws.) of the World. You never hear of a White guy killing his Black wife. Yet Black men have a history of killing there White wives (OJ Simpson). The j000000ws love bombing innocent victims in the West bank and Gaza. Look how the j000000wish control of America has turned the American military into a merciless killing machine of dark skinned Muslims. America has invaded Israels enemies who are there neighbors, not America’s neighbors. While back in America Blacks are killing store owners for a bottle of booze and a pack of smokes.

The way the mass media promote things today. You would think the White and the rest of the American citizenry was no more than bumbling fools. While the j000000ws are promoted as being the only intelligent race on the planet. And the Blacks are superior athletes and musicians. The unknown fact is the Blacks have been the slaves of the j000000ws for centuries. And that is why you see the j000000wish controlled media pushing the Black agenda. The j000000ws promote the Blacks along, then get them all under total control with drugs and sex, two things the more primitive Blacks cannot resist. And now I’ve been following some things on You Tube about Blood Sacrifices for one Black musician to get more publicity that another Black artist. As you watch this and other type of videos you see why Blacks artist such as Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston died strange deaths.

Russell Means a Native American activist and part “Time” actor died Monday from cancer (what else?) video Means was one of the early leaders of the AIM, American Indian Movement. Means died at his ranch on the Pine Ridge Reservation (prison) at age 72. He was a Oglala Native American. Means, Dennis Banks and other AIM members took over Wounded Knee in protest of the treatment of Oglala tribal members on there reservation in 1968. In 1974 Means and other AIM members broke out in a fight while in court in Minnehaha Courthouse, located in Sioux Falls. For this Means spent a year in jail. While serving his “Time” in state penitentiary Means was stabbed. Some other event or protest Means was part of or lead. Mayflower II ship replica at Plymouth Mass.. Mount Rushmore protest.Means lead AIM for 10 years before drifting away from the movement. Later other AIM members called Means an opportunist and only in it for financial gains. Means moved into acting and was made famous in the movies for his part in the movie, ‘The Last of the Mohican's’. Means would appear in over 30 more movies and did some acting in TV shows. Means ran for president in the Libertarian Party and ran against Ron Paul who he lost too. Means also tried to run for governor of New Mexico as an Independent. He failed to satisfy the required for state citizenship and that was stopped. Means will be cremated and his life will be celebrated for four days. Within 24 hours another famous South Dakota member died, it was George McGovern. Who himself once ran for president.

Back to my labor problems I’ve had at Black Theater Troupe building. I’ve been through 3 different foreman's running the project. It is to the point now I’m out working with my tools on the project. You can call yourself an electrician but at this project it won’t take long to know if you are in over your head. The electrical safety systems today in multi tenant type building such as a theater are incredible. Which is good for the general public. If a fire erupts the egress systems guide the individual from the building with emergency lighting systems. The system ensures the safety of the patrons of the building. So they can be shown a lighted exit from the building. As the sprinkler system douses the fire in the location of the fire and not the entire building. The mass media has taught the individual that lying is OK. Shows like Survivor and other reality shows, have produced a working class today with no morals. The younger guys have to be pushed and prodded along, because of a lack of social morals. It sure as hell wasn’t that way 40 years ago. But today’s workforce has been brought up on ‘what have you done for me’ mentality. And are willing to lie about what they know. Where when you find out they have no morals, you send them away. And that is what you have today and just what the ‘powers’ wanted. A moral-less society that can be controlled.

Tibetan Book of the Dead
‘Great Introduction to the Intermediate State of Reality’ pt. 5

There is no doubt that if (the deceased) are receptive to this introduction, they will attain liberation, however weak there (individual) ability may be. Yet, even after being given this introduction many “Times”, there are some whose positive opportunities have been exhausted by, for example, there great negativity or through not having maintained there commitments and so forth, who, even now, will not have accepted this introduction. These individuals will have turned away in fear of both the sound and the luminosities and become agitated by desire and negative obscuration. So it is that, on the fourth day, the transcendent Lord Amitabha’s assembly of deities will come to escort them and, at that same “Time”, light path (indicative of the realm) of the anguished spirits, which is generated by desire and miserliness, will emerge v

Again calling the deceased by name, the introduction should be given with the following words

O, Child of Buddha Nature, listen without distraction. On the fourth day, the purity of the element fire will arise in the form of a red light. At that “Time”, from the red western Buddha field of the Blissful (Sukhavati), the transcendent Lord Amitabha will dawn before you, his body red in color, holding in his (right) hand a lotus flower, seated on a peacock throne and embraced by the supreme consort Pandaravasini. They are encircled by two male bodhisattvas, Avalokitesvara and Manjusri, and two female bodhisattvas, Gita and Aloka, thus, six buddha-bodies will be shining before you from within a space of rainbow light.

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


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