Friday, November 23, 2012

"Vacation, Roswell, Chem-trails"

 I needed to get away for a few days before I just gave up on mankind once again for about the one thousandth “Time”. Thought Cabo San Lucas would be a good place too go. You get a lot for your money in Mexico and the Baja is a pretty safe location away from all the drug cartel stuff. Turns out to get a passport take 2 months now and cost about $200. All part of the BS after 911 and just another way to take $ from John Doe. What having a passport background check does is BS, when here in southern Arizona illegals walk through the deserts on a daily bases. Like airport security just another scam and way to steal money. And it helps to condition the general public, that they are no more than helpless cattle to be herded around by there Masters. All under the guise of the new ‘boogie man’ terrorists. With Mexico out thought Florida would be a good choice, wrong. It’s vacation “Time” for the folks who have money to head south to Florida for the winter months. Rent for a dive in the Florida Keys now is around a$1,000 for 4 or 5 days., plus airfare and rental car. So Florida was not where I wanted to spend a couple thousand bucks for a few days of escape.
An old friend told me about south Texas on the Gulf of Mexico, Padre Island and Mustang Island. Climate is similar to the Florida Keys now and much cheaper, plus I could drive there. Always wanted to visit Roswell New Mexico and the UFO Museum their. Roswell is about a 8 ½ drive from here in Scottsdale. Then from Roswell to Port Aransas Texas was about 9 ½ hours drive. So that would be my plan, Roswell and then to the beaches of Port Aransas for a couple of days.

Got to Roswell to late to get into the UFO Museum. So the plan was to get up early and get some poison in my body (2 eggs, hashbrowns, toast). Try and find the old Army Air Base that housed the players in the Roswell UFO cover-up. Never did find (hanger) the supposed place that the UFO pieces were taken to the day after the Roswell UFO crash. So I headed back north 6 miles into Roswell to be at the UFO Museum when it opened at 9:00 AM. It was raining that morning in and around Roswell. At 9:00 AM folks were already lined up to get in on a rainy Sunday morning. I really wanted to make a video inside the museum, but figured ‘fat chance’. To my surprise when I asked the good folks taking tickets if I could video they said ‘sure’. The museum was sort of an disappointment, with mainly old clipping from news papers about the Roswell Crash Event. What was more interesting was the folks who were there. Over half of the people there were from a foreign country. You could tell by the looks on some folks faces, they were looking for some answers to there own UFO encounters.They were the ones with the serious looks on there faces. While most other were just curious about the whole event outside of Roswell on that summer day in 1947. (link to video I made)

The supposed UFO crash happened on Mac Brazel's ranch north of Roswell. The night I got into Roswell I went and walked the streets of downtown Roswell. I wanted to get a feeling of what I wanted to record the next morning. To my surprise there was a UFO curio shop open across the street from the UFO Museum. The owner was a native of Roswell I believe or long “Time” resident. One thing for sure he knew his stuff about the UFO Event. And the history of the Army Air Base and Roswell. He was an interesting looking character to say the least. His hair was combed in such a way to make his head look like an “Alien’s” head. His eyebrows were combed neatly and must have been about my age. He to me via some photos on the wall of the store about the so-called crash site. In his voice there was no doubt that on the day in 1947 there was a crash of a UFO north of Roswell. On a photo he showed me that 1 UFO Craft crashed and split-up into two different debris fields. What I found interesting was that he told me the government bought one or both of the explained debris fields. Not to keep the public from getting onto the sites. The site was open to the public to visit. Which for a few bucks you can take tour of the UFO crash site. You would hate to think that those taking you onto the site and taking your money was laughing at you under there breath!!! And herein lays the kicker.

Personally I have no doubt about the existence of some very unexplained things in the air. To which I’ve written about on my blog many “Times” before. What I’ve seen I doubt very much any government here on Mother Earth has that technology. And I often talk to those around me unseen. Because I’ve witnessed some of there miracles for my self. But the whole Roswell Event could be a very elaborate hoax. Now just why would the ‘powers’ use the Roswell Event for there own agenda. Reverse psychology for openers. What better way to convince the general public of an “Alien” presence. Than to report to the public via the newspapers in Roswell that a Flying Saucer had crashed north of Roswell on day. Then the very next day turn around and say nothing happened and it was a radar target balloon that was found. The general public would instantly say, ‘just what are they (government) covering-up’. Which is exactly what happened. The public is so tired of there governments lying to them. They would jump on this and say, ‘seeing government is lying to us about the existence of Extraterrestrial Beings’. Then much later down the road, this thought would be planted as a small seed in folks collective heads. As the government for years and continues today the propaganda line there are no such things as Extraterrestrial Beings. Yet on the other hand today the idea of “Aliens” via the media is loud and clear. And the media is the property of the same ‘powers’ who deny the existence of “Aliens”. You see how this would work out. I hate seeing what goes on around me, yet I must admire these well thought out plans of the ‘powers’. For even I could be part of this long term plan without even knowing it. Myself just as other are filled constantly with BS, trying our damndest to separate fact from fiction. Yet in reality, your reality is presented before you.

