Sunday, November 4, 2012

"American, Land of the Free???"

Is America truly the land of the free and brave? I for one thought that was reality and all others around the World were locked in fear of there governments. As I get older and wiser now, I think I got that all backwards. Americans should be the ones in most fear of there government. After all which country in the World percentage wise has the most in prisons? Well that would be good old ‘land of the free, home of the brave’ America. Later I’ll show how America was set up to be under the control of City of London and I don’t mean England. For the English are living under conditions much worse than Americans. In fact the poor old Brits are a test for how much suppression can an individual be put under. Before the ones under control are forced to say, ‘no more’. All the cameras around England are slowly being incorporated into Americans day to day lives. This is being done much slower to the Americans, so that one day being recorded is just a normal fact of life. Kind like the chem-trails got started, one here one there. Until today you see the chem-trails lines in the skies over America as being common place. Few years ago you’d never see chem-trails in commercials or any TV programs or movies. Until now if you look and programs from the Internet, TV, and movies. You can see the chem-trails everywhere. While I watch thing on the Internet, I pay particular close attention to the skies behind the scenes. It was rare a few years ago to see the lines in the skies, now it common to see them. This is the same type of programing to the citizens of America and the World you see currently. Drip, drip, drip, walla!!!

Now back to showing just how the individual lost there freedoms, or in reality truly were never free. Starting with your name on your drivers license. Take a notice that your name is in capital letters. This means that you are not John Doe American free citizen. This means that you are incorporated and that started the day you got your birth certificate (You arrived down your mother’s ‘birthing channel’, same as ships do when they arrive in port.) and Social Security number. Your birth certificate your parents signed for you says, you came into being a slave of the American the Corporation. (America is a corporation and not an independent country. Controlled by the City of London, which is itself is under the control of Rome.) Then later in life, if you wanted to make some money, say starting in high school years. You find out real quick that without a Social Security number, you won’t get hired. So like a good slave you run right down to the Social Security Administration and get that much needed Social Security number. Two things you will notice if you bother to look. Your name is in all capital letters, then you learn that your generation’s first 3 numbers of your S.S. are all the same. I’m a baby boomer so I’m a 526. When an America agrees to have a Social Security number, the citizen of the United States. Surrendered there sovereignty and agreed to become a franchisees of the United States the Virginia Company of the British Crown in reality. Thinking the United States Federal government is the rightful government.

Next “Time” you get any correspondence from the federal government, take note it’s in all capital letters. This is not you John Doe, but the corporation that you became at birth. The definition of a ‘human being’ to the United States Corporation; ‘a corporation treated as having the rights and obligations of a person’. Counties and cities can be treated as a person in the same manner as a corporation, in other words, ‘you’ an artificial person. Everything in America is for sale, bridges, roadways, buildings (Arizona’s State Capitol building was recently sold.), schools, water rights, prison (Many private prisons in Arizona now.), airports, etc., Executive Order #12803. Americans are also Human Capital, Executive Order 13037. The United States has 2 flags, one for Peacetime, one for War “Time”. The one you see flying now, is the Wartime” flag. Emergency Relief Banking Act of 9 March 1933 defined in it, ‘the American peoples as the enemy’, legally. You know this Act today as the beginning of the Federal Reserve, which has nothing to do with the federal government. The Federal Reserve is under the control of private bankers. The Federal Reserve became the government of America at this “Time”, as the credit holder of the United States. Because when the Federal Reserve was created, America was bankrupt.

When you see the American flag with a gold border on it, such as on federal buildings and  military uniforms. This indicates the jurisdiction of ‘British Maritime Law’, or UCC. Bush II declared War on Terrorism, for the private corporation of the United States. It had nothing to do with Americans freedoms. It had to do with making money for the corporations that control the federal government. It is not the duty of the American military to protect the citizens of the United States. The U.S. military is for the protection of the corporations of America. Look how the term ‘Banana Republics’ got started. America invades these countries so Dole corporation could take control of the importation of bananas to the Americas.(look it up) The most powerful court in America is not the ‘Supreme Court’, it’s the ‘Supreme Court of Pennsylvania’, (42Pa.C.S.A. 502). Pennsylvania is the Keystone State, in other words the stone that a building starts from. Any building the Freemason control or financed, will always have the Freemason symbol on the cornerstone of there buildings. The FCC, FBI, CIA, NASA, etc. were never part of the United States government. The United States government did hold shares in them. Americans are the Cows, IRS milks the Cows. The United States is a farm that’s owned by the British Crown, and ultimately by the Pope in Rome. That’s why when Obummer was put in charge of the corporation known as the United States. He went directly to both London and Rome and got on his knee and kissed the hand of the Pope and Queen of England.

