Sunday, November 11, 2012

"Useful Idiots"

Just what is a ‘Useful Idiot’, here are some examples. First of all I want to say not everyone in these groups are Useful Idiots. Many are there simple to feed there families, many have been brainwashed by the constant propaganda dished out too Americans on a daily bases. But those at the top and the most cruel Useful Idiots. Pastors, priests, rabbis, clergymen, Military, police, politicians, prison guards, TSA agents, and anyone who will bring to harm to there fellow brethren. All in the name, ‘I’m just doing my job’. These individuals are filled with greed, that drives them. They are the one who believe they deserve more than those around them. These are the ones who will bring harm to others with no remorse, basically a psychopaths, pedophiles murderers, rapists out of control. Most were harmed and abused as children and find that harming others, is just what has been to them as children. Therefore they believe they are just acting out naturally. I’ve read many “Times” the the ruling elite’s children are treated terrible at childhood. This prepares for there leadership roles later in life. The “God” given ability to treat others kindly is driven from them. A perfect example is the Bush family of today. They have no problem going out and lying before the country and World on a daily bases. Bush sr. speech about the coming New World Order at the United Nations. Saying how this would bring the World’s population together, with no more wars. This is total BS, the NWO is for absolute control over the masses and turning the World’s population into mindless slaves. Bush II saying after 911 that the terrorist only attacked America because they hated Americans freedoms and life styles. While in fact the attacks of 911 were to start taking away what few freedoms Americans still had. And to kill over 3,000 souls on that fateful morning so the ‘powers’ could start killing innocent folks of the Muslim faith Worldwide. In the big picture the Bush’s are only Useful Idiots.

Useful Idiots are always pawns of those who control them. They are easily used because of there simple minded greed. Useful Idiots find pleasure in seeing other in pain. The same pain that was inflicted on them as children. And the Useful Idiots will be thrown away when there usefulness has been used up. Because they cannot be trusted because they were so easily lured to bring harm to there fellow human being by there greed. Have you ever seen a national leader of any country, who appeared to have a soul in there eyes? You can’t get to the top of any power position, without stepping on the backs of others that get in the ways of your goals. ‘Nice guys finish last’ and the nice guys are most of the World’s population. The ‘powers’ in Washington D.C. aren’t their because there ‘good old boys’. No they know nothing but wanting to lead others, thinking they are the ones who need to make the ‘big decision’. But in reality the only reason they are in congress is because they are Useful Idiots. All politicians must first prove they are soulless. They must prove they are willing to harm there fellow countrymen and of other countries before they are even allowed into the system that truly controls America. Politicians must prove that they are indeed Useful Idiots. How could anyone in there right mind approve weapons to be used on innocent men, women and children in foreign countries? How could anyone other than an Useful Idiot allow chemicals to be sprayed in the form of Chem-trails all over the World. Treating the World’s population like they are some kind of bug that must be exterminated. While at the same”Time” letting there own families and themselves be poisoned? Only a Useful Idiot would allow this. Only the most corrupted mind could allow such harm to those around them. Unfortunately the World is ruled by these types of individuals.

Of course the big question is, ‘Who are the ones behind the Useful Idiots’? I’ve never seen a politician or World leader who looked intelligent. I always see only those willing to bring great harm to others. Look at all the Black leaders in Africa, these are the most ruthless looking individuals. Did or presently do any of the Russian leaders have a look of compassion in there eyes? Putin came from the KGB and there definitely aren’t know for there compassion. Bush I was incharge of the CIA and look at him. He looks like some kind of Reptile that would eat your children. Obummer looks like some dumb fuck, just doing as he is ordered to do like Jimmy Carter. John F. Kennedy had a look of compassion in his eyes, but that got him murdered. Maybe early president were of a different bred, but sense Roosevelt II, they all look like mind controlled whores. Some say that Ike looked out for the public, after his speech about the ‘Military Industrial Complex’, but hell that system groomed him for power. And he was responsible for the deaths of many innocent Germans during WWII. Not to mentioned he ordered the starvation of of thousands of German prisoners of war at the end of WWII. Many think the Banksters are the one who control the Useful Idiots. And this would make a good choice because of the greed of the Useful Idiots. But why would the Banksters want millions of innocent children killed off? Money is power, but starving and killing innocent children, what’s the point? After all they are all potential consumers no matter how little. Then again when you have more than you could possibly need, does killing the innocent come into play? How far back does this power structure of today go back. If you listen to those such as David Icke and others. The power system goes back to Egyptian “Times”. And who did the Egyptian learn from? Mankind to this day has no clue how and why the pyramids were built. Were the Pharaoh “Gods” themselves? Then if the Pharaohs were “God” from another solar system, that would make them “Aliens”. At least “Aliens” from this solar system.