If you think about president Ronald Reagan’s speech while in office about how an attack for outer space could unify the World under one government. And that is just what the ‘powers’ want. To enslave the masses into one equal unit with all humans the same, no matter what job they performed. You have that in China today where doctor are not paid any better than the patients they perform on. This seed of an “Alien” presences is firmly in place now. And it wouldn’t take much to fake an “Alien” invasion much like Pearl Harbor and 911. Just as the first two were False Flag attacks were to unify the American public against one enemy. To accomplish this with the entire World take a threat from off planet. So you easily see how Roswell UFO Event was a simple seed planted in folks minds in the summer of 1947. And now 70 years later that seed has become a giant plant in humanities head.

After leaving Roswell UFO Museum at around 10:00 AM, I headed southeast too Port Aransas Texas. Arrived about 7:30 PM Arizona “Time” to a Day’s Inn Motel (never again in that hotel chain). Woke up the next morning and headed out for breakfast and to just where in the hell I was. The morning was clear with somewhat blue skies. I say that because since the Chem-trail spraying started in the late 90s. The skies have lost there bright blue look and now look like a pale blue with a white milky tinge to them. Just look at the horizon now, they have a white look to them. After breakfast of poison, I headed to the harbor on the island. I notice the Chem-trail aircraft had started there routes of east and west. Laying a steady line of trails over Corpus Christi. Thought to myself, ‘damn even here on the Gulf of Mexico’. Made a few photos and headed over to the beaches that run along the Gulf of Mexico on the other side of camera with me and made a few pics. What I discovered was all these Chem-trail lines in the the island. There was a long rock jetty that ran for about ½ mile out into the gulf. Took my still skies. Like a checkerboard pattern and even some with 90 degrees turns in them. This was bumming me, because I never intended to drive 1,300 miles to find the skies covered in a milky white substance. And at this point in the day, there had been so many Chem-trail aircraft in the skies at once. The clear day had turned into a typical milky white Chem-trail day. I never wanted to make a Chem-trail video on my off “Time” on vacation. So back to the car and get out my camcorder to make a new video.
As I sat making pieces for my new video, a gentleman walked up and asked, ‘are you getting some great video today’. My reply was, ‘yeah unfortunately the videos are of the Chem-trailing that was going on overhead.’ He said to me, ‘what do you mean by Chem-trails’? And told me he a bait store on the island. He sat down on a rock next to me on the jetty, that the jetty is made out of. As I pointed to the skies, at the lines in the skies, I told him what they were. I asked, ‘do you know what these lines are’? He replies, ‘are they jet exhaust’? So I explained the difference between contrails and Chem-trails. The gentleman was I’d say in his mid fifties, so educated by life by now. I pointed out the some of the lines had 90 degree turns in and airliners just don’t do that, and he agreed. Then he said, ‘there are never this many aircraft in the air at one “Time” in this area’. The more we talked, the more he agreed with me saying, ‘it just makes sense what you are saying’. He asked me how could they (‘powers’) keep this hidden for all these years? I said back to him, ‘who killed JFK’, then with a smile he sort of laughed. As he walked away he said, ‘thanks for the information I’ll pass it along to friends’. You could see him shaking his head in a like, ‘what the fuck did I just learn that was hidden before me in plain sight’?

So there you have it, my 5 days of vacation that was filled with learning and teaching at the same “Time”.

Something I found that just makes good sense.

Matt Presti & Robert Otey on Syncretism with Santos Bonacci. Recorded on November 20th, 2012.

"There is only one. The one law of this Universe is balance. The one matter or substance is light. The one force is electricity. The one cause is desire. The one emotion, which has no opposite, is ecstasy. The one principle is love. The one thinker is the creator. The one thought is the creator's imagination. The one song is the music of the spheres or the Universal symphony. The one time is now. The one savior is you. The one is the other. Find the one in yourself, know the one in the all." -MP

"God" bless




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This is your nephew, Stephen. I don't agree with you on some things, but your blogs are fun to read. They're like a travelogue to some marvelous place. I've had a good share of strange things happen to me the last ten years. I'm on social security for superhero syndrome and schizophrenia. One thing interesting about Roswell is that my dad and moms names are in the books. I've had hallucinations and actual paranormal happenings of both the benign kind and scary kind. I'll write more later.