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"Baphomet and the Hopi Two Horned Society"

Baphomet symbol is connected to the Illuminati, and other secret cults. From the Knights Templar of the Middle-ages to the Freemasons of the 19th century and even today’s Pop Art and Hip Hop music. Here is a link to the images most known to represent Baphomet.
In these Illuminati images you will see todays Hollywood stars and those from the music industry. Because if you are going to make it Big “Time” today or past, you will sell your soul to do it. For everything you hears, see or read from Hollywood is under control. There has been much written about just who manages Hollywood and who are those that manage Hollywood’s Masters. For what you see is never what you need to see and know. For there are Secrete Societies in the background who are really in charge. And in the World of the Hopi past and present you have the same Secrete Societies. The Hopi have the One and Two Horn Societies that are part of the past and the presences. (pic) Just as you have in the World today, there are secrets that are carried on throughout the World.

What has caught my eyes and mind are the similarities between the Two Horned Goat of the Baphomet Illuminati and the Two Horned Hopi Society Prist. Both are steeped in secrets from the past and loaded with secret ceremonies. Both rule iron handedly for those who care to cross paths with them. Both hold knowledge from previous Worlds. The Two Horned Society knows secrets from the 3 previous Worlds and the current World of the Fourth. As do the Illuminati and the Freemasons. Both worship those who cannot be seen, but who are very much in the presence. The 2 horns of the Two Horned Society represents knowledge and remembered experiences of the previous Three Worlds. The Hopi Two Horned Priest also have an altar to worship before.

On this altar will be, Six Directions to represent First World Time of Creation. Colored sand for the four directions of, yellow West, blue South, red East, white North. An ear of dark mixed corn for Above and sweet corn for Below. There are also wooden backdrop of the altar with these four symbols of the elements, Fire, Earth, Water, Air. In front of the altar is placed two Elk horns with prongs to represent the many races of mankind.The two Elk horns are a symbol of the Two Horned Society’s permission to manifest dreams or visions. The Two Horn ‘Mongko’ (chief’s emblem, the ‘law of laws’) flat piece of wood (much like the Apache Crown Dancers carry ) which is painted white. This represents the faultless body of ‘Creation’. One end of the stick is painted blue, this represents Earth’s carpet of vegetation, with 2 blue lines that represent ‘water’. The serrated other end of the stick symbolizes three dominating factors of Hopi law: Respect, Harmony, Love. A small ball of cotton net containing a drop of water symbolizes the Earth and the the seas of the planet. (How did the Hopi know there were seas throughout the World, because they had migrated to all points of Mother Earth.) Tied to the stick lengthwise was an ear of corn, this represented mankind. Also tied to the ‘Mongko’ stick were wild Turkey feathers representing wildness of the Earth. And the meaning of the everlasting mysteries of the ‘Creation’.

Now that the Altar is completed ‘Wuwuchim’ the first annual ceremony of the New Cycle. The Christians would call this Christmas, the birth of a New Year. The New Fire Ceremony Kokostawis or ‘Building of the Fire’ life begins. This new fire is started with flint and native cotton. And kept going with coal (plenty of coal outcropping on the Hopi Homeland.), accompanied with prayers to “Masaw” (Guardian of the Underworld, also very ‘Mayan’). “Masaw” gets his power from the Sun to keep burning the fires of the Underworld. (Maybe this is where the Christian idea of Burning in Hell came from?). The New Fire represents the Cosmic Power from the Sun to “Masaw”. Then “Masaw” directs his powers at the Earth for warmth and the growth of the plants of the Mother Earth.

Baphomet symbols are everywhere now, and just why is this? The Horned Goat would have not been seen anywhere, but in today’s cultures. This push to worship Satan is being pushed onto society by the controlled mass media. The ‘powers’ want the public under total control. They want the masses to believe black is white, wrong is right, Satan is to be worshiped. Metal Rock groups and movies help push this agenda. While the audience has no idea what is being promoted. They flash the symbol of the Devil like fools, with the little finger and the index finger. They wear there Skull and Crossbone logos on there clothes. They cover themselves with tattoos. Like a bunch of mindless sheep, while they call others Sheeple. So how does Baphomet tie into this?

The word Baphomet come from two Greek words (one idea), bahpe metous to mean ‘Baptism of Wisdom’. Which came from the Templars who were Gnostic (mystical knowledge) with a secret doctrine. Arkon Daraul a teacher of Sufi Traditions believed the name came from Arabic word ‘Abu fihama’ meaning ‘The Father of Understanding’. I’ve found a few others who think they have discovered where the word Baphomet came from (interesting). The Baphomet symbol wherever it has been created, has been used by several cults. The Church of Satan uses the symbol but added a pentagram (Star) to the forehead. Those that wanted to attack the Freemason said that the Freemasons worshiped the figure Baphomet. Baphomet takes it roots from several ancient possibilities. Baphomet look alikes come from Egypt, India and Europe. The fact that many ancient civilizations have a horned deity seems to indicate one original or source such as Hopi. In Jungian (Carl Jung, Swiss psychologist) theory Baphomet is a continuation of the ‘horned-god archetype’. A concept of a deity having horns is universally accepted. When you have Illuminati use the hand signal of the index finger and little finger, this is the symbol of the Devils Horns. The Christians have the Devil for there followers to fear. Or the wrath of there “God” will condemn you to fire for eternity.