One fact that is pretty well established, that mankind went from a ‘gather-hunter’ around 5,000 years ago. And suddenly had become farmers, which in turned shortened the Earth inhabitants lives. Before farming the individual lived a high alkaline diet. Processed foods such as the byproduct of wheat, and corn are high acid diets. And diets high in acid are known cause of cancers the ‘C’ word. Why were the Earthly diets changed so abruptly? Who taught the Earthly ones these new ways of feeding themselves? And what was in it for them? A better slave comes to mind. A slave that could grow faster and die younger. Not much different from the type of food supply of animals you have today. Food animals diets contain high growth hormones and processed foods (GMO). Which make the chicken, cow, pigs, etc. mature much quicker for the consumption of the flesh eaters of the planet earth. In this transition in the population of Mother Earth, there was no need for Useful Idiots, or was there? The Useful Idiots could have been used to enforce the new diets on the inhabitants of Mother Earth. As the populations grew on Mother Earth by containing individuals in small confined areas. As there was no need to wander the surface of the Earth in search of food. Groups were always on the move as the group wore out the food supply in the local area. This is the reason Native American tribes were nomadic.

 As villages grew in population, there had to be some type of leadership. In this first transition the Shamans were the leaders of the small villages. Later this would be changed as the most powerful became the leader of the village. In most cases this individual would have been the most ruthless. Not much different than what you have today. Was this the beginning of the Useful Idiots? Were the ones who changed the diets of the earthling, the “Aliens” for lack of a better word? Would these off planet entities, be the ones who first created the powerful families you have still today? Or as like like to call them, ‘Useful Idiots’. Who could be taken out in a moments notice by those above who really are ‘in charge’. As the old goes, ‘everyone is entitled to there own opinion’. The cruel ‘powers’ who seem to run the agenda here on Mother Earth, “Time” is short, according to Santos Bonnacci As all the answers are in the Stars above. “Time” cures all ills, we must only hope.

The main actors in the Tucson shooting last year meet in court 8 November. Jared Loughner (24) and Gabrielle Gifford who just happen to attend the same j000000wish synagogue in Tucson. One being the shooter the other being the victim. These two are Useful Idiots for Gun Control in America. For a women supposedly shoot in the head at near point blank range, Gabrielle Gifford look just fine. All her hair in place, mental capacities working fine, that is for a politician. The picture of Gabrielle and husband leaving the courtroom said it all for me. The look on her face of, ‘these Cats (powers) were willing to kill me and many others that day, just for there agenda of Gun Control in America’. Another Useful Idiot is married to Gabrielle, astronaut Mark Kelly, who would get up and make BS speech at Jareds sentencing. Jared would get 7 Life or 140 years, whichever comes first. Jared was found guilty or pleaded guilty of the killing of Judge Larry Burns (Judge Larry Burns was the one the ‘powers want dead the most. He’d ruled against Obummer’s immigration policies often.) and 6 others. Also Jared supposedly wounded 13 other people, which I found amazing because Jared only fired about 30 rounds. There was no record of Jared taking shooting lessons, yet on the fateful day in Tucson he couldn’t miss. Like the recent shooting in a Denver movie theater, events just don’t add up.