Try the best you can and see just what in your lives doesn’t need some sort of license or permission from the ‘powers’? You think your home or car is paid off and it’s finally yours? Try driving that car without insurance or licence plate. Try not paying the taxes on your home yearly. Try mining on your own property, you can’t, because you don’t own the mineral rights under your own home (Royal Family does). Yet a company can pull up to your home and start Fracking for gas, or drilling for oil. Or in the case of South Bisbee, give you X amount of days to vacate your home after they offer you a settlement. Which in reality isn’t a settlement, it’s more like ‘take it or leave it’. And if you don’t take it, there having the Sheriff’s office remove you from your property. South Bisbee gone!!!
The United States means, ‘Federal Corporation’, United States Code title 28 3002 (15), look it up. Obummer is the president of a corporation, fact. And the citizens of America are America’s employees. The King (George) England financed both sides of the Revolutionary War. United States did not declare Independence from Great Britain or King George. (example, Germany citizens surrendered to the USA after WWII, not the Nazis.) In 1604 a corporation was formed called the ‘Virginia Company’ in preparation for the influx of British citizens invasion of North America. The main stockholder was King James 1 of England. (10 April 1606) The Virginia Company owned most of the land of the American, which is now called the USA. The British Crown family owned 50% of all gold and silver mined in the USA. Also 5% of all profits from other ventures. The lands of the Virginia Company were granted to the Colonies (USA) under a ‘Deed of Trust’ (lease). There for the Colonies (USA) could not claim ownership to the Lands. Ownership was retained by the British Crown.

The Act of 1871 created a separate form of government . For the District of Columbia and is governed with British Admiralty Law, UCC. Act of the Forty-First Congress Section 34, Session III Chapter 61 and 62. An Act ‘To Provide a Government for the District of Columbia’. This is why when your local politician is elected to U.S. Congress, he or she now answer to the Royal British Family and not to those who elected them.
As the old line goes,’if it ain't broke don’t fix it’. And what you have in America and most of the World has been going on for hundreds of years, if not thousands of years. Some might believe it’s an “Alien” thing. And no one here on Mother Earth could come up with such a genius plan. I only know the older I get, things aren't what they once seemed. Here again I’m only trying to show others what I’ve researched. Most of what I’ve written about I’ve figured out in recent
years doing research for this blog. Here is a link to a video called ‘Secret Knowledge’.

Went to record some Native American dancers at a local Pow Wow east of Scottsdale on the Pima reservation. The structure of the event show just still to this day, how the Native Americans are kept under wraps. Forcing them to dance for prizes and not for the love of it. Being subversive to those who control the rewards. It’s as if they are still on the rez looking for the BIA (Bureau of Indian Affairs) to hand them sustenance for there survival. Sadist part of this is, Native Americans control over other Native Americans. With Whites in the background pushing the Native Americans buttons who provide the Pow Wows coast to coast. At the beginning and ending of these Pow Wows you alway have a flag ceremonial. That encourages the veterans in the crowd to participate in the ritual. And the speaker always remind the Native Americans in attendance of those of the Warring Societies of many of the Native American tribes had. Yea get behind the same flag that raped and pillaged you as a citizen of Mother Earth. And took your lands, cultures and freedoms from you. And turned the Native Americans into Second Class citizens.

One final word today, ‘folks know what you are doing, here in the store’. This was said to me by a friend who manages the produce department of where I do most of my grocery shopping at. Just what am I doing, trying to get some sort of truth out to those around me. So that some sense of normality can be had by those around me. Just as I do in these writings.

Not a believer the corporation of the United States ever went to the Moon or are currently on Mars. Look at this photo of the Martian Rover and figure just who in the hell took the picture for NASA. LOL
"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


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