Sunday, December 9, 2012

"Why I Hate Humanity"

I say this ‘tongue in cheek’ sort of. And surely not everyone in todays population is bad. But what most of the World’s population has become scares the Hell out of me. Half the World’s population obese the other half starving to death. Now not to be starving to death, you can look healthy on the outside, like paint on an old house. The outside looks OK, until you look inside the walls and under the floor. With the First World population living on GMOs, breathing Chem-trails and drinking poison from most all liquids. Then the Third World is just simply starving to death, they First and Third World population are closer than first appear. With the First World’s population dying a terrible death from the wrath of being riddled with cancers. While the Third World’s population never lives long enough to be riddled with cancer. Now your Second World population are countries like Russia, China, Eastern Europe, Turkey, Greece etc.. And they fall somewhere in between those riddled with cancers and those starving to death like the countries of Africa. Most of these countries are living either in large population centers or small farms. So they are kinda starving to death and sort of riddled with cancers.

No matter if you're in any of the three, ‘self’ has become the standard. As you get fewer and fewer at the top and rest at the bottom as the middle class becomes a lost reality. While those at the bottom fight more and more with each other for what few crumbs of life are let dribble through populations of the World. You have this degradation of humanity. Like rats that have overpopulated a small enclosure. Where the only pleasure left in life is the orgasm. (Let them eat cake)

When you had small communities who traded with each other. You had to be honest with your neighbor, as if you didn’t you would be cast from the inner circle. And without help from your neighbors, your life would be hell and short lived. Now days you don’t have many of these small pockets of civilization. And if you do, most products come from outside the community. So your reliance on your neighbor has become less and less important. Thus you have what you have today, ‘shoppers on Black Friday, type of mentality’.

What brought this entry about was an incident is a parking. A young kid in a jacked up, crewcab, more horsepower than he could ever use, gas guzzling, environment killer truck. He had just loaded up his truck with lengths of 4 inch plumbing pipe. Instead of putting the cart he used to get the pipe to his truck, out of harms way. He left right there in the middle of the parking lot. I honked at him and pointed to the cart, of course he ignored me and drove off. Thus another reason ‘Why I Hate Humanity’. The employees at work only do enough to make sure they get a paycheck. They only learn enough to be able to call themselves Electricians. This guy yesterday only did enough to get his pipe on his truck. That is what society consist of today, barely enough. 

Here is a good example of how lower forms of humanity think now days. My Hopi/Navajo bud got into a minor fender bender, in fact more like a scraped bumper. It was your typical 3 or 4 MPH crash. Like a good citizen he stopped and apologized for the incident and gave the overweight black cat (insert; white trash, wetback, arab, j000000w, etc. any lower form) his drivers license and insurance carrier contact information. Three hours later the black cat’s wife called and said she was calling from a hospital, where her husband was supposedly admitted to. Not the black cat’s insurance company but his wife. You see after a few hours after the minor car crash they started thinking like a lower form of humanity. It’s called extortion!!! My bud called worried about what had happened to him. Told him to call his insurance carrier and tell him what happened, because this had happened to me once. When you buy auto insurance, they become your bidder. After all that’s why you buy insurance, so that if something like this happens, it’s your insurers problem. Because the World and country is now filled with those who only think of themselves and not the masses.

Today as I write in the middle east folks are killing each other in droves. And it’s all about who’s “God” is right. Not fighting for space, food or water, “God”. How absurd could this be??? Didn’t all of mankind spring from the same seed originally? But because of the degradation of mankind a few religious zealots can drive the masses into a frenzy. These same soulless leaders could care less for the peoples. There are many good folks around, it’s just they are a rather small percentage. And I guess just like the old Hopi Prophecies say, ‘The Ant People will be instructed to save them’. They will be safely be tucked inside Mother Earth as the bads humans are left to die on the surface.