The third Useful Idiot would be Gabrielle’s husband Mark Kelly. If Mark Kelly wasn’t a pawn in the ‘powers’ game, you wouldn’t know who he was or even care. Astronauts are chosen carefully, maybe not for there intelligence but more there usefulness. You can stick anybody on top of some big ass old Roman Candle (firecracker) and shoot them into space. NASA a pawn of the ‘power structure’, uses everyone who comes in contact with them. Any way at the sentencing of the another pawn Jared Loughner. Mark Kelly gets up to make a statement, that I’m sure was prepared by some else. After all, there’s a fine line between Obummer reading a teleprompter and Mark Kelly’s rant at the sentencing. Instead of Kelly getting up and talking about how painful the Tucson shooting must have been for the families involved. The short ass pawn whore Kelly, carried on about Gun Control. And the Tucson shooting was all about Gun Control!!! Screw those who were part of the Event, there all only pawns. Like the folks killed on 911 and after. Here are the puppet whore Mark Kelly’s own words. ‘This horrific act warns us to hold our leaders and ourselves responsible (you see it’s all America’s fault BS) for coming up short when we do, for not having the courage (you weak ass Americans you) to act when it’s hard, even for possessing the wrong valves (you weak ass Americans have no morals either).’ Mark Kelly went on to rant some more, even took a swing at Arizona’s Governor Jan Brewer another Useful Idiot. Because Arizona does have some of the most liberal gun laws in America. The fact that Jared Loughner had a gun holding 30 rounds as the problem. The fact is if indeed he was the lone shooter or even the real shooter. Limit the number of shells a gun can hold is BS. All one has to do is carry 2 or more guns. Beside it’s far too late to control clips with numerous shells in them. That ship left the harbor long ago, how many thousand of these type clip are in circulation today and how many can be built at home? For the record Loughner will be keep in mental hospital and feed prescription drugs for life. After all the ;powers’ would never want Loughner to be part of a general prison population. The fact that Jared was a pawn in a much bigger picture would soon surface. Just as Timothy McVeigh and Lee Harvey Oswald were eliminated quickly. Jared Loughner will die quietly in some Mental Hospital, never to be heard from again.

Tibetan Book of the Dead

'Great introduction to the Intermediate State of Reality' pt. 6

The red light (indicative of)the pristine cognition of discernment, which is the natural purity of the aggregate of perceptions, red and dazzling, adorned by greater and lesser seminal points, radiant and clear, bright and dazzling, (will emanate) from the heart of Amitabha and his consorts and will shine piercingly before you at the level of your heart (with brilliance) that your eyes cannot bear it. Do not be afraid! Together with the light of pristine cognition, a dull yellow light, (indicative of the realm) of anguish spirits, will also dawn before you(and touch your heart). Do not delight (in the dull yellow light)! Do not become attached to it and do not cling to it! At this "Time", under the sway of deep desire, you will come to delight in the dull yellow light of the anguished spirits and feel attachment towards it. At this moment abandon your fear  and recognition the red light, bright and dazzling, radiant and clear, to be pristine cognition. Let your awareness relax and abide directly within it, resting in a state of non activity. Have confidence in the radiant , red luminosity! Be drawn to it with longing devotion, If you recognise this radiance as the natural luminosity of your own awareness, even though you may feel no devotion towards it and have not recited the aspirational prayer, all the buddha-bodies and the light rays will dissolve inseparably  (into you) and you will attain buddhahood. If you are not able to recognise (the radiance) in this way, they pray with devotion, thinking: This is the light ray of the Transcendent Lord Amitabha's compassion. I take refuge in it. 'This trulyis the light-ray hook of the transcendent lord Amitabha's compassion! Be devoted to it! So not turn away, the luminosity will accompany you inseparably. Do not be afraid! So not attach to the dull yellow light of the anguished spirits! This is the inviting path created by your own habitual tendencies for deep seated desire, which you yourself have created. If you beome attached to this (dull light), you will fall down into the realm of the anguished spirits and you will experience unbearable suffering of hunger and thirst.  This (dull light)is  an obstacle blocking the opath to liberation! Do not be attached to it! Abandon your attachments! Do not cling to it! Be devoted to the red light which is radiant and dazzling and focus intently and single-mindedly on the transcendent lord Amitabha and his consort, and recite the following aspirational prayer

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.



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