Baphomet is not a Freemason symbol or do they worship it. It has no relationship to the Pentagram or Star. The name first appeared in the 12th century France and the first images were seen in 1855. Long after the Templars who many believe later became the Freemasons. The atheistic Church of Satan adopted it in 1966. The odd part of the subject of Baphomet, the more research I do on this the more it changes. The origins the history all seem to be a matter of conjecture. One moment it’s all about the Templar or the Freemasons, next moment that is being denied. As this target keeps moving on me, I’ll keep trying to find some facts. One thing for sure, the Illuminati use the symbol.

As you look at the symbol as it has change many “Times” over the years. You will see one hand facing up, the other facing down. Supposedly this represent ‘as is above, so is below’. Or it could mean ‘good versus evil’ depending on what you read. You see a male looking goat head with his two horns that represent man, but the goat also has breast representing female. This may mean that mankind male and female have both genetic genes in them, which is true. The Goat head could also represents man’s animal and sinful behavior, his basic instincts of shelter, nourishment, sex (my interpretation). This part of mankind that is both animalistic and spiritual. This dualistic nature of man which shows up in almost all cultures. Yin-Yang, Mayan the duality of everything, are some examples of this. On the head of the Goat between the horns you’ll see what appears to be a light or flame. This is the 3rd. Eye or representing the Pineal Gland. The Eye in the back of your head it is sometimes called. This is your spiritual side, the one that the ‘powers’ are trying to take away from you now. Through all the BS and corrupt ideas they plaster via the corrupt and controlled media today. Not to mention all the poisons in your food, water and air. Some have written that the Chem-trail bombardment could be part of the plan to change your DNA to a more dumbed down controllable nature. Another idea for the Baphomet’s grotesque look is to ward off the uneducated (another opinion). And that those who know of the meaning of the Baphomet, know it’s esoteric values and meanings.

Eliphas Levi in 1861 wrote a book called ‘Dogmas and Rituals of High Magic’. The most famous drawing of Baphomet was made, it’s the one most used today. A winged humanoid goat with female breast and a torch on the head. Levi states that Baphomet represents the culmination of the Alchemical Process (forerunner of chemistry, base metals into gold, magical transformation). The union of opposing forces (good versus evil) to create Astral Light or magic. The act of becoming one with “God”. The activation of the Pineal Gland from the Chakras at the base of the spine. The spiral you see in both Mayan and medical symbols to represent the Serpent Power, healing both mentally and spiritually (Astral Light).

Aleister Crowley was born after the death of Eliphas Levi and believed he was the reincarnation of Levi. Aleister Crowley was a British occultist know for his Freemason connection. Although the Freemason would deny this vehemently. Crowley was known for his O.T.O. Ordo Templi Orientis, the secret society he popularized as Baphomet. Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica the arm of O.T.O. Baphomet is the union of the Chaos and Babylon, masculine and female energies, the penis and the womb. For more information on Aleister Crowley.

Esoteric is often associated with Baphomet and Baphomet symbols. Here is the definition of Esoteric: to be understood by only a small number of people with specialized knowledge or interest, (esoteric philosophical debates). Most people who use hand signals, wear clothing with Baphomet symbols on them, have no idea what they mean. They just do what the controlled mass tells them to do. Doubt most who wear the Baphomet symbol on there clothing couldn’t even tell you what it means or where it comes from. I’ve researched the subject for two days now and I still do not thoroughly understand who or what is behind the message. For sure the Illuminati (who ever that really is) do use this symbol along with the Church of Satan. How could families like the Bushes with all there so called power, have taken the “Time” to understand the meaning behind Baphomet. If you had taken the effort to understand the connection to ‘One with God’, how could you do evil thing to those around you. How could you go in public and tell lie after lie? If Baphomet stands for a greater knowledge, wouldn’t you want only love for your fellow human being? Do these type of people stumble through life only thinking of ‘what’s in it for me’? As I’ve written recently, ‘only useful idiots’. One thing for sure there is this war going on for the souls of humanity. Like so many things that start out good, then are taken over by outside forces and corrupted. Is this what has happened to Baphomet symbol? With what little I knew about the Baphomet symbol before my research. I thought it stood for evil against mankind. And wanted to find out why the symbol looked so much like the Hopi Two Horned Society Priests. Now you can see how things can be so easily corrupted. Like what is being done to humanity here on Mother Earth now. Take the good holsum mind at birth and corrupt it for your own uses. For a child’s mind at birth is GOLD and good. Only to be twisted by forces outside of it’s control. So that the child may be enslaved into a system that in itself is corrupt Spiritually and Physically.

My friend Jamie Havican and me are going to start some Podcast together and feature them on Inception Radio Network Our first interview will be with Ahkima Honyumptewa and played this following week sometime. Here is one of my interviews of Ahkima. The name of the shows will be called ‘Seeking the Truth’ with Jamie Havican and Ron Slusher sr.

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


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