And the humanity I hate the most, is all governments and mainly the U.S. government. They are the lowest forms of humanity, right in there with Child Rapist and Pedoflies. They vote for wars and openly support the murder of innocent folks around the World. They are all bought and paid for, because if they weren’t they wouldn’t be their in the first place. The elections are all rigged have have been since day one. There all just paid actors, playing parts in a horror movie. And the horror movie is all about slavery and murder. No matter if it is innocent children here in America or around the World. The horror movies turns counties who don’t buy into the system into backward desolate isolated wastelands. The horror movie will turn a country's soil into radioactive no mans land. That is where all the Depleted Uranium is being sent, on the end of a bombs, bullets, or missiles. If the local state government won’t let the horror movie dump there waste from nuclear power plants on them. The horror movie will just dump it on some other country, via a BS war. This horror movie has taken away most all of the American citizens freedoms. All in the name of protecting the civilians from them so called terrorist they created in the first place. 911 was just one episode in the horror movie. Killing 3,000 innocent civilians is no problem for the leaders of the horror movie.

Wasn’t it Bill Gates who said, ‘we will control the population of the World with inoculation?’ Well the final nail in that coffin was just nailed in, this Friday by the actors of this horror movie in Washington D.C.. The actors of this horror movie, passed a bill that says you cannot stop the Center for Disease Control from inoculating your child. And if you try and stop the system from doing this, you will be removed as the child’s parent or guardian. On the premise that you are an unfit parent who endangers the other children who come in contact with your child. Well if all the other children have been inoculate from said disease, just how in the hell will your child infect them? Then again just how in the hell will your child get said disease if everyone has been inoculated? Inoculations are loaded with mercury and “God” only knows what else. For sure the generations like mine were never given all these inoculations and were just living to damn long for the horror movie leaders. The horror movie has said that they are now in total control over your child. You are presumed to be unfit to make decisions about your own child. The bottom line behind inoculations is how long your child will live. And if he or she can reproduce offspring!!! Can you think of a better way to control population than by sterilizing the World’s population? This is really what Bill Gates meant by his statement about controlling the population through inoculations. If I were a parent is this horror movie, I’d homeschool my child. The last thing you want is some soulless actor in this horror movie having control over your child you brought into this unforgiving World of today!!!

Well I’ve got that off my chest for now, but humanity will surely remind me of just how evil they can be soon. Thursday the good people of Arizona finally got to buy there Marijuana legally from a dispensary in Glendale Arizona. This law had been passed years ago for this to happen. Just because the citizens of Arizona pass a law, that doesn’t mean it will become law. The second “Time” was the charm I guess. Arizona, Washington State and Colorado all passed new Marijuana Laws that went into effect I believe this week. Now the corrupt feds who are no more than gangsters, say they will come down on these states for there new laws. Of course those who are working Whores for the gangsters, will be used to perform raids. You see the fed doesn’t want Marijuana to be legal, it’s one of the CIA’s cash crops. Your local states have no rights to be taking away the Cash Cow from them. This goes way beyond the sale of Marijuana.This has to do with the judicial system, the jails, the lawyers. All these whores who feed off the harmless use of Marijuana. Some poor soul gets busted for selling a few ounces of Marijuana. For that you need a system of courts, police officers, parole officers, jails, lawyers and so. Then once you got this poor soul in jail you need to provide food, clothing, medical and dental for him. Then while this poor soul is in jail you have him doing work in some sort of jail sweat lodge at pennies on the dollar job. Ah ain’t this all just great, taxpayers pay for the system then those at the top reap the rewards for that poor soul who is incarcerated for doing a harmless crime. Damn another reason to hate humanity at the top levels.

