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Hi Steve nice to hear from you, long “Time”. Didn’t know what I was going to write about today, so I’ll start off by responding to you. You can get a hold of me via my Youtube channel, you can send a personal message and I’ll respond with my e-mail address and such. Haven’t had much to do with your family since a long conversation with Mary Lou at a family reunion at Randy’s house a few years ago. I always knew I wasn’t part of the family from my early childhood. The main reason was the lack of a birth certificate. This got really brought to the forefront while in the U.S. Navy. I’d applied for a Top Secret Clearance and was denied because the FBI couldn’t find my birth certificate or where I was born. I’ve written about this in my blog entitled Me 1 and 2. Just before Max died I was talking to him at Randy’s house out back privately. I’d turned 60 and needed some answers I’d put off asking for years. While talking to Max he said to me, ‘haven’t they told you who you are yet’? The oddest part he said with that smirk of his and laughter. The night he died for the second “Time” he made a visit to me, after he’d died. You know honking horns, banging around the outside of my home here in south Scottsdale. Here is what Mary Lou said to me, so you get an idea of Max’s position, because he would have been around 13 years old when I was dropped off into your family. Mary Lou, ‘mom never wanted you, she left for 3 days and came back with you’. Max knew something was up, just not what. I went to a friend who owns a Metaphysical Bookstore here in Scottsdale. She’s a well known psychic and had been abreast of my life in recent years. She told me thing that we're going to happen to me, even my Hopi connection. I never gave her a dime, she just wanted to help prepare me. She even wanted me to meet some Buddhist Monks who said they wanted to meet me. She asked me to come down to the store and give talks. She also said after what I told her Mary Lou said, ‘there must have been some sort of ritual, that’s why the 3 days’. That’s when I felt the need to start my blogs entries. Another infamous lady Dr. Ruth McKinley-Hoover, wanted me to go on the UFO talk circuit with her. She was connected to Professor John Mack writer of the book called ‘Abduction’. He was featured on 60 Minutes once. Meet Dr. Ruth at a UFO MUFON show, because this ‘C’ crescent showed up on my back after my divorce from Vic.

There is so much going on in my life right now. I do my blog, create my videos, do electrical estimation for mid sized contractor, plus help manage the job sites. We have about 3 million dollars worth of project going on now. All of which I got for us. Right now as I type this I’m fight with those who try and bring harm to other human being on a site called ‘Lunatic Outpost’. This fight is over Chem-trails I posted last night as a Thread on the site. Whenever I post anything I come under constant attack. I do have an agenda now and the “Gods” make sure I have both money and “Time” to pursue my agenda. Hopefully I’m also helping with the “God’s” agenda. Whenever I walk onto a job site, everyone wants to talk to me. There’s something about me that attracts people to me. It seems either folks hate me or respect me. There seems to be no in between. So my blogs became my outlet for what I’ve learned over the years.

After I turned 47 my UFO sighting started. Randy and me watched 2 Silver Orbs for 19 minute out over the McDowell Mountains together one afternoon when Randy delivered payroll to some Pima guys we had working for us. Randy saw them first, as the two danced before us. Darting from place to place in perfect formation. The “Gods” even created a dust devil for us with a piece of paper in it. To show us that the Silver Orbs were the real thing and this is what a dust devil looks like it with a piece of paper flying in circle in it looks like. Ronald and I saw a Flying Saucer right in front of us coming back for the Hopi rez. An old girlfriend named Dee and me saw the Mothership type UFO right over the top of my condo. It was Cigar shaped and there have been many more. Lately that has stopped as I’m now onto other things in my life such as this blog and my videos.

Not sure what 21 December this year will bring, but I’ve been asked many “Times” by others. Probably been interviewed over 30 different “Times” on various internet Radio Programs. If you Google my name I’m sure some will show up. Ronie’s John died of cancer, he was riddled with it (like Max, Ronie and Wanda compared notes). Worked nights, sleep during the day, thus no vitamin D (sunlight). Smoker, red meat eater, had no chance. Bear is still with the Navajo chick, we get along like Arabs and j000000ws or should I say like ‘Hopi and Navajos.’ Haven’t heard from Bear or Ronald for a couple of years. Biggest mistake besides getting married was have children from two different marriages. Works on TV, but not in real life. Some of that ‘Brady Bunch’ BS. The ‘powers’ wanted to break up the American family unit and they did a good job of it. Just like the ‘powers’ did with the Native Americans by forcing the children into government boarding schools away from there homes. You see the same BS on the Hopi and Navajo rezs today. I’ll go ahead and post this, so you can get my e-mail address. Being posting from ‘The Tibetan Book of the Dead’, because the Hopi knew of there Yellow brothers on the other side of the Earth. And when you look at Tibetan people they look Hopi (smallish). That same shy giggle also.

‘Great Introduction to the Intermediate State of Reality pt. 6

A red light (indicative) the pristine cognition of discernment, which is the natural purity of the aggregate of perception, red and dazzling, adorned by greater and lesser seminal points, radiant and clear, bright and dazzling, (will emanate) from the heart of Amitabha and his consorts and will shine piercingly before you at the level of your heart (with such brilliance) that your eyes cannot bear it. Do not be afraid!!! Together with the light of pristine cognition, a dull yellow light, (indicative of the realm) of anguished spirits, will also dawn before you (and touch your heart). Do not delight (in the dull yellow light)! Do not become attached to it and do not cling to it! At this “Time”, under the sway of deep desire, you will (wish to) turn away from the terror from the bright red light and you will come to delight in the dull yellow light of the anguished spirits and feel attachment towards it. At this moment, abandon your fear, and recognize the red light, bright and dazzling, radiant and clear, to be pristine cognition. Let your awareness relax and abide directly within it, resting in a state of non-activity. Have confidence in the red radiant luminosity! Be drawn to it with longing devotion. If you recognize the radiance as the natural luminosity of your own awareness, even though you may feel no devotion towards it and have not recited the aspirational prayer, all the buddha-bodies and light rays will dissolve inseparably (into you) and you will attain buddhahood. If you are able to recognize (the radiance) in this way, then pray with devotion, thinking: ‘This is the light ray of the transcendent lord Amitabha’s compassion. I take refuge in it.’ This truly is the light-ray hook of the transcendent lord Amitabha’s compassion! Be devoted to it! Do not turn away! Should you turn away, the luminosity will accompany you inseparably. Do not be afraid! Do not attach to the dull yellow light of the anguished spirits! This is the inviting path created by your own habitual tendencies for deep seated desire, which you yourself have created. if you become attached to this (dull light), you will fall down into the realm of the anguished spirits and you will experience unbearable suffering of hunger and thirst. This (dull light) is an obstacle blocking the path to liberation! Do not be attached to it! Abandon your attachment! Do not cling to it! Be devoted to the red light, which is radiant and dazzling and focus intently and single-mindedly on the transcendent lord Amitabha and his consorts, and recite the following aspirational prayer:

O, as I roam in cyclic existence (driven) by deep-seated desire,

May the transcendent lord Amitabha draw me forward,

Leading me on the path of radiant light,

Which is the pristine cognition of discernment.

May the supreme consort Pandaravasini support me from behind,

And, thus (encircled), may I be recued

From the fearsome passageway of the intermediate state,

And be escorted to the level of an utterly perfect buddha.


“God” bless


PS: Stevie is a nephew, sort of.

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