Today is the 8th of December or 13 days until, I’m not sure. But with all the hype of 21 December 2012 folks are preparing, including myself. 21 December 2012 is the conclusion of the Mayan 5,125 year Long Count. And folks are stocking up on essential goods, which only makes sense. With the way the power system is nowaday, you never know what lurks around the next corner even without the infamous date. Folks in Russia and China are loading up with candles (hmm that might just be a good idea) water and food. Believer in France are preparing to converge on some mountain top, hoping the “Aliens” are going to save them. Ron Hubbard’s group Scientology are making a ton of money preparing folks for the end. Some are just as sure Nibiru or Planet ‘X’ is lurking out there in the night sky somewhere. Armageddon is on folks minds, who knows which one of Nostradamus's predictions will come true? NASA (Never A Straight Answer) is telling folks that there’s nothing hiding behind the Sun. ‘Planet ‘X’ can’t hide behind the Sun forever and we'd seen it years ago. NASA dispels the idea of some sort of Planet Alignment that will cause an apocalyptic event. And that the Earth’s magnetic Poles are not going to flip suddenly. But then again, NASA just might be part of the cover-up some believe. (not me of course lol) Mayans reject the idea that the World will end on the twenty first of December, but just who are these Mayans? Some Mayans that just happen to have office jobs in Washington D.C.. Or are they real Mayans who will be giving thanks to the New Dawn of Humanity. A new cycle of life, where the evil ones are destroyed by some outside “Alien” force. Or is that something from a ‘Star Wars’ movies or ‘Planet of the Apes’ movie? Pedro Celestino (damn if that doesn't sound made-up) Yac Noj a Mayan Sage will, be burning seeds and fruits on that infamous day to give thanks for the coming New Cycle. For the dawn of the twenty second will bring the New Age. Just curious, just where in this World will be the appropriate dawn of the twenty second? China, Africa, Atlantic Ocean, Australia, Europe, Hawaii, The Americas?

Tonight on Inception Radio Network Jamie Havican the creator of IRN will debut Jamie and mine new Podcast. It will be on Pang Radio at 9:00 PM EST. We have started a series of Podcasts called ‘Native Talk Radio’. I’m going to add photos to each Podcast and put them in our new You Tube channel that will be called ‘Native Talk Radio’. This will give the listen a photo history of Native American life today on the reservations of the southwestern United States. Over the past few years of doing my YT videos, I’ve taken hundred if not thousands of photos of the reservations I visit, along with many petroglyphs of ancient Native American ways. Our first interview is with my good Hopi bud Ahkima Honyumptewa. It was a good testbed for future Podcast with Native Americans I’ve met in my travel and who have agreed to come on with Jamie and me. FYI; my videos are now fast approaching 185,000 views with over 660,000 minutes of viewing. As we do more Podcast I’ll post them here. He is a link to our first Podcast with Ahkima.

From the ‘Tibetan Book of the Dead’

‘Great Introduction to the Intermediate State of Reality’ pt.7

Although it is impossible not to be liberated by (the successful recognition of ) this (introduction), there are nonetheless those who will be unable to give up their propensities due to habituation over long periods of “Time”, even after receiving such an introduction. Under the sway of envy and negative past actions, they will become fearful and overawed by the sounds and luminationsities. Failing to be caught by the light-ray hook of compassion, they will roam downward into the fifth day. So it is that, on the fifth day, the transcendent lord Amoghasiddhi’s assembly of deities, resplendent with light rays of compassion, will come to escort them and, at the same “Time”, light path indicative of (the realm of) the antigods, which is generated by the dissonant mental state of envy, will emerge invitingly.

Again calling the deceased by name, the introduction should now be given with the following words:
O, Child of Buddha nature, listen without distraction. On the fifth day, the purity of the entire wind element will arise in the form of a green light. At that “Time”, from the green northern Buddha field (called) Matrix of Enlightenment Activities (Karmaprasiddhi), the transcendent Lord Buddha Amoghasiddhi with his retinue will dawn before you, his body green in color, holding in his (right) hand a crossed-vajra, seated on a civamcivaka bird thrown and embraced by the supreme consort Samayatara. These two are encircled by two male bodhisattvas, Vajrapani and Nivaranaviskhambhin, and two female bodhisattvas, Gandha and narti. Thus, six buddha-bodies will be shining (before you) from within a space of rainbow light.
(will continue in pt. 8)

“God” bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


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